The Woman on the Bridge: You saw The Girl on the Train. You watched The Woman in the Window. Now meet The Woman on the Bridge

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The Woman on the Bridge: You saw The Girl on the Train. You watched The Woman in the Window. Now meet The Woman on the Bridge

The Woman on the Bridge: You saw The Girl on the Train. You watched The Woman in the Window. Now meet The Woman on the Bridge

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I finished this book in less than 24 hours! There is just something so wholesome and nostalgic about historical fiction, especially ones that are set around real historical events. I loved how strong and revolutionary Winnie's character is! Her views on women's rights for the 20s is an amazing thing to witness. I also love how Joseph was just as revolutionary as his wife, he supported her views, he loved her for them and that is a beautiful thing to see. This was a compelling read, with a beautiful setting, the atmosphere was perfectly executed, I felt like I was dropped right into 1920 Dublin and I absolutely loved it. There’s no record of her graduating from Harding High, but she may have switched to another school to complete her studies. She moved to New York City around the age of 18 in hope of launching an acting career, but there are no records to prove how long she stayed. Whatever the case, by the spring of 1966, the 22-year-old’s dark-haired, olive-skinned, blue-eyed beauty opened the door for modeling jobs in Manhattan. I don’t write for any particular audience but I suppose I must have people like me in mind – people who have busy lives and who like to escape into someone else’s for a while. Later, Agnes, reacting to Winnie’s mother’s description of Markievicz as “an insurgent”, wonders where exactly the family’s sympathies lie. She doesn’t want the marriage between her son and Winnie to go ahead. Winnie tells her boss, Alice Kelley, of Agnes’s disapproval of her. But Alice says that if Winnie loves Joseph, she has to fight for him.

The story is told through the lives of the O’Leary and Burke families, the latter being actively involved in fighting the British, the former just looking for a peaceful existence. Sheila O'Flanagan has accomplished what many have tried and few have been successful at doing. She has put a human face on Ireland's history while making all the myriad allegiances, battles, uprisings, rebellions, and suffering understandable to the lay reader. It is obvious that this novel was intensely researched in addition to the wealth of the author's own family archives.When Charlotte drives past a woman in a wedding dress standing on a bridge, she stops and tries to help. This, in turn, sets in place a chain of events that get increasingly bizarre as we learn more about the key players. On the worst night of her life, in the middle of nowhere, lonely Charlotte Wilderwood saves a runaway bride from falling to her death.

The story is told from multiple points of view and timelines giving you an insight into why each character behave as they do. Believe me when I say you still won’t predict the twists and turns this book contains. I love historical fiction and it was so refreshing to read some of Ireland's history, which I really found eye opening. The writing was written in a style that allowed the reader to become engrossed and provided emotion throughout. When Kaufman finally published his piece about Kahane, he implied, but stopped short of truly specifying, the real nature of the rabbi’s relationship with D’Argenio. As Kahane’s rhetoric worsened, as he moved his base of operations from America to Israel, as his followers said and published bigoted screeds of their own, Kaufman wondered if he had done the right thing in downplaying the affair and about Kahane’s culpability in D’Argenio’s suicide: “Was that my job, to bring the rabbi down?” he wrote in 1994. “I do not know. Over the years I have asked a number of rabbis about it. Some said that setting out to destroy a reputation by revealing secrets of a private life is tantamount to murder. But I am more impressed by those who told me that showing mercy to the cruel is wrong and sinful.”I thoroughly enjoyed this character-driven psychological thriller. It’s full of suspense, immensely intriguing like I said earlier, and it held my attention from start to finish. It is so cleverly plotted, addictive, offering fantastic psychological insight and, I also said this before but it bears repeating, unpredictable. The tension builds up as the story goes on and I was utterly unable to work out how things would end. Speaking of the end, holy fudge, … so brutally chilling, it sent shivers down my spine! Dublin. The 1920s. As war tears Ireland apart, two young people are caught up in events that will bring love, tragedy – and the hardest of choices. Definitely recommend the book, it's different than the author's previous books. I enjoyed the characters, story and writing style. Look forward to reading more books by the author. Loved the cover of the book. With so much worry, strain, and genuine anguish, one would assume Winnie's story was a bleak one, yet she remained positive and hopeful. That mindset is what saw her through some desperate situations.

Now these two women are brought together in tragic circumstances they will make a decision that will alter their lives forever! The added letters within the book were a nice added touch and allowed the reader to see correspondence between the sisters and between Joseph & Winnie. Charlotte: immature 35-year-old with the critical thinking skills of a carbdoard box (also don't appreciate how the author made her "plump" to show she's a sad case)At the heart of the story is Charlotte’s childhood friend, Anne, who wants her out of the way. This made little sense…and as we uncover more details about Anne and her situation I felt it made even less sense. As a child I enjoyed reading and telling stories and everyone thought that I end up in a job which had something to do with books and literature. But though I applied for a job in the library all of the job offers I got were in commerce. On the worst night of ger life, in the middle of nowhere, lonely Charlotte Wilderwood saves a runaway bride from from falling to her death. Soon Maggie is staying at her home safely hidden from the man she was desperate to escape. The immediate bond between the women eclipses anything they've ever known and before long they will go to extreme lengths to protect each other. But is Maggie the best friend Charlotte had always dreamed about, or the nightmare she never saw coming.... The book is primarily a romance, but there is a lot of complicated politics to be explained. The author deserves credit for making explanations as clear and concise as possible, but there is still quite a lot of it. The politics comes to life as Winnie, her family and friends, simply through trying to survive, find their actions lead to fractured families and broken friendships.

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