Elektra: No.1 Sunday Times Bestseller from the Author of ARIADNE

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Elektra: No.1 Sunday Times Bestseller from the Author of ARIADNE

Elektra: No.1 Sunday Times Bestseller from the Author of ARIADNE

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I think I preferred Ariadne by Jennifer Saint as I was less familiar with that story. Also I found Elektra infuriating. Her constant obsession with her dad Agamemnon was just hard for me to grasp.

There was much of this that I loved- Jennifer Saint has wrote another fantastic retelling and I enjoyed how certain aspects she’s twisted to suit her own narrative. I especially love her inclusion of the Erinyes as they are my favourite! It is another feminist story, and these women are by no means shrinking violets. The wives, daughters, and mothers created their own brand of magic and menace as we learned of the dangers and terrible atrocities committed, by them, in the name of love, survival and revenge. Women who carried a grudge: unforgiving and unrelenting. However, I loved the portrayal and depth of Agamemnon’s character in the book – not likeable but it was great to see more depth and colour to this very powerful character in Greek mythology. Maybe not.” Helen stood up, smoothing out her dress. “But let’s not talk about war any longer. It’s my wedding day, after all.”

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Princess of Troy, and cursed by Apollo to see the future but never to be believed when she speaks of it. She is powerless in her knowledge that the city will fall. Following the story of three different but interconnected women, Elektra takes an insightful look at the complex, rich, albeit sometimes tragic relationships between mother and daughter, as well as the devastation of war on both sides of the battle. While I didn't know much of the stories of Elektra, Clytemnestra, and Cassandra before reading, I was able to catch on easily to their roles. I'm usually VERY careful and suspicious about retellings and "feminist takes". The reason is that what is called feminism nowadays, to me, is revenge porn. Every man's an enemy. URGH.

And once we get to the "action", it's over in two sentences and then the book keeps droning on and on and on for far too long yet again. Clitennestra (sempre lei) mostra preoccupazione per il fato delle schiave e per il benessere di Briseide. Sì, avete letto bene. Un'aristocratica, una regina, che si cura di schiave straniere, tra l'altro concubine. Devo davvero sottolineare quanto sia anormale un pensiero simile? È una vera idiozia!

How did they have the stomach for the fight still, I wondered. How could it be possible to rise every morning to that same grim, relentless slaughter, and then drink and sleep and wake to do it all again? I shook my head, as though I could dislodge the idea altogether. It would all change, even more so. A hundred men had come to marry her; the next one would take Menelaus’ place in an instant. What a great read, I hardly can express my feeling, the story goes on magical, beautiful and fascinating.

This wonderful book is told from the POVs of all three women and each chapter is clearly labelled so you know who’s POV you’re reading at any time. Saint really puts her own style and voice to these myths in a way that very few have successfully accomplished, and you really are able to fully comprehend all that has happened to the ladies, and just what mindset and reasoning you would have to kill your own mother and whether or not it was morally right to do so. Because let’s face it, the Gods did not approve of family murders. My huge thanks to Headline Audio via NetGalley for giving me a chance to listen to Elektra by Jennifer Saint, I have given my honest review. Each main character of this book is very well narrated by Beth Eyre, Jane Collingwood and Julie Teal.Cassandra was one of my favourites to read about. We read her terrible curse from Apollo as she refuses him to rape her (literally whenever Apollo appears on the scene in any myth you know someone will be sexually assaulted). How she’s tormented by visions and people choosing not to believe her- how she’s an outcast. Her inability be believed and stop Troy from destruction. Reading about Cassandra was probably my favourite. The only issue I have is that there have been many of retellings featuring Troy and Clytemnestra/Helen recently and so nothing particularly new came to light of me. For lovers of Greek Mythology, it is wonderful to see the world from the eyes and perspective of these women. Feel their pain, and experience their anger, their lust for revenge, their tragic painful loss. I was also impressed that Saint was able to include such a long span of time in just one book, and then make it flow naturally. But that's just what she did. I shuddered. “He won’t want to kill a little boy, though, surely?” I could understand the brutal logic of it, but I couldn’t bring myself to picture the young men I’d seen in that hall plunging a sword into a weeping child.

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