Panasonic ER-GB86 Wet & Dry Electric Beard Trimmer for Men, Rechargeable Mens Grooming Kit, Sharp & Durable Blades, 58 Cutting Lengths From 0.5mm to 30mm, 3 Attachments, Long beards

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Panasonic ER-GB86 Wet & Dry Electric Beard Trimmer for Men, Rechargeable Mens Grooming Kit, Sharp & Durable Blades, 58 Cutting Lengths From 0.5mm to 30mm, 3 Attachments, Long beards

Panasonic ER-GB86 Wet & Dry Electric Beard Trimmer for Men, Rechargeable Mens Grooming Kit, Sharp & Durable Blades, 58 Cutting Lengths From 0.5mm to 30mm, 3 Attachments, Long beards

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While some beard trimmers may tout their anti-rust capabilities in product descriptions, rusting is always a possibility when metal is involved. To prevent it, always clean and dry your beard trimmer after use – including taking advantage of any bundled in brushes that’ll let you access the small and hard to each places. How often should you trim your beard? The battery life of beard trimmers can vary quite a bit, with some focused on home use and others made for travel. If you trim your beard every day, you should look at the top-end of things which is a three-hour battery life – to avoid the hassle of charging every single day. If regular charging doesn’t bother you, your shave run time is short or you don’t shave that often, trimmers that offer 50 minutes and above may suit you just fine. Beard trimmer vs multigroom – which is best?

At Men's Health, we take the art of grooming seriously. That's why every product adorned with our MH Lab logo undergoes an intensive evaluation by our panel of 200 men, who boast a diverse array of beard lengths and styles, over a two to three-week period. It’s also important to treat your stubble with the same care you give to your skin. Regularly washing with a mild facial cleanser is crucial to remove dirt, oils, and dead skin cells that can accumulate. Incorporating exfoliation into your routine once or twice a week can effectively prevent ingrown hairs, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable stubble growth. If you like to spend your time perfecting your beard in the morning, you’ll want a long battery life to keep up with your intricate routine. And if you're sporting a great big bushy beard, we can't stress enough the importance of a large battery capacity. The devices on our list will last anywhere between 50 minutes and three hours, which should keep you going over multiple shaves. We typically took around 25 minutes to sculpt. Recharge Time Nothing makes a beard owner’s blood run cold like the realisation that they’ve just scythed into their painstakingly cultivated facial hair with the trimmer on the wrong setting or the guard not attached properly. All that hard work, wasted. A beard trimmer designed for all types of beard and control over any length of facial hair. It features a powerful cutting motor, special wider blades and 3 attachments. The Panasonic ER-GB86 Beard Trimmer offers 58 cutting lengths giving you the ultimate control over personal styling.

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The ER-GB80 is one of the two trimmers we tested that is designed to be used on the top of your head as well as the bottom of your face. The other is Wahl’s SPL 4-in-1 Multigroomer, which isn’t quite as bathroom-friendly as the rest. Changing the cutting length requires swapping out the attachment, which also means you sometimes need to change the cutting head. That doesn’t take long but it’s less convenient than just twisting a dial or adjusting a slider. Plus they don’t all fit as snugly as you’d want when performing irreversible facial topiary. For those who may be excited to see something new from Gillette, via the new King C. Gillette branding, it is worth noting that the company has worked with Braun on this beard trimmer – and it’s very similar to its budget offerings rather than something completely new. According to Craig Meggs, barber at Ruffians, the most important things to look for in a new trimmer are manoeuvrability, adjustability and, of course, price. ‘Beard trimmers vary in size and durability,’ he explains. ‘It’s best to go for smaller, lighter- weight beard trimmers that come with a cordless rechargeable option, which will help both speed and accuracy.’ Adjustable Length Settings

While you’re unlikely to spend much time switching between length settings, it’s still important to take into account how easy that is to do. Some models come with one attachment that caters for all available settings, while others have different ones that need to be switched in and out to achieve certain lengths. You’ll want a trimmer that’s easily adjustable, but not something liable to slip and change setting if your push a bit too hard while you trim. Of course, there’s more to take into account during the grooming process than just what length the trimmer is set to. You tend to get two types of attachment with beard trimmers: comb-shaped ones and more box-shaped guards. Both have teeth to stop the blades getting too close to your face, giving you a shorter cut than you had in mind, but not all attachments are created equal. Patience and perseverance are essential when growing and maintaining a long beard. Avoid the temptation to trim it too frequently and allow it to reach its full potential before making major adjustments. Moisturising your stubble and the skin beneath can also improve its overall health and appearance. Consider using a top-quality beard oil or moisturiser to hydrate both the hair and the underlying skin. This not only reduces itchiness but also promotes healthy stubble growth, keeping it soft and manageable. To look after a long beard, you’ll need to give it consistent care and attention. As with stubble, regular washing is key. Make sure to cleanse your beard thoroughly using a gentle beard shampoo or cleanser. This will effectively remove dirt, debris, and excess oils without stripping away the natural oils that keep your beard healthy.Regular trimming using a reliable beard trimmer or clippers is pivotal to maintaining your desired stubble length and achieving a well-groomed look. Everything about the ER-GB86 bellows sturdiness, whether it’s the rotating barrel-style adjustment that sits under your thumb, the three plastic comb attachments that fit securely over the blades, or the textured, waterproof chassis that makes it easy to clean. There’s also a hole that allows you to rinse the cutting head right through. Then there’s the fundamental flaw in the idea itself. The laser will only ever be as straight as you hold it, and since you have to move the trimmer as you cut there’s no guarantee that this will offer a straighter trim than just going by sight alone. Bear in mind the trimmer’s job doesn’t end when you’ve finished cutting. All that hair has to go somewhere – what doesn’t fall into the sink and surrounding area gets collected in the attachments and around the cutting teeth of the trimmer, which means you need to clean them regularly. The easiest way to do this is to wash them under the tap, but not all models are completely waterproof, which mean they require a little more maintenance to keep in top condition. Whether you’re buying online or instore, cordless beard trimmers are the main variety you’ll come across these days – likely taking over in popularity due to their portability and the fact they're easily stowed away after use. However, if you feel like cordless beard trimmers just aren’t doing the job and you need something more powerful, that’s where corded trimmers come in. Can beard trimmers rust?

There’s no one answer to this question, with the length of time a beard trimmer remains viable depending on how frequently you use it and the trimmer itself. If you care about a long-lasting trimmer, look out for models that tout self-sharpening capabilities and offer waterproofing. However, the best way to judge is from the results. If you think your trim is becoming less effective then it’s likely time to upgrade. Should you trim your beard all the same length? A few drops of beard oil massaged into your beard and the underlying skin will keep it hydrated, nourished, and pleasantly scented. The Super Beard’s plastic build doesn’t look as premium as Panasonic’s two options or the Philips Series 5000, but it feels solid enough, plus it comes with a stand for charging that keeps things neat and tidy at home but isn’t the most practical solution for travel. Look for a trimmer that offers a wide range of length settings. This allows you to customise your beard style and easily achieve your desired length. Most trimmers come with attachable combs that can range in size from 0.2mm to 30mm; others have adjustable combs built in that you can switch up with a wheel or a touchscreen. Blade QualityNext, conditioning is essential for long beards. Apply a high-quality beard conditioner or beard oil to moisturise and soften your facial hair. This helps prevent dryness, reduces frizz, and promotes healthy growth. A well-designed trimmer will offer a comfortable grip and easy manoeuvrability. An ergonomic design ensures precise control, making it easier to shape and trim your beard with accuracy. Maintenance and Cleaning The thin plastic teeth on it aren’t always the most comfortable to run over your skin, and it can be a bit fiddly to put on and take off when you want to use the bare blades for shaping your hairline, but it cuts consistently without fuss. The guard attachment is also very boxy and square, so it’s not great at squeezing in under your nose to take care of your top lip, but there are trimmers out there that cost double and do an inferior job, so it’s a compromise worth making. Still, whatever length you’re after this offers a consistent cut with no tugging and little cause to go over the same spots again and again. No trimmer will catch everything first time but the GB96 does a better job than most. The Philips Series 5000 is a perfectly serviceable trimmer but doesn’t stand out compared to the Panasonic ER-GB96 or BaByliss Super Beard, and its maximum cutting length of 10mm also rules it out if you’re looking to cultivate something particularly rugged. It feels fairly solid and well built, but the smooth plastic chassis doesn’t offer the most reassuring grip.

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