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Another 3D printable model of Optimus Primal available on Printables, this time of his gorilla head on a stand. The stand features a prominent Maximal insignia. TS-02 Trans Scanning Bumblebee (an articulated "Protoform"-esque figure with snap-on vehicle mode parts) TRANSFORMERS-VOLVO MASH-UP: This Optimus Prime action figure features a re-designed alt mode licensed by Volvo, with classic G1 deco and details Arcee "G1 Color Edition" (a pink and white redeco of Deluxe Class Arcee, limited to 1000 pieces, exclusively available at Wonder Festival 2008 Winter)

Bumblebee "Limited Metallic Color Version" (a redeco of the first Deluxe Class Bumblebee toy with a shiny gold metallic finish, exclusively available at Lawson stores) TRANSFORMERS STUDIO SERIES LEADER CLASS: This 8.5-inch collectible action figures is inspired by iconic movie scenes and designed with specs and details to reflect the Transformers movie universe Target was one of the biggest exclusives outlets for new-deco/significantly-changed-deco toys, with the " Robo-Vision" promotion featuring heavily early on. They were also the only American store to get "Scout" class toys, although these also saw later releases as non-exclusives in other countries. Although the trailer is made exclusively for the cab with which it comes, it is scaled much more closely to and can be pulled by Optimus Prime's Revenge of the Fallen Leader class iteration. The first release in the Asian-exclusive Asia Premium Series toyline is an extensive redeco of the previously-Japanese exclusive Striker Optimus. He features a comprehensive paint scheme directly based on Jetpower Optimus Prime, with blue pinstriped flames, lots of silver paint, and vacuum metallized parts, although his hands are left unpainted in favor of painting his mirrors silver. Along with his standard accessories, he also comes with 2 battle blades, which were previously exclusive to Toys"R"Us Japan. He features the "We must stop the Decepticons!" voice chip, but batteries are not included. Rather helpfully, his instructions are supplemented with text instructions written in English for all the steps, as well as the additional photographs used for the previous Striker Optimus toy.Transformers Velocitron Speedia 500 Deluxe G2 Shadowstrip & Crasher Out In New Zealand – First In-Hand Images at TFW2005

Harness the power of Energon with the Transformers Legacy Series Leader G2 Universe Laser Optimus Prime robot toy! Optimus Prime fights bravely and selflessly for the freedom of all life forms. This toy was revealed on February 25, 2021 via live-stream. It is a Target exclusive in the United States and a Toys"R"Us exclusive in Canada. Optimus Prime has a wide range of articulation for a relatively bulky figure. He has ratcheting joints in his shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees, with swivel joints and ball joints supporting them in his biceps, lower knee joints, and ankles. His hands even have individually articulated fingers and thumbs!

Search form CLASSIC ACCESSORIES: Includes Ion blaster and Matrix of Leadership accessories. Open the figure’s chest panels to insert the Matrix of Leadership accessory Studio Series has always allowed fans to reach past the big screen and build the ultimate Transformers collection inspired by iconic movie scenes from the Transformers movie universe. Now, the Studio Series line is expanding to include the epic moments and characters from the classic The Transformers: The Movie, bringing fans a whole new series of screen-inspired figures to collect! (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.) On the front of the trailer, swing out the small blue peg. This allows you to connect the trailer to the cab.

Of course, many of these store exclusives ended up as mass retail releases outside the US, or as exclusives to different chains (both regional and international). See individual entries for more details. Released as part of a Rise of the Beasts-themed batch of the Pop! Movies segment, Funko's Pop! Optimus Primal is a super deformed vinyl figure of the character roaring in gorilla mode.

EZ Collection Bumblebee "Scanning Version" (a clear redeco of Legends Class Bumblebee, exclusively available with the August 2007 edition of Hyper Hobby magazine) Aaron Archer designed this toy in a single day; it was the last toy he personally worked on. He prefers the redeco from The Last Knight. [1] This toy was repurposed as a member of the Dynasty of Primes in Tales of the Fallen #4. His alternate mode served as a basis for the Vok Novaroids for The Road to Legends' Revival Chapter 5: LG-EX Big Powered Prologue Part Two. The trilogy that began with "Combiner Wars" concludes with "Power of the Primes". This line focuses on the original 13 Primes themselves returning. However, instead of gigantic beings storming the battlefield, the Primes have distilled their essence into Sparks that can be used by Transformers to gain all new powers. Depending on which Spark the Transformer takes on, they are powered up in different ways. Optimus comes with a "bonus value" Deluxe Class toy, Comettor. The pair together cost a dollar less than a regular Voyager Class toy. It was also available at Galeria Kaufhof department stores in Germany, with Comettor not highlighted as a "bonus" figure.

TRANSFORMERS G2-INSPIRED DESIGN: This Legacy Series Transformers 7-inch G2 Universe Laser Optimus Prime robot toy is inspired by the Transformers: Generation 2 animated series, updated with a Generations-style design HARNESS THE POWER OF ENERGON: Gear up the most powerful substance on Cybertron, Energon! This Transformers G2 Universe Laser Optimus Prime figure comes with an Energon axe and sword accessories Some toy listings featured "Evolution" as part of the toyline's name in its first year, [8] far before the Evolution branding was officially introduced.Movie the Best release. Silver paint instead of chrome, added details in robot mode, remolded abs, transformable gas tank guns, articulated hands. This version uses the TakaraTomy version of the instructions, which improved upon the original Leader-Class Optimus Prime instruction sheet by including supplementary photographed steps that were previously vague or neglected in the original release. Mandarin: Jīngāng Wáng (金剛王, "Vajra King"), [8] Qíng Tiān Shèng (擎天圣, "Sage that Supports the Sky") [9]

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