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HiFiMAN Sundara Headphones

HiFiMAN Sundara Headphones

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One of my favorite musical artists is Tim Hecker, who makes music that is huge and expansive, but also sort of crushingly oppressive, mechanical, glacial, grinding. The cup’s slight forward and backward movement will provide some micro-tweaking however for most heads. The hardware seems to have received a slight downgrade since none of the hardware is metal as with the one that comes with the original Sundara. I’ve had wireless headphones exclusively—some Apple AirPods Pro earphones as well because they are just so practical. The HiFiMan Sundara is the set of headphones to get if you want high-end audio, but don't want to shell out a king's ransom for it.

HiFiMAN SUNDARA | Over Ear Open Back Headphones | Richer Sounds

And while I thought there was a risk that the review was not positive given how the Ananda performed, I was not worried because it didn’t matter to me. I think comfort is more attributed to the new pad design which has the same sized 100mm round shape but it seems much softer and moldable. Yet at the same time, the HE560 has no natural successor so quite a lot of people think the company has killed two birds with one stone using the Sundara. A Swedish public limited company (publikt bankaktiebolag) registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office with organisation number: 556737-0431. However, the Focus A pads and the headband strap do a good job of softening up the grip and dispersing pressure in a balanced manner making the Sundara a more than comfortable fit.On orchestral tracks, like the opening scene from John Adams’ The Gospel According to the Other Mary, they deliver rich but subtle bass. The HD600 has more of a midbass punch focus to it’s sound and a mellower treble that completely free of the brittleness found in the Sundara. This song is like CrossFit gym workouts in action with multiple sonic elements shooting out in every direction.

HIFIMAN SUNDARA Full Size Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphone

connections that use the standard HIFIMAN configuration in which the tip of the plug is the positive and the sleeve is the negative end. No deposit required up front, pay the balance in full before the end of the 6-month period and there is no interest to pay whatsoever. Great Product, sounds fantastic (its a bit dark compared to similar planars), I've hear that the Audeze ones are a little warmer.

The midrange section is the highlight here and coherently presents itself although there are some peaky areas. Given the lack of fold flat and swivel, some might find the clamping pressure a bit higher than before. But if anyone tells you that the Sundara simply demands amplification, especially costing thousands of dollars, run fast and never look back. In a way, the mids are so laid-back and soft that this quality almost becomes an invitation – rather than refusing to engage, the Sundara seems to be always beckoning the listener, and always coquettishly running away. Don’t get me wrong – the Sundara certainly has the ability to resolve most everything that comes its way, but it’s not always going to be starkly evident.

HIFIMAN Sundara Headphones — Audiophilia

I reached out to HiFiMan support and as it turns out, there’s actually no other version of the Sundara. But if you crave that sudden out-of-your-head moment, the “what-was-that-on-the-other-side-of-the-room” sensation, the Sundara is certainly up to the task.The Sundara Closed Back driver does have some familiar HIFIMAN tech besides the stealth magnets and that’s the NEO super nano diaphragm. While I like the Sundara’s treble as it continues the lively, energetic sound of the mids, there is a brittleness the timbre that’s noticeable on the hats and cymbals. They have a soft leather-like lining and use a technical fabric for the section that contacts your skin. Previous issues with this area breaking on the HE400i and HE560 prompted a slight rethink in headbandform and function to prevent this. The stealth magnet design seems to cater to a true tone characteristic and it seems to lift a thin layer of a veil and in turn lets many details come through.

HiFiMan Sundara - Review 2023 - PCMag UK

If you’d rather spread the cost over 36 months, you can set up a loan repayment plan when the payment-free period comes to an end at 19. All products sold on Headphone Zone carry a GST compliant invoice and all products sold include an 18% GST. The strings, for example, sounded fuller—one can imagine the violins close to the cellos and violas in collaboration for a specific sound space. But something about the headband, it felt like the ear cups on either side are trying to cave into my skull.If you’ve bought the HiFiMan Sundara and are looking to squeeze out every last drop of performance, you could equalize the headphones—but you really don’t need to at all. Here, we learn that the driver uses a proprietary patent-pending “Ultra-fine Diaphragm” technology that is “a sliver the width of a human hair”. The Sundara is bright, certainly unnaturally so, but at least it does brightness relatively gracefully. As part of that neutral bright tuning, there is a good helping of lower treble energy on the Sundara. What made these headphones really shine is the outstandingseparation andexcellent timbral accuracyof the instruments.

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