jolen cream bleach 30ml regular

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jolen cream bleach 30ml regular

jolen cream bleach 30ml regular

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Jolen beauty solutions for unwanted hair on the face and body have been sold and advertised for several decades. Jolen Creme Bleach was the first cosmetic created to lighten unwanted dark hair to a color that blends with natural skin tones.

For those with light to medium skin and hair, this is the hair bleach for you. GiGi not only gets the job done, but it’s rarely irritating and worry-free. The majority of users were satisfied with the results: lighter hair in approximately ten minutes. A few complained of a burning, itching sensation when the cream was on their skin. If you have skin that easily reacts to products, the thought of slathering bleach on your delicate face or arms might be less than appealing. You might actually be scared stiff. But popular brand Jolen has come to the rescue. Overall, despite the extra conditioning step, this product is fairly simple to use. You mix together the cream and the activator powder, apply it to the skin, leave it on for about 8 minutes, then remove and rinse. There was some mention of a potential, undesired lightening of skin where the product had been applied, but this is a temporary result of hydrogen peroxide and goes away after about twenty minutes.There’s a chance of minimal irritation, but it’s temporary. Sally Hansen Extra Strength Creme Hair Bleach for Face and Body is our top choice because it’s effective, well-priced, and comes with a pre-conditioning cream. Another potential annoyance is the mixing process. Jolen’s white powder activator makes mixing somewhat challenging, especially on a small mixing tray.

The only issue with the product is the fact that the accelerator has a gritty texture that isn’t pleasant when you put it onto your face. Like the original version of Jolen, it comes with an applicator, a cream bleach and a powder accelerator. Instead of a tiny plastic tray, it now comes with a small bowl in which to stir the concoction. This makes mixing and application a breeze. The product does not get clumpy on the skin or fall off before the end of the bleaching process. Ten minutes after application, the bleach is removed and washed from the skin and the hair is faded and softened. The more you try to minimize “peach fuzz” on the cheeks or chin line with concealer or powder, the more noticeable it can actually become. Minimize the appearance of facial hair by bleaching it with Jolen Creme Bleach, allowing it to blend more into your natural skin tone. Oh we can go on and on! Bleaching is safe and inexpensive. It’s painless and provides long lasting results. But if you do choose to wax, Jolen Creme Bleach is great for in between each waxing.There were very few complaints about any discoloration, burning or itching sensation on the skin. The product lives up to its name. And there’s no fear that the sensitive formula counteracts its ability to lighten dark hair efficiently. With a rating of 4.5 stars, the vast majority were pleased with the outcome. If you have acne, abrasions, or wounds on your skin, it’s wise to wait until these have healed before applying an irritant like facial hair bleach.

Creme: Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Glyceryl Stearate, Isopropyl Myristate, Stearyl Stearate, Propylene glycol, Aloe Vera Gel, Stearic Acid, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Phosphoric Acid. Accelerator: Ammonium Bicarbonate. Easy to use right at home, Jolen Creme Bleach takes just 10 minutes for results that last up to four weeks. Easy to use right at home, Jolen Creme Bleach takes just 10 minutes for results that last up to four weeks. Easy to use right at home, Jolen Creme Bleach takes just 10 minutes for results that last up to four weeks.Bleaching facial hair has many benefits. It’s relatively cheap and painless. It’s also very easy to do yourself. There is absolutely no need to go into a professional esthetician for something you can accomplish in ten minutes over your bathroom sink. No worries! Sometimes it takes a little longer than ten minutes to get the results you desire. If the hair is not completely bleached after the ten minutes, reapply the mixture for a few minutes. Before using Jolen, always make a preliminary patch test to see if you are or have become allergic/sensitive to the product. To do this, simply mix a small amount of the product as described on the boxand apply to about a one inch square area of your inner arm. After 10 minutes, wash the mixture off with cold water and wait 24 hours. If redness, irritation or eruption appears, do not use the product. If necessary, speak with your healthcare provider. All in all, facial hair bleach is a safe, easy, inexpensive solution for unsightly hair. It’s also a great fashion choice for those who simply want a lighter mustache or eyebrows. You can do it at home in about ten minutes. We do not recommend that you apply Jolen after a hot bath or shower as moist skin with open pores can create sensitivity.

Although all facial bleach products are fairly inexpensive, this one has a fairly lower price and similar qualities. This was a minority of people, and of course, whenever this happens, it should be brought to the attention of the distributor immediately. Key Features at a Glance Or, completely remove it for smooth, silky skin with our new Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit. Its unique three-step hair removal system gently and effectively removes unwanted hair on the upper lip, chin and cheeks. Formulated with a patented soft scent technology, Jolen Facial Hair Remover delivers smooth, silky, hair-free skin in as little as eight minutes.More recently, Jolen has added a Sensitive Skin formula with Aloe Vera, aimed at women with sensitive skin and for use on more delicate areas. Completely effective, it contains less peroxide than our original formula and has a soothing Aloe Vera to pamper your skin. This product is worth it if your skin has a tendency to react to most bleaching chemicals, as this product is less irritating than most and doesn’t cause redness. However, its gentleness might come at a cost: those with dark hair have complained that the bleaching process was not effective and they were left with either a brown or orange, brassy shade of hair on their lip, eyebrows, arms and legs. See our article on neutralizing red tones in hair. There should be at least 15 days in between each time you bleach facial hair to avoid your skin becoming overly irritated. At a minimum, to remain effective, bleaching facial hair will likely need to be done every four weeks. GiGi has a bleaching product that is safe and gentle for those with sensitive skin. It comes with an applicator, a tray, a cream bleach and a cream activator. The good news: there’s no annoying powder to fiddle with or get all over your bathroom counter. The not-so-good news: when mixed, it’s a little runnier than other creams, so mix and spread on carefully. The regular size Jolen Creme Bleach, both Original and Sensitive Skin formulas, are ample for use on the face and ideal for travel. The larger, 4 oz. size, of our Original formula is recommended for treating large areas such as arms.

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