Westland 500m Lawn Feed Weed Moss Killer

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Westland 500m Lawn Feed Weed Moss Killer

Westland 500m Lawn Feed Weed Moss Killer

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Thanks to the ‘WaterSmart’ formula, this moss killer also helps the soil and grass absorb water and nutrients more effectively. As a result, grass is more resistant to heat and drought, staying resilient and healthy which deters moss growth. Due to its diluted nature, it may not necessarily be as strong as granulated products can be, but it’s less likely to scorch the grass and is simpler to apply. Method 7: Plants needing two or three applications of weedkillers containing MCPA. Examples includeVitax LawnClear 2, Vitax LawnClear 2 Feed and WeedLiquid (also contains fertiliser)or Weedol Lawn Weedkiller. If the soil iscompacted,use a garden fork to spike the lawn or a mechanical aerator –see how it’s done in our lawn carevideo(aeration starts at3:53 mins) Liquid moss killers are faster and more effective than granular alternatives because they can reach further down under the soil where moss “thrums” spread. – Liquid herbicides are also very versatile in killing moss since you can mix them with water to create a powerful concentrate that allows you to apply on really stubborn patches of moss growth without having to buy multiple bottles of product for different applications.

Liquid products might require more persistent applications if your moss problem is really bad; repeated treatments are often needed before seeing significant results even after you stop watering the spot days or weeks after application. For smaller gardens, this Vitax Green Up Liquid Lawn Feed works well to ‘green up’ the lawn whilst eliminating smaller weeds. While keeping the price super-low, Scotts MossEx is specifically formulated to be safe for your lawn to practice moss killing in winter and spring. This is a traditional treatment for mossy lawns and was one of the best products in this trial. The quality and colour of the grass was improved after the first application, and after a couple of treatments the moss was fully under control and significantly reduced across the lawn. Who knew that seaweed was the vital ingredient missing from our lawns? The manufacturers at Maxicrop certainly didn’t let this information pass them by, and have found a way to harness seaweed’s potential in their Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic. It contains a wide variety of nutrients to kill off moss and improve lawn health, with the seaweed extract helping to stimulate grass regrowth and establish stronger roots.

Whether you're struggling to control moss, weeds or both, there's a lawn treatment that can help, but they don't all do an excellent job. Some will work wonders for your grass (but not make a dent in the weeds and moss), while others do a better job at controlling weeds. That said, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to have a supply of both. That way, you can apply lawn feed + weed killer twice a year, but keep the grass topped up with lawn feed the rest of the time. Choosing Liquid or Granular Formulas Using lawn feed is an excellent way to ensure we get that lush green lawn that we all want. It’s a goal that can otherwise be hard to achieve in the British climate! This product contains naturally occurring bacteria that ‘eats’ through dead moss, clearing it from the lawn when other lawn moss killers would require it to be painstakingly raked up.One bag will treat up to 625m² and can be applied at 32g per m². The key to reducing moss is to have effective all-year round management.

Annual meadow grass ( Poa annua): Will not be controlled by selectiveweedkillers. Feed to encourage other grasses.Seeds freely; always use grass box on the mower. Returf small areas of infestation. It is shallow-rooted and encouraged by frequent watering in dry weather. The RHS believes that avoiding pests, diseases and weeds by good practice in cultivation methods, cultivar selection, garden hygiene and encouraging or introducing natural enemies, should be the first line of control. If chemical controls are used, they should be used only in a minimal and highly targeted manner.One factor that may affect whether you choose one or the other is the type of spreader you have available. These feed the grass , which is all most lawns need to keep them looking good. If you want to feed the grass as well as kill moss or weeds, look further down for products that contain both or even all three. Moss killers come either as a concentrated liquid, soluble powder or solid granules. Choose liquid moss killer or soluble powder if you want something easy to apply. It can be applied using a watering can with a rose attachment, meaning you can use equipment you already have. Alternatively, you could use a garden sprayer over a large area.

If you’ve tried non-chemical optionsbut found they were unsuitable or not practical for you, then there are two types of chemical mosskiller you could consider. Take care to usethese in a minimal and specificallytargeted way. Having a soluble formula also means that there is less likelihood of scorching – this happens when a high concentration of product is applied to one place and burns it and is more common with granules.Similarly, you may consider paying slightly more for a very effective lawn feed which has long-lasting results. This might ultimately save money in the long run as you’ll have to use it less often. Just Feed, or Feed and Weed Killer? Firstly, winter and spring is the best time for the moss to actively grow, especially after mowing the lawn, you can detect their presence. After a 14-day application, the substance is able to remove headstrong moss fully, and then, you just rake up the dead moss left. It contains a much lower nitrogen content than many other moss killers/lawn feeds, which avoids an undesirable growth spurt for grass over winter. Instead, the root systems are fortified, resulting in stronger grass that is less likely to let moss overpower it.

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