The Walking Dead Omnibus Volume 1

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The Walking Dead Omnibus Volume 1

The Walking Dead Omnibus Volume 1

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Jessie doesn't want to leave the rest of the townspeople behind, but Rick assures her they will think of a way to help everyone else once they are out, but for now, they had to think of themselves and their children first. Hershel maintains that he has to look out for his own family and eventually puts a gun to Rick's head to force them to leave. Finally, Carol talks about how her husband, a successful car salesman, committed suicide when he saw his parents being eaten by zombies.

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Abraham Ford settles into work with the construction crew, headed off by Tobin, seemingly one of the only hardened men in the ranks of the Alexandria Safe-Zone community. Glenn then explains to Rick that there is a camp outside of the city where there are a group of survivors and that his family might be there. Without any rules or laws to stop them, both sides in all significant disputes participate in what would be considered war crimes in modern society.Gabriel approaches Douglas to try and convince Douglas to expel Rick and his group from the compound. I got this book years ago as a christmas gift but never finished it, so I decided to start from the beginning and read it all the way through. The land itself may even be inhospitable, depending of it’s a city, or the dead of winter, or miles and miles of nothing but open roads. Hace un tiempo que le tenía ganas a la novela gráfica en la cual se basaba la famosa serie de TV (la cual dejé en su segunda temporada).

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Rick says time isn't their biggest problem, and wants to live in the safe-zone when Carl is in his thirties. Hershel invites the group to stay while Carl recuperates and introduces the group to his children: his oldest daughter Lacey Greene, his son Arnold Greene, his daughter Maggie Greene, and his youngest son Billy Greene. In particular, Tobin expresses a leering distrust of Douglas Monroe, from his interview process to his placement of 'pretty girls' in positions that allow him to see them on regular occasions. While Rick is talking about safety in numbers, he starts to think he isn't making any sense, but Andrea understands. Spencer asks why and thinks it's the comment he said in the middle of the Alexandria Safe-Zone chaos.Rick gives Carl a new gun and later that night, Jessie Anderson and Ron Anderson go to Rick's house and ask to sleep there for one night. Shane argues that they aren't moving the camp because if the government starts cleaning up the outbreak, the government would start with a major city and they would be found sooner. After being shot by criminals, he wakes from a coma in the hospital to see that his town is overrun with walking dead people.

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As the group settle in, Andrea tries to talk with Allen about getting over Donna and not shutting down for the sake of his sons, but this just makes Allen extremely angry. While clearing the prison Rick and Tyreese encounter a closed door to the cafeteria which is barricaded with a police baton. They split up into two groups to take out the zombies on both sides but, when they gather back at the front, they discover that a massive herd of the beasts have arrived. It's also good to see other characters like Abraham really coming into their own and seeming like they've been there from the beginning despite only being rather recent additions to the group.

Other times death is treated with the most amazing sensitivity and creativity, as in the case of a father and husband whose wife and daughter have both "turned"; he's been bitten and wants to be left behind, to become one of them, in the hopes of some kind of reunion. Refreshingly these characters aren't good or bad for the most part they're just regular people in a very irregular situation. When Rick wants to play the cop, Douglas does not agree; meanwhile, outside the community, another group is sighted. Rick informs Paul he is going to have to lead Rick and some others to Hilltop, and if he tries something he will be shot.

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When the TV show hit, there was a big demand for the comic but those early issues were hard to find. Later, Aaron tries to explain about the loss of one of the horses to Maggie, but she interrupts him and forgives him anyway. To make it easier the first 52 issues of The Walking Dead were reprinted as a weekly series throughout 2011. Denise refuses to rub the body on herself, so Michonne goes with her to defend her from the roamers. It tells the story of the travels of Rick Grimes, his family, and other survivors of a zombie apocalypse.Rick confirms that these all are good ideas, and suggests that the group meet regularly to discuss these sorts of matters. Separated from his family, he must now sort through all the death and confusion to try and find his wife and son. Before the group can get packed up, Maggie tells him that she and Sophia are staying behind, because they'll have a better chance for survival.

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