Tia Maria - Matcha Cream Liqueur, Creamy and Earthy Taste of Japanese Matcha with a Pleasant Bitter Undertone, Bottle of 70 cl, 17% ABV

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Tia Maria - Matcha Cream Liqueur, Creamy and Earthy Taste of Japanese Matcha with a Pleasant Bitter Undertone, Bottle of 70 cl, 17% ABV

Tia Maria - Matcha Cream Liqueur, Creamy and Earthy Taste of Japanese Matcha with a Pleasant Bitter Undertone, Bottle of 70 cl, 17% ABV

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As well as the iconic original recipe, you'll also discover Tia Maria's newly launched matcha flavour here at House of Malt. Mixing naturally caffeinated Japanese matcha tea with indulgent cream, this green Tia Maria has a beautiful pastel colour and a unique, botanical taste you don't want to miss.

Since Tia Maria is similar to Kahlúa coffee liqueur, it's an excellent replacement in mixed drink recipes. Are there any Tia Maria substitutes?Kahlua is the best substitute, but you can also use other coffee liqueurs like Sheridan’s. Why we like itThe most important point to note is that Kahlua stated that “we have now started a process to ensure this is no longer the case and hopefully in 6-12 months will be able to claim Vegan again.” We certainly hope so. What About Kahlua Specials & RTDs? Not strong enough: Add extra brandy (by the ounce) until it is as strong as you like it. You can also add a little extra Tia Maria, but it will make the drinks sweeter and doesn't have a strong alcohol taste like brandy does. You can also use a food processor or stand mixer in place of the blender if desired. How to Fix a Mistake Tia Maria is a high-quality coffee liqueurproduced by a company with the same name. The liqueur was invented in the 1940s and initially manufactured in Jamaica. The original recipe is made from Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, Jamaican rum, bourbon vanilla, and sugar.

Vanilla contributes soft velvety notes to the liqueur the vanilla used in Tia Maria bouquet is Bourbon vanilla, cultivated in the Sava region on the island of Madagascar, where the climate is warm and humid. These can be made ahead of time for up to 24 hours and kept in the fridge. You can also store in the freezer for up to 2 weeks, but you'll need to thaw in the fridge overnight. In fact, my dad does this every year so he doesn't have to bother with the blender after we enjoy our Christmas meal. Storage Suggestions In an attempt to reproduce it, he created his version of a coffee liqueur, which, subsequently, was sold as Tia Maria. When The Recipe of Tia Maria Changed Confusingly, Kahlua seems very, very similar to Tia Maria, its vegan sister drink. We said earlier that we wished all items were as easy to categorise as Kahlua because we gave it a very simple “not vegan” label. However, given there are no obviously animal-derived ingredients, it seems sensible to consider why Kahlua is not for vegan dudes (and dudesses).

It takes as long as seven years to make (with all that time you’d think they could make it vegan!); Admittedly though, six years is to grow the coffee This is almost as simple as the first recipe. The only variation is that you add milk, whatever amount to suit your personal taste, and stir. In common with Tia Maria and many big-brand food and drinks companies, Kahlua produce more than just their standard beverage. They have limited edition specials, new flavours and their RTD (ready to drink) range but, sadly, right now, none of these are vegan. The former, original recipe was significantly boozier with an alcohol content of 31.5%. The ingredients were also slightly different, as the liqueur was made from Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans and genuine bourbon vanilla. The taste of Tia Maria

Today, Tia Maria is made from Jamaican rum, cold brew coffee extract, Madagascar vanilla, and sugar. The ingredients are blended until the final product reaches an alcohol content of 20%. How much alcohol is in Tia Maria?It is 20% ABV (alcohol by volume), which is similar to Kahlua and other liqueurs. Just about every kind of alcohol pairs well with cola. It’s no different with Tia Maria. This drink tastes great and also gives you that extra jolt of caffeine. You can add a slice of lime for an extra twist. 4. White Russian Too sweet: If you find these too sweet, add extra brandy (by the ounce). Or you can add milk or cold, unsweetened coffee in ½ cup increments. Tia Maria is relatively light in alcohol (20% ABV), pairs beautifully with anything creamy, and makes a fabulous dessert substitute or after-dinner drink. It also pairs beautifully with vodka, increasing potency without detracting from its sweet roasted coffee bean flavor.

What is the Tia Maria Drink?

The ingredients are relatively simple and with just coffee, Jamaican rum, Madagascan vanilla and sugar, Tia Maria should hold no fears for those wanting a boozy coffee fix. Rum, like most spirits is vegan because it is distilled, so does not need to be fined like, for example, beer or Champagne. Tia Maria was originally made in Jamaica using Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans and Jamaican chocolate. It was invented soon after World War II by Dr. Evans in Kingston, Jamaica and legend has it that he invited friends from the nearby Country Club to help select the best formula for the new liqueur. The original alcohol strength of 31.5% alc./vol. was first reduced to 26.5% alc./vol and in some markets, including the UK, the further reduced to 20% alc./vol.. The drink is 17% volume so not strong, and therefore nice to sip slowly without being overpowering. I will definitely be finishing off this bottle and purchasing some more; I’m excited to have expanded my drinking repertoire a little, even though I genuinely thought I was going to hate it initially! I still don’t like the strange green colour, and discovered that it left my tongue green tinted too but I can overlook that for the taste. I’ll be recommending people try it before writing it off due to the name as to be honest, saying it is flavoured with matcha doesn’t suggest it is going to be very tasty. This is however a drink to get to know, and if you like cream liqueurs you won’t be disappointed. It would be a particularly good Mother’s Day gift for any lover of cream liqueur based drinks. Vanilla and coffee are obviously just plants and nothing about the way they are processed holds any concerns for vegans. Sugar too is clearly plant-based and whilst we have explained that not all sugar is vegan, the cane sugar used to make Tia Maria is. We know this because the makers confirmed that “Tia Maria is 100% vegan”. We may not be PhD standard mathematicians but even we know that’s as vegan as you can get! Tia Maria Trivia

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