Azzaro The Most Wanted Intense, Intense Eau de Parfum Aftershave, Spicy Fougere Fragrance, Perfume For Men

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Azzaro The Most Wanted Intense, Intense Eau de Parfum Aftershave, Spicy Fougere Fragrance, Perfume For Men

Azzaro The Most Wanted Intense, Intense Eau de Parfum Aftershave, Spicy Fougere Fragrance, Perfume For Men

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Pleasant he became me as I had sprayed him on clothes and he had then said good morning to me the next morning across the bedroom, there he had a slight warm vanilligkeit you can like, but to be honest this is not a fragrance I nähe come wöllte and ... On my masochistic journey after it again and again far too strong perfumes, with strong durability and projection, for my far too sensitive nose to buy, I have made the mistake to me The Most Wanted Parfum BLIND to buy. Overall, I think The Most Wanted Parfum is a fantastic fragrance that blends the best elements of two previous Wanted fragrances. Alternatively, Emporio Armani - Stronger With You or Emporio Armani - Stronger With You Intensely, Spicebomb Extreme and Spicebomb Infrared Eau de Toilette or Emporio Armani - Stronger With You Absolutely for the latter I have decided and am very happy, the former are the The Most Wanted Parfum but the purpose and the "target group age" closer. Yes, BUT only because my girlfriend loves him so incredibly much on my skin. She would even like me to wear the fragrance every day even in the summer. If she would not love him so much, but I would always reach for the Stronger With You intensely, not because the fragrances are 1:1, but because there simply the disturbing ginger is not there.

That said, I care about functionality and durability. The bottle is fine in that regard, as you can control the amount sprayed. However, that is nothing special. The charismatic, spicy and gourmand The Most Wanted edition was singled out as a key edition of the men’s Wanted line along with the confident and vibrant Wanted Eau de Toilette fragrance from 2016, and the charming and sensual Azzaro Wanted by Night edition from 2018. Also, because there are elements of The Most Wanted EDP, one can make a fair comparison to Armani's Stronger With You.Now to the fragrance: the ginger, the vanilla and the woods you smell throughout the fragrance. In the opening more the ginger and the base then more the vanilla, as it is shown in the pyramid. Unfortunately, the ginger in the top note smells so strong on the skin as if I bite into a ginger and taste it or it reminds me of it. This is very very unpleasant for my nose. However, after 30 min. it becomes very nice on the skin and perhaps reminds of the Stronger With You intensely. A solid fragrance for colder autumn and winter days. The EDP and the Parfum are very similar in scent, but the differences ARE indeed noticeable enough. Would everyone want both? Probably not. Would I buy one if I had the other? Not if I weren’t the cologne collecting madman that I am today.

As the brand states: "He is charismatic, attractive and seductive and his scent is ... The Most Wanted! A real pleasure-seeker, he loves all kinds of games. For pure enjoyment, for living life to its fullest, for taking chances and controlling his own destiny. He seduces everyone: men admire him, women desire him." The scent: so the first few seconds and at the spray head pulls me all together a synthetic, overloaded ginger and woody note (sandalwood-like, which seems like cinnamon), which just completely overwhelms the delicate vanilla there. Sorry I have to say it so, but you can not smell it on the skin the first minutes. Do you have no problem with ginger, then the probability is that you will love the fragrance. Are you with ginger maybe like me, I would honestly not recommend the fragrance. Fall is coming, and the time to break out the fall and winter frags is near. To prepare for this, I bought three autumn fragrances over the summer, and The Most Wanted Parfum was among them.The performance is also great, projecting nicely, and leaving a direct sillage trail that points to where the cowboy has been, and who it is that is leaving that magnificent trail behind. Longevity is a good 8 hours, with the last 3-4 hours being present, but closer to the skin. The Most Wanted was created as a powerful fusion of cardamom and an addictive chord of toffee caramel with a masculine trace of Amberwood, which provides the scent of resinous woody comfort and a deep warmth. Noseblindness: Please do not believe that just because you do not smell him after a few minutes, that he is no longer there so "discreet" or only "5 hours" shelf life I can definitely not confirm.

However, with the amazing performance of The Most Wanted Parfum, comes a significant loss in versatility that makes the fragrance highly situational. Individually, the fragrances worked well (with Wanted by Night getting more love), but when combined in the Most Wanted Parfum, it blends the best of both fragrances that can work for most men, and maybe some women who like wearing light boozy scents. Edit Note on July 9, 2023: The price has NOT dropped significantly on the fragrance. The popularity of the Wanted line has caught on.) In April 2021, the French house Azzaro offers two seductive fragrances. We recently announced the latest female edition, Wanted Girl by Night, while for the men, Azzaro prepared The Most Wanted creation in the concentration Eau de Parfum Intense. Briefly to my person: I do not eat ginger and also in drinks ginger scares me off. With ginger shots I always hold my nose. In fragrances, the ginger has never bothered me so far.Second point: The Most Wanted Parfum is not an office or gym fragrance. Anti-fragrance office policies exist because of fragrances like this that can overtake a small office. The gym is worse, as body heat will make the fragrance radiate more. This creates a massive distraction for other members working out, especially if it's mixed with body odor. If you are familiar with Wanted by Night, and The Most Wanted EDP, then the Most Wanted Parfum smells like a blend of the two fragrances. One gets the vanilla sweetness and slight booziness that is present in the Most Wanted EDP upfront, while also getting some of the spice that is present in Wanted by Night on the dry down. With those points aside, if you are looking for a versatile fragrance, a fragrance with moderate projection, or a fragrance with an artistic flair, look elsewhere—this is not for you.

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