Minna No Nihongo: Bk. 1

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Minna No Nihongo: Bk. 1

Minna No Nihongo: Bk. 1

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Minna no Nihongo’s main selling point, especially at the beginner level, is that it’s generally more in-depth than other popular textbooks. Compared to Genki, it has more vocabulary and grammar, more exercises, and more accompanying workbooks, including ones specifically for kanji, reading, and writing. Alongside the main textbook, Minna no Nihongo offers a variety of supplementary materials, including workbooks and dictionaries, making it a versatile resource for learners at different proficiency levels. The associated audio CD provides authentic listening material, simulating real-life situations that students may encounter.

This book features lesson topics that cover vocabulary, essential grammar, speaking, and listening. Minna no Nihongo can come in handy to equip you with the most vital things you need for situational daily discussions with other individuals in Japanese. It has 2 basic volumes, with each volume having 25 chapters. The first Minna no Nihongo book is enough to give you everything required to pass N5 with flying colors. By leveraging these additional resources, you can enhance your use of Minna no Nihongo and take your Japanese language proficiency to new heights. Comparison to Other Textbooks Genki Series Even though the textbooks feature numerous practical exercises, buying the workbooks is necessary for both series to study efficiently. And that's where the biggest difference lies between the two series. When preparing for N5 with Minna no Nihongo, you may be bothered about whether using only Minna no Nihongo will be enough to provide you with everything you need to pass the test. Undoubtedly, Minna no Nihongo is enough for N5. This is because this book covers different topics that help you learn the kanji, grammar, and vocabulary that you need to pass the exam. In fact, studying half of the book (this will cover about 13 chapters) should be enough to pass the JLPT N5. However, there are a few things you need to know about using Minna no Nihongo for N5.


Minna no Nihongo, along with Genki, is one of the most recommended Japanese textbooks you can find – and it lives up to expectations. Chukyu Level: The Chukyu level expands on the knowledge gained in the Shokyu level, delving into more complex grammar structures and themes. The intermediate textbooks cover various topics, such as daily life, cultural aspects, and practical situations. The accompanying workbooks offer more advanced exercises to help learners develop their conversational skills, reading comprehension, and written expression. The second sentence means as well or similar to, the structure of sentence is Nも. This sentence is use when want to present the second clause same as the first and this sentence have 2 clauses. For example “Tanaka is a student, Aki is also a student”, it will be 田中さんはがくせいです。秋さんもがくせいです. But if in case using name of a company, it will be the word しゃいん. For example ABC しゃいん – employee of ABC company Group of hospital:

Now that we have reviewed all of the components for both series, we are left with our initial question: which one is the best for self-studying? Honsatsu: In addition to the Shokyu and Chukyu textbooks, Minna no Nihongo offers a supplementary series called Honsatsu. These books are designed for learners who want to extend their Japanese skills beyond the Intermediate level. Honsatsu focuses on refining proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing by covering a wider range of vocabulary and grammar points. The most popular edition is, of course, the English version. This study guide is intended to complement the Minna No Nihongo Beginner I Main textbook Second Edition. This version includes vocabulary, translations for sentence patterns, example sentences, conversations, reference vocabulary, and concise grammar explanations. The English edition facilitates understanding and promotes smooth learning progress for non-Japanese native speakers.Minna no Nihongo and the Genki series are both popular choices for beginner Japanese language learners. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses, making them suitable for different types of learners depending on their learning preferences. In summary, the Minna no Nihongo series has numerous external resources at its disposal. By utilizing these resources and leveraging the insights provided by experienced learners, students can maximize their understanding and mastery of the Japanese language. Purchasing Options

In that sense, Genki is more adapted to beginners who want to self-study while Minna no Nihongo is more immersive from the start and requires more from the learners. We recommend Genki if you're planning to self-study, but Minna No Nihongo is a more thorough book and works well in a classroom setting Hiragana and Katakana: These foundational components of the Japanese writing system are introduced in a structured manner, providing learners with ample practice to become proficient. Het beantwoord zeer zeker mijn vele vragen die ik had. Omdat beide series onder diverse benamingen voorkomen en diverse delen omvatten wordt het al snel verwarrend. There are up to 8 different workbooks for Minna no Nihongo and an additional textbook focusing on Kanji characters only. Both Minna no Nihongo and Genki have their own sets of supplementary materials, such as audio files and workbooks, to reinforce learning and provide additional practice. While each series has its own approach to teaching Japanese, learners should consider their individual learning styles and preferences when selecting a textbook series. Usage in Self-Study and Classroom Settings


However, when knowing someone name or having a close relationship, Japanese people don’t use あなた as above, they have rule of calling someone name. Based on the structure of Minna no Nihongo, it demands a lot of dedication from beginners as they will need to immerse themselves in the learning process. Also, Minna No Nihongo may not be the best book for self-study as you may struggle to have a grasp of the whole concept of the language. However, it offers more for individuals that are learning in a classroom setting with assistance from a teacher.

Second, even though some activities are designed to be done in a class environment, those books can also be used for self-study. This program systematically introduces kanji, hiragana, and katakana, ensuring that learners can effectively absorb the knowledge. As students progress, they will encounter increasingly complex texts that help them build their reading comprehension skills.

Beginner II:

Minna no Nihongo is a popular Japanese language textbook series that can be effectively used for self-study. For those looking to dive deeper into the language, several additional resources support your learning journey. Therefore, if you want to use Minna no Nihongo for N5, it is necessary for you to get the syllabus of what you need for N5. With this, you can structure your readings to suit the things that the test requires. This can go a long way in determining whether you will pass the exam or not. Kanji: Students are gradually exposed to kanji, the more advanced part of the Japanese writing system, with each program level emphasizing key characters essential for reading comprehension. The two book system isn't "bad," necessarily. Studying with the main, all-Japanese textbook will force you to figure things out through context and use your brain a little more. The Minna no Nihongo main textbook focuses on providing students with comprehensive lessons and exercises that cover a wide range of Japanese proficiency levels from N5 to N2. Each lesson in the textbook is designed to introduce new vocabulary, grammar structures, and usage in real-life situations. The lessons are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand format, making them accessible for learners of all levels.

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