May I Ask for One Final Thing?:Saigo Ni Hitotsudake Onegaishitemo Yoroshiideshouka? Vol.1

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May I Ask for One Final Thing?:Saigo Ni Hitotsudake Onegaishitemo Yoroshiideshouka? Vol.1

May I Ask for One Final Thing?:Saigo Ni Hitotsudake Onegaishitemo Yoroshiideshouka? Vol.1

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Enchanted Forest: Pallistan's northern neighbor, Falconia, is the heavily wooded homeland of beast men, elves, and some gnarly orcs and other monsters. She's the radical example of a strong and independent female lead because she's literally physically strong and very independent, much to the chagrin (or amusement) of all the characters around her. Her best quality is definitely how strong she is and how she doesn't rely on any of the male leads to help her thrive in their world; all she needs are her fists and her magic, then she's good to go! Showy Invincible Hero: Not much can stand in Scarlet's way once she gets to the punching part. Yet it's still awesome to see her curbstomping jerk nobles and slavers.

If you, like me, started this work without reading the synopsis, you were surely pleasantly surprised. I expected the typical story where the villainess retired in peace and then sought to make money to retire or break the Death flags in her destiny. When I saw that punch on the Prince's face I knew that this work was going on a very different path. Scarlet is a girl who enjoys fighting and seeing people bleed, so throughout the manga she will only look for excuses that allow her to fight with someone else. The villains of each arc are not going to contribute anything moreButt-Monkey: Leonardo Vandimion, Scarlet's elder brother. His role in the story is as the Straight Man as he suffers significant stress from the kind of scandals Scarlet's actions cause and the antics of Prince Julius who is effectively his direct superior. The Comically Serious: Scarlet built up an excellent poker face over years of dealing with Kyle's abuse, and continues to remain straight-faced even when stating something that is overtly ridiculous to everyone else. Forged by the Gods: Goddess Palmia has provided her chosen representative with a sacred weapon that resembles an ornate, multi-bladed glaive. Terenezza uses it to destroy the northern anchor for Pallistan's monster barrier. Sophisticated as Hell: When accused of bullying Terenezza by Prince Kyle, Scarlet speaks politely and formally while refuting his charges. Then, after she's been allowed to ask for one final thing... she asks if she can "send that stupid bitch flying". The neighboring kingdom of Vankish has a long tradition of martial excellence and domesticated giant flying reptiles. Their elite aerial cavalry, the Crimson Dragon Knights note (or Crimson Sky Dragoons, depending on your translator), serve as premier representative of both.

Corrupt Church: The Palmia faith leadership is largely composed of opportunists and manipulators. They're fully on-board with their boss Terenezza supplanting Diana and collaborating with neighboring countries to invade their homeland of Pallistan. And their pope looks like a raccoon. Prince Julius is well regarded as a picture-perfect gentleman by people who haven't spent much time with him, and a capable-yet-smug amusement-seeking gadfly by most of those who have. Our Elves Are Different: Ha, nah. Romancian elves are at most two steps away from the Tolkienian archetype: Pointy eared, long-lived, reclusive sylvan-dwellers with an emphasis on spirit magic.


Time Master: Scarlet's divine blessing from Chronos is versatile and powerful; she can accelerate herself (and things she throws), "rewind" magical slave brands out of existence, heal wounds, and even restore the magic stones that maintain Pallistan's anti-monster barrier.

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