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Men in Cages

Men in Cages

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At first, I was not interested. It did not turn me on and i did not see any benefit to me. However, he brought the subject up several times and it caused me to think again. Obviously, he was turned on by the idea; it seemed fair for me to play along — at least a little; for the sake of marital peace.

She was indeed angry. “I don’t care what you ‘thought’, Peter! This is real! You signed the contract! A legal contract, and you SIGNED it! You probably didn’t read it, but that’s your problem. So forget what ‘you thought’! You are an inmate here now! You are a male slave! You had better learn the rules here, and fast! I don’t have any more patience with you! You must start to learn, or you must suffer the consequences!” Mostly thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the frequency of my posting here has dwindled. Other things of higher priorities have consumed my attention. Things like trying to save my retirement accounts from complete destruction, finding new sources for toilet paper, etc. I’m sure you get the drift as I’m sure anyone reading this has their own pandemic war stories to tell. To be fair, I’ve also been spending a lot of time on my writing. I have a slew of books I have to have ready for publication in the fall. So there is that, too. Now, on to the review. The writer adds that getting the caravan to the zoo (with the Somalis and their camels and horses) was a hard-won battle because of how savage, brutish and religiously fanatical the Somalis were. He adds, ‘they have killed a long list of explorers who have tried to travel through their lands.’ In a paternalistic stance, the writer admires ‘their love of independence’ despite having colonised, kidnapped and caged them. ( Guide du promeneur au Jardin zoologique d’Acclimatation du Bois de Boulogne, 1877)Poster advertising the Nubians, Sudanese of modern-day Sudan. (“Jardin zoologique d’acclimatation. Nubiens,” 1879) He had to wear the device anytime that I was going on a date regardless of what his key holder allowed. I made it explicit that I would not promise that I would keep his secret from my dates. However, at first I did keep the device secret. That would change later. Those options will cover most individuals, providing the internal diameter of Holy Trainer devices is sufficient, which I’ll cover next. But, as long as you aren’t bothered by “turtling” most guys, regardless of flaccid length, can wear the Nub. If the tub is shorter than your average length, when you mate the tube to the base ring, it will just push the excess length inside your abdomen. Most don’t find that uncomfortable. Internal Diameter Now. Listen up.You need to learn the facts of life here. Women are in charge here. You, as a male, have no say. None at all. This is a private organization of dominant, sadistic women. Our primary purpose is to find suitable males (like you, Peter), make them into slaves, and keep them to suffer for our enjoyment. But, we are also practical…..this place needs a lot of work and upkeep, so we also use our male slaves for the labour we need. The arrangement works out very well! This is NOT one of your foolish fantasies, Peter! This is a real, working farm, with REAL slaves doing REAL work” For simplistiy I’ll break it down into three distinct phases even though shades of those three phases and some overlap occur. Phase one should have been predictable but it wasn’t for me. Pardon the cliche but it fits — Phase one is the honeymoon phase. While I was busy as a bee trying to figure out how to actually make a male chastity device “work” for the better part of two months really wasn’t a phase. It became quite pedestrian in pursuit of a goal — to get this done and over, maybe even to teach hubby a lesson. Sure hubby was excited but not nearly as much as I would have guessed and after the on/off trial/error part was established it became a bit routine for him as well. I guess that happened because we both “knew” this was just testing and getting a device that worked and actually enforced chastity for real on my terms and also making sure he and his body got used to it. Phase One

This is seriously one of the most comfortable chastity devices I have ever worn. After three days, and two nights wearing it, I hardly realize I even have it on. It is a hefty piece of steel, yet given the small footprint, you get the satisfying feel of solid steel between your legs without any feeling of heaviness. I absolutely love the low profile, which doesn’t produce a noticeable chastity bump, no matter what you’re wearing. My own journey down the road of lifestyle male chastity enforcement is nowhere near complete. I do have some degree of expertise now that I’ve implemented chastity enforcement with my own partner and helped to varying degrees of involvement with other couple’s relationships in that perspective. I’ve noticed enough of a pattern to describe the general properties how long-term male chastity enforcement will manifest in terms of sexual satisfaction on the female’s end as well as the male’s end of things.The device is manufactured (at least the one I have) from medical grade stainless steel. The device is available either with or without a plastic urethral tube. The assembled tube has a threaded connection at one end that passes through the urination hole in the nose of the device, and the usual connection on the other end designed for insertion into the urethral opening of your Johnson.

She continued. “This is real, Peter, not a dream, not just another of your story-fantasies! We have read your stories, of course! They are amusing stories. But now, you are about to experience the reality! This time, it’s not a story! This time, you find out what it’s like, to be a slave, for real!” Many women complain that chastity devices are fun when there is sex involved, such as when I am meeting my date and my husband is caged. It gets into both of our heads and creates a fun dynamic. But what about the rest of the week which is filled with work and commitments? We had some rules to remind ourselves of his role. For instance, I dressed first for work and he remained naked until I left the house. This gave him time to make my coffee, make the bed and do other household chores. The presence of the cage, made this routine a little more lively. He wore the cage to work, the gym, and walking the dog. The Killer paces in his cages as Mr Jacob brings in Mr and Mrs Smith. After warning them to keep clear of the cage, Jacob leaves the couple to enjoy the show. The Killer proceeds to deny that he has ever killed anyone and gradually draws Mr and Mrs Smith in, trying to persuade them that he stays in his cage so that people can come to him for help. The erection is not completely suppressed and the swelling puts some pressure on my testicles (which appear by themselves grow bigger and more full during the night). Can there be other complications from this pressure?Bases rings and tubes are fully interchangeable as long as it’s the same model. If you buy a Nub V5 and later decide you want a Nano or Small tube, you can just buy the tube and use it with your Nub V5 base ring. But parts from older versions don’t interchange with newer versions. Nub V4 parts won’t work with Nub V5 parts and Nub V3 parts didn’t work with Nub V4 parts. Jardin zoologique d’acclimatation. Nubiens : [affiche] / [non identifié] [WWW Document], 1879. . xxxxxxGallica. URL https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b9008048m (accessed 4.10.19). When the policeman arrives, he questions the babies but they respond to him only with gibberish, causing the policeman to arrest Miss Jones for wasting police time.

People in Cages was first produced by Michael Friend Productions at the Mill Studio, Guildford, England in February 2000. [1] This production was subsequently performed at Union Theatre, London in March 2000. [2]

I asked my husband to make coffee for us. When he brought in the coffee, he nearly jumped out of the room. She took control right away and asked him to sit down and join us. She asked him questions about the cage and his intentions. She made it clear that he was not to interfere in her marriage in any way. There would be no sexual activity of any kind between them except related to the cage. She also made it clear that her husband did not approve and that my husband would have to respect his feelings and live with the outcome.

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