Bostik Plasterer’s Stabilising Primer, No Mixing, Easy to Apply, Colour: Green, 10L

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Bostik Plasterer’s Stabilising Primer, No Mixing, Easy to Apply, Colour: Green, 10L

Bostik Plasterer’s Stabilising Primer, No Mixing, Easy to Apply, Colour: Green, 10L

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Yesterday we failed to get a liner down a chimney. I had explained why this could happen and offered an alternative solution. They declined the alternative, and would have preferred a different system I do not not offer. They then made a choice to take the risk rather than wait for the alternative installer. It jammed, after several different attempts, and I was willing to try again. I have used my very best efforts to complete the work. The client decided to bail and accept the loss. I expect to get paid, less whatever I can recover for the client by returning the un-used parts. Many such disclaimers seem to indicate that the business or organiser can in no way be held liable if there is an injury as a result of the activity. We have all read the wording ‘the Management accept no responsibility for injury or loss of property’. However, the fact is that displaying a notice, or asking someone to sign a disclaimer, does not completely absolve a business or organisation from being held liable should someone end up suffering an injury or a loss. We’ve succeeded with many claims for compensation in such cases.

However, many businesses or organisations use disclaimers as a way of trying to absolve themselves of any responsibility for health and safety. The wording is aimed to discourage people from pursuing their right to seek compensation for any injury they sustain.Blue Grit is chiefly used to create a smooth surface, this aids with applying the likes of concrete, paint, plaster and tiles onto walls. It also enhances the grip and bonding between materials, meaning that the application is incredibly strong and long-lasting. How do I apply Blue Grit? There is no defence for negligence, or sub-standard work where there is a standard. However, once it is above standard and you have taken all reasonable care to explain the differences between say, two different options, and/or you tell them you don't know if it will work and the implications of that, then the customer is making a choice. It is not for the tradesman to insist on only one way or not all all. Reduction of risk, not responsibility​Disclaimers should be seen in a good light when they are used correctly. Making sure that people appreciate certain activities are dangerous and that risks are understood is a good thing. We all want to reduce the risk of injury and see less accidents happening. When people know what the risks are, they are minded to act safely and follow instructions carefully. Even with obvious risks, we benefit from being reminded. Generally speaking, Blue Grit takes 24 hours to dry. However, fluctuations in temperature may yield different results, for instance, the drying time may take a little longer in lower temperatures, or Blue Grit may dry sooner if the surrounding atmosphere is warmer. Can you Blue Grit over wallpaper? Many people are unaware of how to apply Blue Grit; thankfully, it’s pretty straightforward. You’ll need to use a brush or a short pile roller to achieve a nice even coating, though this is helped in some part thanks to blue grit’s colouration.

Disclaimer should only be seen as a warning to patrons or participants, rather than a prevention of any liability and used only to make sure that when the instructions in any signed disclaimer have been followed, the risk of injury should be minimised. What is a disclaimer?​Disclaimers are used to provide a warning to people visiting a premises or partaking in certain activities. They are designed to make sure that people are made aware of foreseeable risks of injury, or where responsibility will rest if items are lost, broken or stolen. Often when we take part in a potentially dangerous activity, the organiser will ask the participants to sign a disclaimer to confirm that they are aware of the risks the activity presents. You should always remove any wallpaper before plastering if the plaster is to properly adhere to the wall. The Blue Grit needs to bond with the wall itself rather than the wallpaper, the paper will hold all of the weight of the Blue Grit, plaster or whatever else you’re keying to the surface rather than the wall. What is Blue Grit made of?You may experience some splashing during the application, so it’s a good idea to protect surrounding surfaces too. Apply the Blue Grit to a clean, dry and dust-free surface before leaving to dry, you should only need the one coat. How long does Blue Grit take to dry? Blue Grit is an aggregate comprised of sand and crushed stone, the two combine to provide a grip-based solution which allows you to create a smooth surface.

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