The Miracle of Nikola Tesla's Purple Energy Plates

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The Miracle of Nikola Tesla's Purple Energy Plates

The Miracle of Nikola Tesla's Purple Energy Plates

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The purple Plate not only cleared the food of all negative energy and negative residues such as pesticides, but also energized the food. Now I religiously put all my food on it and continue to be amazed.

Considering that we often encounter inaccurate information on the internet regarding numerous themes (including Tesla plates), we have the need to reveal the real truth – with undisputable facts that point to all questions and doubts regarding Tesla purple plates. The creation of Tesla purple plates The atomic structure of Purple Plates has been altered, allowing the atoms and electrons of the aluminum to resonate in tune with the basic energy that causes the particles of every atom and molecule to be in constant vibration. Once the structure of the atoms of the aluminum have been altered, they will remain in that condition- possibly indefinitely. The plates create a positive energy field around themselves that will penetrate any material substance by osmosis. This energy is said to be beneficial to all life..plant, animal or human. Science has proven that by projecting love or positive energy to a plant, the plant will flourish. The plate energy will also do the same thing to plants. Burns, cuts, aches and pains involve a sudden change to the normal vibration rate of tissue. The theory is that the energy around the plates helps to accelerate the healing and thus return the injured area to its normal rate of vibration. Among the plates many uses are that they are worn to raise personal energy levels and to protect one against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the environment and from EMR- producing equipment, such as computers, televisions, etc. The life-force energy of the plates can be measured by radionic equipment. When using this measurement, the energy level of an individual who has begun to work on him/ herself might oscillate (or vibrate) around 25,000 cycles a second. When this person holds a purple plate, the reading immediately increases to 90,000- 95,000 cycles a second. It will not remain at that level, but with continual use of the plate, it will slowly increase to a steady 100,000 cycles per second. All faith healing utilizes this higher energy. The plates have been anodized with the color Violet, which is the healing ray of the rainbow spectrum. Their atomic structure has been altered, so that they are in resonance with a high-frequency vibration of the life energy force, in a complex way, connected with the known energy of negative ions. The "purple energy plates" (my own personal name for them) possess a field of energy capable of penetrating any living thing - plant, animal or human. The life force energy, or Prana, can be measured in several ways. One of them is through radionic equipment. Using this measurement, the energy level of an individual man or woman not yet fully illuminated might register, say, 20 on the scale. When this person is handed a purple plate the reading will instantly increase to 90 or 95. It won't remain at that level, but continual use of the plate will gradually bring the person's energy to 100 permanently. Enlightenment. And higher than 100, since the life force energy cannot be completely measured by any device presently known.When I first read about purple plates in Linda Goodman's Star Signs book, I was hesitant to believe in the seemingly miraculous properties of these bright, strange looking plates, but I was extremely curious to see if they did in fact influence all she claimed they would. Goodman mentions that strangely the person who created the plates with Nikola Tesla preferred to remain anonymous. However, after the inventor's death the company which produced the plates decided to give him due credit. The inventor, Ralph Bergstresser, was born in 1912 in Pueblo, Colorado of German parents who immigrated to the United States. The key to this phenomenon is now known and is utilized to produce the products of Energy Innovation Products.

Storage & organisation Furniture Textiles Kitchenware & tableware Kitchens Lighting Decoration Rugs, mats & flooring Beds & mattresses Baby & children Smart home Bathroom products Laundry & cleaning Plants & plant pots Home electronics Home improvement Outdoor living Food & beverages Christmas Shop Shop by roomPlace large plate in refrigerator (center shelf). Food will last much longer (except for fresh meat and fish) and thermostat may have to be readjusted if food freezes. Place 1 gallon of water on large plate or medium plate for twelve hours while leaving the lid off. Drink or use to water plants. Place grocery bags of food on the large plate for approximately 15 minutes. This induces the "life force energy" in the food. The most important energy in our life ... is our own vital energy. The atomic structure of our products has been altered so that they are in harmony, in tune, or in resonance with the life force vibration. The products create a field of energy around themselves and by 'osmosis', this energy will penetrate any living thing including an individual, plant or animal. With radionic equipment, the life force energy may be measured on an individual. For example, on a scale of say from 0 to 100, the energy reading of a person might be twenty to twenty-five. When the person is handed an energy plate, the reading will instantly increase up to ninety or ninety-five on the scale. This is an indirect method of proving the product. The frequency of this 'life force energy' can not be measured directly by any known device.

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