Big Potato Obama Llama 2: The Family Board Game with the Strange-Sounding Name

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Big Potato Obama Llama 2: The Family Board Game with the Strange-Sounding Name

Big Potato Obama Llama 2: The Family Board Game with the Strange-Sounding Name

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The game ends when all of the Rhyming Pair cards have been paired up. The team with the most are crowned champions and have permission to arrange an open-top bus parade in their home town. For every line of three you fill, you get to turn two Rhyming Pair cards. Fill two lines and get two attempts at matching up pairs. First, split into two teams of two or more. Then shuffle the Rhyming Pair cards and deal them out face down in the middle of the table, like this: So, whether it’s George Clooney pulling a mooney, King Kong playing ping pong or Michael Cane suffering a migraine, it is up to you to make sure your team know exactly what rhyme you’re trying to describe or act out. What are you waiting for!? Grab your teammates and go forth and rhyme!

Obama Llama 2, created by the Radio 1 DJ Matt Edmondson, in partnership with Big Potato Games, is a great follow on to the original Obama Llama. Bringing 500 new crazy rhymes to the table, players are sure to enjoy the same great gameplay while having some fresh new rhymes to contend with. This sized-down edition is a great game to take away on holiday with you and gets all the great things about the original into a tiny box.Obama Llama 2 is a reprint of the successful party game Obama Llama, adding in a mixture of funny characters and creatures like Severus Snape and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The original was just about famous people. As such, this version works a little better with families. Not that you need to know who the person is, but it does help to ease peoples concerns. Find two Rhyming Pair cards that rhyme to keep them. The team with the most pairs at the end of the game wins. Based on the original hit game, Obama Llama 2 Mini gives you just as much game but in a much smaller form factor! That person now has to silently act out the three rhymes on the other side of the card in 30 seconds, with their teammates shouting out possible rhymes.

Keep score throughout using a Score Pad. Sometimes a team will only earn one or two points during a round. I only just got this working—there’s a lot of room for improvement. I would welcome contributions that explore any of the following areas: The person going first draws a green card and describes the rhymes on it to their teammates without using any of the words on the card. Their teammates try to solve the clue by shouting out possible rhymes.Who would have thought a game could be named after a famous president riding an animal that is almost always mistaken for an alpaca?! Well, Big Potato Games have managed it and they have recently released the second edition to this family favourite, Obama Llama 2! In Obama Llama 2, players split into two equal teams. The game scales perfectly to any player count and players who don’t want to have the limelight on them can play as the guessers. On your turn, you are running through one of three types of cards as fast as you can. Trying to get your team to guess the rhyme. This can be either ‘Describe it,’ ‘Solve it,’ or ‘Act it.’ This is determined by the roll of a dice. The describers have to try and make their team say what is said on the card as best they can by detailing what is going on without using the words written on the card. “A famous UK comedy duo, big in the 80s, famous for a sketch about fork handles, well one of them is now flying in space,” for example. Solve it works similarly to this, but you are given the description on the card as well as the answer. If you are tired of charades and want to jazz it up a bit, then this would be the ideal choice! You can not only describe the rhymes but you will also have acting cards where your quality mimes will be the key to your team’s success. Be warned though, as the 30 seconds you have to act out the three rhymes will fly by! Should you Buy it? Note that this particular model is a completion model, so the prompts you send it need to be designed to produce good results if used as the first part of a sentence. Open questions and potential improvements

Describe it cards put a character such as Ronnie Corbett, Michael Jordon or the Pied Piper in a situation where they are all doing something that conveniently rhymes with their surname. Corbett in Orbit, Jordan is a prison warden and The Pied Piper is feeling hyper, for example. One member of the team draws a pink card and reads the clue on the card to their teammates. (Not the rhyme in italics!) Their teammates now have to yell out possible rhyming solutions. There are all sorts of llama-cpp-python options that might be relevant for getting better performance out of different models. Figuring these out would be very valuable. I love Obama Llama!! It’s quirky, it’s weird and it gets non-board gaming folk to the table! Everyone I have played this with enjoys it. The second iteration of this game does exactly the same, with some great new rhymes that mix the game up a bit and keep people entertained. The fast-paced gameplay means no one is going to get bored and it is sure to keep you entertained for hours! The game also comes with everything you need to play, so you won’t find yourself rooting around for a pencil to keep score!One member of the team draws a yellow card and shows the celebrity name on the card to their teammates.

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