Killer Cults: Stories of Charisma, Deceit, and Death: 3 (Profiles in Crime)

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Killer Cults: Stories of Charisma, Deceit, and Death: 3 (Profiles in Crime)

Killer Cults: Stories of Charisma, Deceit, and Death: 3 (Profiles in Crime)

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Did you know: The show Waco finished airing (February 28, 2018) on the 25th anniversary of the day the siege started (February 28, 1993)? Who was involved: Mormons are a branch of Christianity. They believe Jesus was the literal son of God and is the Messiah. Children are very important to Mormons as they believe children are part of God’s plan and having them will bring them closer to Christ. Because of this, some fundamentalist sects also embrace polygamy. The show focuses on two of the families: Enoch and his wives Catrina and Lillian; and Abel and his wives Suzie, Beth and Marina.

Killer Cults | Stephen Singular

Constanzo's family returned to Miami in 1972 and his stepfather died soon after, leaving the family with some money. As a teenager, he became apprenticed to a local sorcerer and began to practice a religion called Palo Mayombe, which involves animal sacrifice. Delia remarried and his new stepfather was involved in both the religion and drug dealing. Constanzo and his mother were arrested numerous times for theft, vandalism and shoplifting. He graduated from high school, but was expelled from prep school. [ citation needed] Why it’s one of the best TV shows about cults: This show is so good, and it does the perfect job of showing how and why people get manipulated by and pulled into cults, how it can tear families apart, and how incredibly terrifying and difficult it can be to get out of one. I got so immersed in Save Me that I started to yell at the screen (something I rarely do), which I’m fairly certain is also how some of the characters feel. But that’s because everyone in this is absolutely fantastic. Definitely a must-watch TV show for anyone interested in cults.

This section includes mostly documentaries or investigative TV shows, however there is also one ( Waco) fictionalised account of a real event. Waco (2018) What’s it about? A true-crime Netflix series that tries to uncover the truth behind the 1969 murder of nun Catherine Cesnik. Adolfo Constanzo was the focus of the 1st episode of Unexplained Realms the podcast, titled, Devils Ranch. [12]

True Crime | Emma Kenny True Crime

The crimes were being committed by a group of four young men who were referred to as “The Ripper Crew” or the “Chicago Rippers.” The group was led by a former John Wayne Gacy employee named Robin Gecht. The other three members were Edward Spreitzer and a set of brothers, Andrew and Thomas Kokoraleis. Cult worship can also refer to anything particularly trendy, and I’ve included an example of this towards the bottom with the cult of wellness. However, while this is a trend that can actually lead to death, there are also benign cult trends like “cult followings” of popular bands or TV shows. Although if your favourite guitarist tells you they’re God, or to start killing people in their name, that might be an actual cult…

What’s scarier than a murderer? Someone with the charisma to compel others to kill for them . . . or to kill themselves. Meet these cult leaders–and get an inside look at their beliefs and how they controlled others. The group murdered again in 2004. Volpe’s ex-girlfriend, 27-year-old Mariangela Pezzotta, went to his house for what she thought was a friendly dinner, but in reality, it was her murder.When she arrived, heshot her. Volpe called Sapone for help burying her, realizing as they spoke that Pezzotta was still alive. Together, Volpe and Sapone beat her with a shovel and then buried alive her beneath Volpe’s parent’s greenhouse. Who is involved: The Leftovers focuses on the Garvey family, all of whom were left behind. Kevin (Justin Theroux) is chief of police and lives with his angry, rebellious teenage daughter, Jill. Meanwhile, his wife Lorelai and son, Tommy, have both joined two of the prominent cults in the USA. The cults: The Guilty Remnant (GR) run by Patti Levin (Ann Dowd) are chain-smoking nihilists who don’t speak, and Holy Wayne (Paterson Joseph) is a charming, but sadistic cult leader who can “hug away” anyone’s pain, but claims to need sex with young, Asian women to recharge. Adolfo Constanzo: The Narcosatanists & The Matamoros Cult Killings", Lights Out Podcast. March 26, 2021.

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