Dungeon Crawler Carl: A LitRPG/Gamelit Adventure

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Dungeon Crawler Carl: A LitRPG/Gamelit Adventure

Dungeon Crawler Carl: A LitRPG/Gamelit Adventure

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On the other hand, Louis has the same spell, but is squandering it by running away from every fight. Unspoken Plan Guarantee: In-Universe example when Carl is talking to an out-of-dungeon audience about how to deal with the impending ambush by hunter mantises.

This allowed him to turn into a nearly unkillable kill-stealing coward asshole who caused problems until the end of the eighth floor. Based on a note that the AI slipped to Carl, it's possible that this AI isn't a new one, but an old reused one, meaning that it would have started crazy and only gone downhill from there. The Reveal: As the series continues, we learn a lot about the various characters and their relationships to one another and the larger universe. Parental Incest: The only way for Vrah to be cured of her Enthusiastic Double Gonorrhea is to pass it on to someone else, but all the other mantids on the floor are dead.

GC, BWR, NW Princess Donut the Queen Anne Chonk is the secondary protagonist of Dungeon Crawler Carl.

Ironic Echo: Loita brushes aside Carl's concern for the way that a young NPC has been traumatised, telling him that "no one likes melodrama. Laugh Themselves Sick: Upon seeing Mordecai's sixth floor form, a cross between a capybara, a miniature bear, and a sugar glider, Carl falls off the couch laughing. The Hunters don't turn on each other, but Carl notes that their tendency to work alone and scatter in the face of a threat makes them easy meat when the tables are turned and the Crawlers unitedly come for them. Abnormal Ammo: Carl receives a benefactor box containing a xistera extension slot, customised to throw decapitated love doll heads.Obviously, the appropriate response is to punish them by releasing Rage Elementals from the thirteenth floor. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Before the Collapse, Donut ran outside to the open (maybe sensing what was about to happen) and Carl chased after her. Quan Ch has a celestial item that lets him fly, shoot lightning bolts, and shield against physical and magical damage.

Then a third time before he descends to the ninth, ahead of the largest army of crawlers ever to make it this far, united as an unprecedented faction in the Faction Wars and about to be joined by an equally unprecedented army, half again as large as that already in the dungeon, of former crawlers signing on to their faction as mercenaries eager for revenge. Donut has also the growing problem now, that for the past volumes, she struggles to find a place to shine. Each one appears innocuous except when read by the person it was meant for, and will disappear if that person talks about it, dies, or tries to share it.He ended it quickly and maturely, and was just waiting for her father to come and pick up all her stuff from their apartment. Despite a full investigation, the murder of Loita via exploding toy can't be successfully pinned on Carl. In addition to the AI giving him all sorts of loot for his feet, he never gets shoes or pants because he keeps complaining about not having shoes and pants.

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