Beurer WL50 Wake Up Light | Daylight Table Lamp | Helps to Support The Sleep Rhythm | LED Technology | FM Radio with 10 Memory Spaces | Bluetooth & Aux Input | 3 Light Levels

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Beurer WL50 Wake Up Light | Daylight Table Lamp | Helps to Support The Sleep Rhythm | LED Technology | FM Radio with 10 Memory Spaces | Bluetooth & Aux Input | 3 Light Levels

Beurer WL50 Wake Up Light | Daylight Table Lamp | Helps to Support The Sleep Rhythm | LED Technology | FM Radio with 10 Memory Spaces | Bluetooth & Aux Input | 3 Light Levels

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The Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake up Light with Relax Breath Alarm has some unique features that help to wake up more comfortably in the morning and get to sleep easier at night. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise: Best wake up light for parents and young children This alarm is suitable for adults but would also be great for kids. Not only is it an appealing design, but there’s also a colourful display and a customisable nightlight that lets you choose from a range of different colours. The wake-up light is displayed prominently on the top half of the device and gets gradually brighter over 15-90 mins, after which time a sound of your choice will play to help wake you up. The brightness settings of the light can be easily adjusted, as can the duration. Want a ‘sunset’ experience when you go to bed? You can set the light to gradually dim from white to yellow, and then red, over either 15, 30 or 60 minutes. You can choose to accompany this with FM radio, a ‘Sounds of the Sea’ recording, or your own music played via Bluetooth or an auxiliary lead. Beurer WL50 Wake Up Light review: extra functions

Whether a lamp can have a medical effect depends essentially on two factors: The light intensity and the colour temperature. For there to be a therapeutic effect, a light intensity of 10,000 lux is recommended. Light range – how long the light takes to brighten or dim. Most lamps have a standard range of 30 mins but some allow for longer/shorter settings. The Beurer WL50 Wake Up Light is a solid choice in a very crowded market. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense device that’s easy to set up and use, and doesn’t baffle you with too many options, you’ll struggle to find finer for this much money.

The device also functions as an FM radio, and allows you to store up to 30 different channels. Alternatively, you can use the speaker it houses to play your own music via Bluetooth, or via any USB connected device. There’s a cable included for this, which also doubles as an aerial for the FM radio. Beurer WL50 Wake Up Light review: daily use Our body’s circadian rhythm is a repeating 24 hour cycle that helps us to carry out essential daily functions, including the regulation of when we sleep and wake. As it’s influenced by environmental cues, our ‘normal’ wake up time naturally occurs in tandem with the rising sun – and the same thing can also be achieved with artificially brightening light. Alarm function – Most lamps will have some kind of audible alarm, which is usually a choice of interesting sounds and/or radio.

A sunrise alarm can be an excellent way to make sure you start the day off in the right way. A good sunrise alarm will have both sunrise and sunset modes, so you can get to sleep easier as well as waking up more gently in the mornings. With many models, you also benefit from being able to wake up to nature sounds or your favourite radio station. Although the light has a radio function, that is just an added bonus and not something to shout about as there's no DAB, and the FM reception was sometimes fuzzy. With that in mind, we'd opt for the other sound settings instead. Overall though, when it worked, it was just an extra function on an otherwise extremely brilliantly designed wake up light. My biggest issue with this wake-up light are the alarm sounds. Alarm sound 1, the melody with bird calls, is pleasant enough while it's playing. But there’s an annoying gap when the loop repeats. The effect is jarring, and wrenched me from my good mood on waking... undoing the good work performed by the wakeup light.We appreciated the fact that the Beurer Wake Up Light WL50 can be used as a mood light during the day, and found it very relaxing to watch it shift through all the different colours. When we chose to to read before going to sleep, we found it very calming to have on our bedside table, instead of relying on a dimmer switch. What is slightly grating though is the alarm sounds; birds, chimes and beeps are not something we would choose to wake up too. The same goes for the sleep melody setting, which is designed to help you fall asleep. It is a bit like a baby lullaby.

It has both sunrise and sunset simulation, so it’s equally effective at getting you to sleep as well as waking you up. For the sunrise setting, the light will gradually get stronger over 10-60 minutes depending on your preference. When the alarm goes off, you can choose from one of 7 natural sounds or an FM radio station. The sunset mode decreases the light gradually from 10-120 minutes and you can also choose to have natural sounds or a radio station play. Known as a ‘smart sound machine’, the Hatch Rest is an all-in-one powerhouse that looks after your child’s restful hours – be they sleeping, waking, or a mix of the two. And yet it’s still simple enough to set up and use, mainly thanks to the companion app that allows you to control everything remotely using your smartphone. There, you can switch between eleven soothing sounds including rain, birds and lullabies, create dream schedules, and use the Time-to-Rise program that helps children associate different colours with whether they can get out of bed or not. The lamp itself has hidden controls so curious fingers can’t prod too much, and even the brightest setting is low enough to not be too distracting. One part of this alarm that is a little disappointing is the sound options. There is no FM/DAB radio and the only sound option is an alarm beep. This isn’t too much of an issue if you care most about the light functions, however. The smart touch display makes it very easy to use this alarm and the aux connection means you can easily connect your phone or tablet so you can use it as a speaker. The light from the alarm means you can also use it as a table lamp and reading light, with fully adjustable light settings.

How to use a SAD lamp

A feature that sets this alarm apart from a lot of others is RelaxBreath. RelaxBreath gives you a way to control your breathing by using varying rhythms or sound, so you’re able to get to sleep that much easier. The light produced is measured in lux and a good SAD lamp will offer a brightness of around 10,000 lux. It's believed that SAD lamps encourage your brain to produce less melatonin, which makes you sleepy, while increasing the production of serotonin, which affects your mood. So how does a SAD lamp work?

In addition to RelaxBreath, this alarm also features both sunrise and sunset simulation, as well as a variety of nature sounds and ambient music. There’s also an FM radio, so if you prefer you can set your favourite station to play when the alarm goes off. Whatever sound you choose to play, it will increase gradually over time as the light does. The feature that immediately jumps out at you with this alarm is the light. It’s designed to imitate a sunrise and will, therefore, increase very gradually over 30 mins before reaching maximum brightness. This helps you to wake up naturally and helps you to feel restored when you do. You can adjust the brightness level to your preference and once the 30 mins are up, a song or radio station of your choosing will play. It has a sunrise and sunset simulator, with adjustable settings from 10-60 minutes. The light gradually changes over your preferred timescale, from a dull red into a bright yellow light to help wake you up in the best way possible.It has both sunrise and sunset modes, each of which lasts for 30 minutes. In addition to these two settings to help you get to sleep/wake up, the light also functions as a bedside lamp with the display beneath it being dimmable to your preference. Melatonin is known as the sleep hormone and significantly influences the quality of our sleep. The pineal gland releases the hormone, especially in the dark. The longer it is dark, the more melatonin is produced. Serotonin is considered a happiness hormone, wakes us up and has a positive effect on our mood. However, the two hormones are by no means just counterparts, as they are closely interdependent.

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