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The Books of Magic

The Books of Magic

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Yarrow: Can this truly be your bedchamber? Never have I seen so small a space so remarkably disarrayed! Books of Magic Movie". HolyCow.com. November 19, 1998. Archived from the original on May 11, 2008 . Retrieved June 3, 2008. Lighter and Softer: While it does have some decidedly dark undertones and its fair share of gruesome scenes, Books of Magic is on the whole one of the gentler, more lighthearted Vertigo titles of its time. This is especially noticeable when you compare it to the two comic series it was most closely related to, The Sandman (1989) and Hellblazer. A big part of the reason is that Books of Magic was always intended to be an exercise in esoteric geek knowledge. The miniseries was designed as a way to reintroduce readers to all the DC-universe characters with magic-based powers—like the Spectre or Amethyst Princess of Gemworld—following one of its periodic shakeups. Each of Gaiman's four books follows Tim through the past, present, and future of the mystical universe as he visits various realms and meets different magical figures. In this way, The Books of Magic functions as more of an encyclopedia than a story, while Rowling's books offer an elaborate plot complete with original characters.

Following the 2011 companywide DC reboot, Tim Hunter appeared in the non-Vertigo Justice League Dark title. His appearance in the mainstream DCU seems to only take into account the events of the original Books of Magic miniseries. Timothy Hunter is a normal boy, or so it appears. Four men approach him one day - John Constantine, Doctor Occult, Mr. E and Stranger. The entire point of these trips were to show Tim the price of magic and to, hopefully, have him choose the side of Light instead of Darkness. A magical romp through magical realms this story shines when the realms of magic are explained by the four famous characters. The artwork is superb throughout and truly helps to craft the image. This book is so well done that even the lettering is subtly different depending on the scene. The story? Utterly magnificent! Perhaps my favorite parts were the Constantine trip and the Dr. Occult trip. I shall not spoil any more of this truly amazing work. The fact that Tim can choose to believe in magic, or not, and that it always has a steep price is the central message. The viewpoints of the characters is also a pleasure, though my favorite is John Constantine. There is a scene in a mage bar called "Bewitched" that is classic JC..and yes JC is a badass. Cats Are Snarkers: When Tim takes the shape of a cat, his created body has a mind of its own and provides an inner dialogue, basically making spiteful comments and insisting to forget everything and just go chase pigeons. Alternate Universe: The concepts of alternate universes and alternate versions of people is brought up several times, most notably with Tim's "Other." Of course, Life During Wartime takes place in an alternate universe — several of them, in fact.Changeling Tale: Titania's story is a variant; she was a human girl who was lured away to Faerie and later became the Queen as a result of several Batman Gambits. Not even Auberon knows that she's not a born faerie.

Death of a Child: Any child or infant that shows up in Life During Wartime will die a gruesome death. Missing Mom: A big driving motivation for Tim here is to find out exactly what happened to his mother. I Just Want to Be Normal: After being cursed by Titania, and a long time of being a Weirdness Magnet, Molly goes through periods of this. In Age of Magic, she has (largely thanks to being put on medication by her patrents) managed to convince herself that she is normal and that none of the supernatural things she experienced were real, though she eventually admits that they were.A kid very much like Harry Potter might have been starts a journey of discovery, with four wise(ass) men from the magical side of Detective Comics, ostensibly to see if he wants to keep upon the path of a magical destiny. Give him the principles and a feel for the cost, show him the dark side, let him hope for the light, and put him in constant peril while keeping an eye on him... or not. As well as writing, Gross continued to provide artwork for the book, juggling this with a separate career teaching a class in Comic Illustration at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. [12] Despite this, he still attempted to write full scripts for each issue, saying: "I like working that way so I can kind of forget about it before I sit down to draw. So when I draw it, I can think of it as something I didn’t write almost". [9] This sometimes caused difficulties for Gross, and guest artists were used frequently to help lighten the load - and on one occasion, Peter Hogan was brought in to write a filler issue that gave Gross more time to catch up. [13] In Book 2: The Shadow World, Tim accompanies John Constantine in the present day and meets a variety of characters that will be familiar to anyone who reads Vertigo or DC. From Dr. Fate to the Spectre, Constantine introduces Tim to the myriad cast of characters who make up the DC magical ensemble. In Book I: The Invisible Labyrinth (artwork by John Bolton), Tim is introduced to the history of the DC Universe by the Phantom Stranger.

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