Cataclean Petrol | Complete Fuel & Exhaust Cleaner | Catalytic Converter, Valve & Injector Cleaner | Fuel Additive Formulated for Performance & Fuel Efficiency | Pre MOT Emissions Reducer | 500ml

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Cataclean Petrol | Complete Fuel & Exhaust Cleaner | Catalytic Converter, Valve & Injector Cleaner | Fuel Additive Formulated for Performance & Fuel Efficiency | Pre MOT Emissions Reducer | 500ml

Cataclean Petrol | Complete Fuel & Exhaust Cleaner | Catalytic Converter, Valve & Injector Cleaner | Fuel Additive Formulated for Performance & Fuel Efficiency | Pre MOT Emissions Reducer | 500ml

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filter plugging point (diesel) which may be influenced by additives. In contrast, the relatively recent World Protect your motor – To look after your engine periodic cleaning out of the catalytic converter will help ensure that the engine is getting a proper fuel supply and healthy exhaust gas flow. This means that the engine will run smoother, clean, and will cut down on maintenance. Remove the seal and empty the entire contents of one bottle of Cataclean Diesel into the fuel tank. The Wynn's Catalytic Converter & Lambda Cleaner optimizes the efficiency of catalytic converters for petrol and petrol hybrid engines. Additionally, it ensures the optimal working of the lambda (oxygen) sensors. The following is an article I posted on the Jaguar forums, if it is of any use to you then please feel free to use it.

This is formulated to get rid of soot and carbon which may exist in the fuel system, particularly the catalytic converter. Since you need to add the contents of RID directly into a vacuum line to release into the intake, it’s not recommended for beginners. #7 – Sea Foam Motor Treatment In several states, using a converter cleaner that fails an emissions test is illegal. State regulations apply to the usage of a catalytic converter cleaner, just as they do to the exhaust system. On the label of the bottle, the creators mention this. If you live in an area where chemical cleaners are not prohibited, however, you are free to use anything you like. 7. Price Cataclean is a fuel system cleaner with over 12 years of independent testing under its belt, which to me cries out for reliability. It is also a straightforward catalytic converter cleaner.Because the cleaner is a type of chemical, there are a few things you should know before purchasing one and pouring it into the engine’s tank. After recently purchasing a near enough three year old car, that had always run on 95 octane fuel, we wondered if putting a bottle of Cataclean through the lines would make any difference at all. Hi guys. I’m new to these forums however I’ve found them a very interesting read. I’ve had the same problem as most on here with the car showing more warning lights than a jumbo jet out of fuel! Because of the constant selection of ‘Limp’ home mode, one garage said they would have to take the gearbox apart at the cost of a couple of thousand pounds. There are also usually several O2 sensors in your exhaust system, one of which will be associated with your catalytic converter (or converters, if you have a true dual exhaust). Your converter might be OK, but your O2 sensor can throw a code because of contamination. This is actually the best case scenario for you, because the best catalytic converter cleaners also work on O2 sensors, and they’re much easier to clean. CATACLEAN rapidly dissolves carbon, gum and resin and similar deposits in the fuel and exhaust system

I used Archoil continuously for around 3 months (I don’t do much mileage on my car) I use up on average a full tank of fuel every month. Footnote: I am in no way connected to the makers of Archoil. Just an ordinary Joe trying to get his car to work efficiently. deposits, leaving your exhaust system cleaner and your car running smoothly.

It's especially good for those who tend to take shorter drives, such as trips round town or short hopsThe Terraclean system is expensive but has excellent results, says Stuart Matthews of Carrevolution, a dealer based in Norfolk: “Any high mileage cars I sell get a Terraclean as it always improves driveability and emissions when they get an MOT”. Catalyst cleansers are chemicals that are used in engines to clean or increase the performance of the fuel-air mixture (FAM). Some cleaners and purifiers for air/fuel mixtures are used to clean or enhance the mixture in your engine. They’re described as carefully developed compounds that clean the complete exhaust system, EGR valve, combustion chamber, and fuel injectors, as well as remove and prevent carbon accumulation inside the car. Catalytic Converter Cleaners: How Do They Work?

While the popular Sea Foam treatment won’t clean your catalytic converter, it treats the problems prior to that which cause the converter to get clogged up in the first place.

What you must note here is that most quality cleaners are compatible with all types of engines. So, if you choose a good catalytic converter cleaner, it will certainly work for your vehicle. Cleaning Range

STA-BIL works as a cleaner to remove carbon build-up, varnish, and gum from the catalytic converter, valves, and other parts. These deposits can reduce fuel efficiency, resulting in the requirement of more fuel for short distances. You are looking for a cleaner to treat your catalytic converter. However, most solutions out there offer an all-round clean up. They clean the entire exhaust system, including carburetors, oxygen sensors, valves, passageways, and more.After reading this article, perhaps you’ve discovered the best catalytic converter cleaning for your vehicle based on the engine type and your requirements. Simply pour the liquid into the tank, and the system will handle the rest. Catalytic Cleaners: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) So the next day we went on our long journey. Over a mix of A and B roads we managed a rather astonishing 42 MPG without even trying. Normally it’s around 38 over an extended jaunt, but to go up that much was pretty impressive.

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