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I Let You Go

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A final point about the last line in I LET YOU GO: ‘and then it is dark.’On one level it is quite simple. The sun has set; not just on that day, but on our time with Jenna and with her story. Perhaps it has also set on her paranoia; perhaps she has turned resolutely away from the imagined writing in the sand, with newfound resolve to put her past behind her. Certainly I would like to think she will continue to heal from this point on. I'm 'not' exaggerating, when I say there were so many references to "breathing", it became annoying. I know nothing about editing...but I would have caught the 'breathing' ( authors blind spot), repetitive phrases. But it drove me crazy. I almost started counting how many more times I'd have to hear Jenna talk about her breathing.

The final chapters of I LET YOU GO do allow for a certain amount of ambiguity. Ian’s body has not yet been recovered, and Jenna catches a glimpse of what she fears might be writing in the sand; writing that could only be from Ian. Then they took us into the quiet room. The quiet room had blinds at the window and judiciously placed tissues. The crying room, it should be called, because the news delivered there is never good. We sat on a peach sofa as the consultant told us Alex had bacterial meningitis; the next few days would be critical.So despite the understated quality the book begins with, by the time you finish the book you might experience a little mental exhaustion. Chilling, compelling and compassionate, I Let You Go is a finely-crafted novel with a killer twist * Paula Hawkins * It’s hard to rave about this book without revealing anything. But let’s just say that I literally shrieked when I reached Part 2. And I’m the kinda person who has a resting bitch face, even while writing ‘haha’ or ‘LOL’ on social media. I love that there was such a major twist early on in the book. It made it impossible for me to put the book down. Panic bubbled to the surface. Rob and I had been married for three years. We were good at talking things through; at finding a compromise when we disagreed. But here, there could be no compromise.

A young mum walks her 5 year old son home from school, like any other day. Except that this day is different, her son lets go of her hand and is hit by a car and killed instantly. Writing After the End was a deeply emotional experience. What happens in the book is Max’s and Pip’s story, not mine, and the filter of fiction finally enabled me to grieve. The story broke my heart all over again, but it mended it, too, and I finally made peace with our decision. None of us can predict the future, but we can shape it as it happens. We can choose to live again. Rob and I drove home in silence, trapped in our own nightmares. We talked through the night, falling asleep on the sofa and waking to find our cheeks wet with tears, clinging to each other as though we were drowning.Who killed Jacob that night? Let me tell you, it wasn't at all who I thought. This book had me guessing literally through the last lines of the epilogue. After a tragedy occurs in Jenna Gray's life, she leaves town and tries to start up a new life. But you can never leave the past behind, it hurts, it haunts, it finds you. My top book of the last 5 years, twisty, turny, impossible to put down, stays with you. HIGHLY recommended’ – Catherine

In October 2016, the French translation of I Let You Go ( Te Laisser Partir) won "best international novel" at the Cognac Festival Prix du Polar awards. [4] In March 2017 publisher Little, Brown announced that I Let You Go has sold over one million copies worldwide. Alex had suffered a haemorrhage so extensive that no part of his brain was untouched. In time, the consultant said, he might be able to breathe independently, but it was doubtful he would ever walk or talk. Some of the scenes in I Let You Go present a high level of violence. Are these sections hard to read? Are they necessary for the story? Why did the author include them? Part II was a bit of a letdown for me though. Yeah, I know. This was your favorite part of the book. You took your foot off the brakes and just plowed through the second half of the book. I read your review. I know what's up. And I can completely see why you would do that because Part II was insane! It was wild and crazy and outta control! I flew right the hell through it, too! I'm with you!I Let You Go, her debut novel, was the fastest-selling title by a new crime writer in 2015 (U.K.). It won all kinds of awards and is still an extremely popular book. For good reason. The superbly realised characters were the icing on the top of the deft, plot-twisting and emotional debut * Woman and Home * With that said, I don’t know why I think I know better than the author. She made her bed and I didn’t necessarily want to lie or is that lay or whatever, in it. I forgave her the choices made. So why 4 stars instead of 5? I marked down the rating for strictly personal reasons. I have recently read several books that feature despicable male characters that abuse women. I have found myself becoming less and less tolerant of that situation, and stories that spotlight that angle have become much less attractive to me. Let me go on to say, however, that I am sure my position on this is not the norm amongst psychological thriller fans, and it does not keep me from recommending the novel.

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