Miss Violet's School For Littles: An ABDL Diaper Spanking Story

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Miss Violet's School For Littles: An ABDL Diaper Spanking Story

Miss Violet's School For Littles: An ABDL Diaper Spanking Story

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I'm still searching for female voices for that project. Mrs. Bergstrom is already kinda done but Lilly and Patricia are still missing. I"€™m sorry, Ms. Turner...I"€™ll behave myself"€¦"€, Rachel finally said through clinched teeth. Satisfied, Elizabeth let her stand and continued on with her class. Much as she expected, things went a lot smoother for her from then on out; aside from the occasional death-glare from Rachel.

school paddlings – Our Bottoms Burn school paddlings – Our Bottoms Burn

This is from a mainstream movie, Bored To Death, they are fooling around and get caught by the janitor.I see this story often ... "In my parish the girls have to wear diapers under their dress for confirmation...." That's all right, Honey," my aunt said when I got to her. "Little babies need to be diapered at night. Nothing at all wrong with that." She patted my diapered bottom. "Just like your little cousin Shannon over there."

AR Archive : Never Too Old To Be Taught A Lesson - Chapter 1

She found some baby powder and sprinkled it on me, then snugly fastened the diaper using the tapes that were on it. The embarrassment Elizabeth felt being spanked in front of a room of teenagers was nothing like she had ever felt before. Almost immediately, her eyes began to grow wet and her lips trembled. Elizabeth swallowed audibly as she mustered the courage to say what Samantha, now Mrs. Maxwell to her, wanted her to, "€œN-no Mrs. Maxwell"€¦"€ It was getting near night. We ran outside and caught fireflies. "Glowbugs" we called them. Every once in awhile you would catch a moth too, and then let it go. It was fun to see who could catch the largest moth...once my sister caught one that had at least a 5 inch wingspan, but we teased her and said it was really a bat. A white bat. Elizabeth gasped as the girl that had struggled against her so violently before, stood confidently against the pressure of her arm. It was obvious that Rachel was straining against her, but no matter how hard Elizabeth pushed she just couldn"€™t force the girl down.Then, before either of them could act a familiar voice called out from the door behind them, "€œWhat is the meaning of this?! Elizabeth, just what are you doing dressed like that and what are you trying to do to Rachel?"€ Oh? And what if I told you that you already had all you needed to fix that problem, no "€˜weird birthday stuff"€™ required?"€, her mother asked. Elizabeth was allowed a brief moment to grab her bag before she was dragged out of the classroom and down the hall. It took her some time to dry her tears and work up the courage to talk to Samantha after what had just happened. "€œW-what"€™s going on? Y-you don"€™t actually think I"€™m a student...right? I-I don"€™t really have to call you Mrs. Maxwell, do I?"€ We stayed for supper. We stayed for desert. And then my sister and I played with our little Cousin, Shannon. She was Aunt Janet's Granddaughter, really our third cousin. She was also spoiled rotten. Cried if she didn't get her way. She got her way a lot.

Padded Fun (18+ NSFW ABDL Adult Diaper Games) - itch.io

My mother was never less than supportive. She saw my diapers from time to time - she saw the plastic sheet I put on my bed for awhile, and so on. She never said anything discouraging about it, and just let me handle it myself. She did say a couple times that if it didn't stop she wanted to take me to the doctor, but I kept saying I didn't need to.As Elizabeth expected, her next day began far easier than the last few days had. Her class was well-behaved and the rest of the faculty had been less dismissive; the only thing that surprised her was Rachel. The girl looked far less defeated than Elizabeth expected; in fact, she looked even more confident and dismissive than yesterday. Uniform?! What are you going on about, Samantha?"€, Elizabeth asked. She looked around the room from any kind of support from her students, but only found a room full of teenagers eager to see what Mrs. Maxwell might do to Elizabeth.

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