CoolMiniOrNot Wacky Races CMNWRA001, Multicoloured

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CoolMiniOrNot Wacky Races CMNWRA001, Multicoloured

CoolMiniOrNot Wacky Races CMNWRA001, Multicoloured

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Railroad Crossing: When a Racer moves onto this tile, the Racer(s) in last place move ahead 1 tile. Each car has abilities which can negate the effect of some traps, and this was only briefly touched upon in the interview. Out of curiosity I would love to see what Peter Perfect’s abilities are, as apart from having a car that can stretch itself into weird shapes to do things, such as walking along a crocodile pit. The only other thing I can remember, is his car randomly exploding through over tuning. These Neutral Racers won't use their Racer Dashboard or Special Power cards. Those can be returned to the game box, along with the remaining 4 unchosen Racers, their Racer Dashboards, and Special Power cards. The Racer that triggers this Trap switches places with the closest Racer behind them, up to 3 tiles away. When a player is done moving and potentially resolving any Special Powers or Traps, their turn is over. They draw as many Movement cards as they need to replenish their hand up to 3 cards - note, however, that there's no limit of number of cards a player can hold.

Everything is very straight forward. There are some timing issues around traps triggering and certain events happening that don’t happen very often that you need to remember, but maybe don’t need to teach? Each Movement card shows 1 of the 4 basic Terrain types: Desert, Forest, Prairie, or Farm. Players must use these cards to move from each type of Terrain. Apart from at the full player count of 6 there will be neutral racers – though they are not only there to cause congestion, they are there to ramp up the chaos. Unlike most dummy players the rules are extremely simple, as to not drag out a long amount of time between the people around the table actually having a turn. The neutrals are needed so that tiles get full at the beginning of races – though rarely do they seem to get close to even a podium position.

After all, the Players have played their turn and before the Starting Player starts their next turn, all Neutral Racers move. Skip this for the very first round of the game. Races are simple, yet strategic, as players place cards indicating the terrain tiles to which their racer will move, with the last card played indicating where Dastardly and Muttley will end up. Take the Special tiles for the Swamp, Crossroads, Railroad Crossing, and the A.C.M.E. Laboratory and choose 1 at random. Add the chosen Special tile to all 8 of the other Second Half tiles and shuffle facedown together. Oho! New to Stardew? Keep me posted on what you think. It can take time to earn things, but other avenues open up (mining, fishing, interacting with townsfolk) to keep you engaged as the in-game days...

The next player places Rufus's car in the next available slot, and the last player follows up with their car as well (Ant Hill Mob). The remaining Neutral Racers are randomly placed in the remaining slots, leaving the Starting Board full of Racers who are ready to begin!

Setup the Course

Races, taking the corresponding Racer Miniature, Racer Dashboard, and the 4 Special Power cards for that Racer. At the beginning of each race, players must place their Special Power cards faceup on each corresponding slot on their Racer Dashboard. Shellhead, thank you for mentioning EEAaO. Watched it last night and it was an enjoyable and unexpected experience. Girlfriend and I talked about it quite a bit afterwards. Starting with the Neutral Racer in the' space closest to the Finish Line, they all move ahead 1 space (respecting the next free space rule). Gas Station: When the Racer in last place moves onto this tile, all players unexhaust 1 of their facedown Special Power cards.

Every time a player ends their turn, it's time for The Mean Machine to rip up some road and wreak havoc on the rest of the Racers! Racers on these tiles do not change positions, but any Trap cards move along with their tiles, possibly forcing a Racer at the tile's new location to trigger it immediately, if there are 2 Racers on the tile, the active player chooses which one triggers it!


The Starting Player receives the Neutral Racers Activation Card, placing it faceup in front of their Racer Dashboard. Although he could play a 3rd card, he doesn't have another Prairie in his hand. Thus, his movement is done for the turn. If there are 2 Racers tied for last place, the player whose Racer landed on the Railroad Crossing can choose which Racer moves first. Example: The Ant Hill Mob has just ended their turn, so now Dastardly moves. The last Movement card played by the Ant Hill Mob was a Prairie, so it's still sitting on top of the Discard Pile. Among the many races that live close to the Talon Coast, none can match the spiritual strength, resilience, and stubbornness of a dwarf. Out of all his brothers, Skeld became a legend thanks to his savage spirit, always ready to face the hardest battles, headless of the dangers. Skeld can be played as either a Slayer or a Berserker.

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