Oven Mate Oven Cleaning Kit 500ml Twin Pack

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Oven Mate Oven Cleaning Kit 500ml Twin Pack

Oven Mate Oven Cleaning Kit 500ml Twin Pack

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Failing that, try a combination of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. The vinegar will provide natural acidity while the bicarbonate of soda focuses on getting right into the heart of the stain to loosen and lift it, so all you have to do is wash it off. How do you clean the glass on the oven door? This is not intended to be a full statement of your rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulations. Full details of your rights are available from your Local Authority’s Trading Standards Office. How To Return A Product Get yourself some Lakeland Oven Mate cleaner. This one will do the job very well.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user AlCalavicci) Our verdict

It does have some chemicals in it but you don’t need to wear gloves and it’s got the seal of approval from the Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International, and it smells lovely to boot. A great ethical alternative to some of the harsher products on the market. Some users found it wasn’t as effective on heavily soiled glass doors. To make cleaning easier next time, consider lining your oven with an oven liner to catch any spills and splashes. How we test oven cleaners While this cleaner does have some chemicals in its formula (sodium xylenesulfonate and sodium silicate), it’s one of the few products that doesn’t require wearing gloves. It also smells agreeably citrusy. You probably know what we're going to say, but it's true that the longer you put off cleaning your oven, the harder it'll be! There’s a reason why Bar Keepers Friend has been around for decades. Their cleanser is a great all-rounder and can be used to clean ovens, kitchen sinks and beyond.

1. Best overall oven cleaner: Lakeland Oven Mate Oven Cleaning Gel

Boasting 100 percent grease removal, Cif’s Perfect Finish promises to transform dirty ovens in less than 30 minutes. Just apply the spray to the inside of your oven, to your grill or to your hob and then rinse. Job done.

When using a cleaning product, it’s important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Wear protective clothing if required and never mix your cleaning products. How often should you clean your oven? The gel is easy to apply with no splashing and it doesn’t smell too bad either. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully, because both solutions contain highly corrosive potassium hydroxide.

7. Best non-toxic oven cleaner: Astonish Specialist Oven and Grill Cleaner

Start by taking a peek inside your pantry and selecting an old faithful: baking soda. A dash of this mixed in with some warm water will form a paste, which you can then smear over stains. If you're tired of looking at the burnt-on grime and grease in your oven and are looking for a cleaner that gets the job done! Well, thanks to eSpares, your search may be over! In some respects, this product is a bit of an anomaly because the inner shell of a barbecue doesn’t really require any cleaning at all and no amount of scrubbing will ever restore it to its original condition – the heat alone will tarnish the metal and change its colour forever. Yes, the Jeyes BBQ Cleaner kills bacteria in a thrice, but so does 350˚C of searing heat. Cleaning the oven. It’s nobody’s favourite job, and one that lots of us find excuses to put off again… and again. But what if this much-hated chore took just minutes, worked first time and required no effort? That’s what our bestselling oven cleaner kit including Oven Mate gel promises – and delivers.

Beware this product can’t be used for cleaning inside agas, or on light and coloured metals, painted surfaces (including painted enamel) or self cleaning ovens. It’s also not suitable for all stainless steel surfaces.To use, simply open the lid, dip the supplied sponge into some warm water (rough side down) and swipe up some solution from the tub. Now work on the oven glass and interior and exterior surfaces using a circular motion. Leave for a few minutes before wiping off the solution with the smoother side of the sponge and, all being well, your oven should look as good as the day you bought it. Heat-activated, steam-clean wipes that make light work of cleaning your microwave. Steam – for less than a minute – leave to cool, then wipe. Even burnt-on food will lift effortlessly away, leaving your microwave smelling lemony fresh. Ovens are one of the most-used appliances in our kitchens and perhaps, as a result, also the one we dread cleaning the most. Scrubbing at months (or years…?!) of baked-on food and grease is no-one's idea of fun, but with our range of hob and oven cleaners, we’re confident we can help take away some of the strain. Pyrolitic ovens feature a special timed cleaning program that super-heats the empty oven to around 500˚C. Grease and baked-on remnants are burnt to ash, which you can then simply wipe away once the oven has cooled. It’s arguably the most fuss-free way to keep an oven clean, but it takes up to four hours to complete, and toxic smoke can be generated in the process – which is why many pyrolytic ovens come with a catalytic converter to eradicate emissions.

READ NEXT: The best cordless vacuum cleaners to buy The best oven cleaners to buy 1. Oven Mate Complete Deep Clean Oven Kit: Best all-in-one cleaning kit I did mine this morning with those steel scourer things. 39p from Home Bargains and Cif. Dead easy.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user myusernamewastakenbyme) Our verdict If you’re not a fan of harsh chemicals in your cleaning products then there are some natural alternatives which Mumsnetters recommend for cleaning a grubby oven.

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Brillo pads are [also] good for oven door cleaning.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user Ninbuscl) Our verdict Barbecuing can be a messy business, and nobody relishes the thought of scrubbing and scraping burnt-on food from the bars and sides of the grill once all the bangers and burgers have been devoured. Here to take most of the effort out of the job, and keep your grill clean and shiny all year round, is the BBQ Cleaning Kit from Oven Mate – the same people who make our bestselling Oven Mate Gel for your indoor oven. To remove baked-on grease and grime and restore your oven to its former glory, just brush on the highly effective gel, leave it to work its magic for between 3 minutes and 3 hours (depending on just how grimy your oven’s got) then wipe it away. That’s it! You’ll be amazed at the difference a single treatment makes – and by how little effort it takes to achieve a super-shiny finish. Double-Headed Brush – with soft bristles on one end to paint on the gel, and a ‘toothbrush’ end for getting into nooks and crannies. Elbow grease spray is good though; might take a couple of goes.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user SnotMikeUpPuffedHe) Our verdict

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