BanPresto - Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury - Miorine Rembran Statue

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BanPresto - Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury - Miorine Rembran Statue

BanPresto - Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury - Miorine Rembran Statue

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Prior to the article censorship, the Western official social media for Gundam was more explicit with confirming Suletta and Miorine’s relationship while Japanese social media was more vague which led to confusion with Japanese fans. She remembers herself then: seventeen, bright-eyed, determined to prove her father wrong, convinced that running away from home and making a name for herself was the only way to do that. Five years later, no one could deny that she'd been successful. She’d won awards, modeled for luxury brands, starred in dramas, sold out entire concert halls. This is embarrassing,” Miorine groans. It’s not like fans haven’t shipped her with other celebrities before, but it’s never been this big of a deal. It’s never happened in the middle of filming something, either. And she’s never looked so… uncool. Her whole thing is being cool and intimidating. Miorine Rembran isn’t someone who needs to depend on others. She isn't someone who needs to be saved.

Miorine Rembran made one of the worst mistakes of her life, she lost Suletta Mercury in a stupid plan to make her mother stop manipulating her... Suletta was the sweetest girl in the school, Mio loved her a lot, but only after the Duel that she realized how much she lost, and now it was too late, she was already gone from the school. Miorine enters a greenhouse while agents keep watch outside. Suletta arrives at the doorstep to thank her. She explains how the duelling system works and why Guel is her fiancé because of it. The system was designed that way by her father. Miorine fights the urge to roll her eyes at Shaddiq’s theatrics. Peaking at 20 isn’t bad by any means. But she holds her tongue, because despite Shaddiq’s penchant for the dramatic, he’s considered one of the company’s most successful talent managers for a reason. As Miorine's 17th birthday neared, Suletta tried to apologize for their earlier conversation. Miorine asked her if she would give up Aerial if she asked her to. Though somewhat hesitant, Suletta said she would not, because Aerial was her family. Though Suletta was excited about celebrating Miorine's birthday, Miorine remained cold and distant.


That gets an eyebrow raise from Miorine. “Running through the forest and avoiding booby traps is fun to you?” Truthfully, the picture is amateur at best. It’s slightly out of focus, and Miorine’s face is grainy in the low light. But as Miorine looks closer, she sees it—a small, surprised smile on her face. Her platinum hair billows out behind her with the breeze. The campfire glows dully in the foreground. The half-moon above her is tiny, but just barely caught in frame. Exactly," Shaddiq responds, face neutral as ever. "You've been an idol for five years now. This industry moves fast. And I hate to break it to you, but the whole unattainable-ice-princess-holier-than-thou thing doesn't sell anymore. Relatability sells. Approachability sells.”

I know. I'm a fan of your work!” It’s a refrain that Miorine hears often, whether from actual fans or talk show hosts or other celebrities who are trying to break the ice. But it feels weirdly genuine from Suletta, because it’s not followed by a request for an autograph or a question about her personal life or an invitation to collaborate on a project or even an expectant silence. She just says it for the sake of saying it and moves on. Suletta busies herself with dusting the dirt off of Miorine’s uniform. “Are you okay? That looked like a bad fall.” Miorine is one of the two characters that appears in every episode of the TV series, along with Nika Nanaura. But Suletta just takes a few steps, bends slightly at the knees like a dad, and hits the shutter button. As if it's arbitrary to her. As if it's easy. In the beginning, The two had a rough start when Suletta stops her escaping attempt thus causing Miorine to headbutt her aggressively and even yelling at her for getting in her way. To make matters worse, Miorine becomes flabbergasted when Suletta is now declared as a holder and her fiancée. She repeats the survival mantra that Suletta taught her before challenging her father to a duel. The condition she makes is that her father has to recognize Suletta as her fiancé if they win.Miorine had feigned nonchalance during her conversations with Shaddiq, but the truth is that the thought of slowly fading into obscurity scares her. Crashing and burning overnight would be easier to bear. But the notion of futilely chugging along only for fewer and fewer people to care—for fewer and fewer people to love her—until she’s eventually standing in front of an empty concert venue? That terrifies Miorine. She’s worked too hard to get here. She’s given up her youth for this. But she knows better than anyone that success is never guaranteed in this line of work. Furthermore, despite her abrasive behaviour, she doesn't discriminate against Suletta for being a Mercurian or against the Earth House students for being Earthians, allowing her to form some sort of rapport with them despite not being a member herself. She also enjoys gardening and regularly tends to the plants in her greenhouse. As the creators of the work, we believe in leaving the interpretation and perception of the main story to each individual viewer, allowing you all to enjoy the series in your own unique way. After discussions with the Gundam Ace editorial team, we have made the appropriate corrections to the electronic version as originally requested, and it is now available fo After a few more formalities—introductions with the other cast members, safety reminders, a debrief on the next day’s activities—the crew announce that cameras are officially off for the night. For most people, this is when the perfect idol veneer drops. The other idols retreat into their tents to rest and start their ten-step skincare routines. This is usually when Miorine stops interacting with the outside world and mindlessly scrolls through social media to unwind before another big day of filming. One 'mysterious' pilot appears three years after that betrayal, an Ace that uses a 'Pumpkin' mark on his Mobile Suit, and hope lit up once again inside of Miorine Rembran.

I know," Miorine says. She hates admitting that she's wrong, but she owes Shaddiq at least this. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again." Miorine is rather stunned when Suletta slaps Guel's butt to get him to stop trashing her greenhouse.Suletta was called by Guston Parche and Belmeria Winston to pilot a captured Gundam by Space Assembly League, the Gundam Calibarn, which she accepted as she wanted to talk once again with her mom and her sister. Suletta's mother, Lady Prospera, had Suletta enroll in Asticassia due to her knowing that her father, Delling Rembran, allowing whoever is the number one duelist to officially be engaged to his daughter, Miorine. She wishes to use her daughter as a means to accomplish her revenge against Delling who was apparently responsible for the destruction of the Vanadis Institute. Additionally, reflecting on her relationship with Prospera and the Aerial made her realize how toxic it was. Even before being cast off by them, she had already begun to think about the nature of her mother's teachings, despite Prospera's and the Aerial's attempts to reassure her. After learning the truth about her origins, Suletta realizes that, while there is some familial love between them, her well-being was always secondary to Prospera. Nevertheless, she remains resolute that she must do what she can to help others, iterating on her mother's motto that "[she] must move forward, even if she does not gain [anything]". Ultimately, Suletta's newfound appreciation for life led her to choose to confront her family, seeing that they, like she once did, do not care about lives being lost in pursuit of their goals. Miorine ignores the fact that the average person doesn’t actually do any of that on a daily basis. Instead, she sighs and begrudgingly nods. Because she can complain all she wants, but she knows she doesn't actually have a choice in the matter. "Fine." I forgot to tell you, by the way. You'll be sleeping and living on set for two full days. You actually don’t get to leave until it’s over.”

So you're saying this is… mutually beneficial?” He makes an affirmative noise. That makes Miorine feel a little better, but she realizes that she still has no idea what Shaddiq means when he says to milk this and that Suletta’s company is fully on board. “Wait, what exactly do you want me to do?” Fanservice?” Miorine blanches. She’s heard of idols who have been encouraged by their companies to do fanservice with their group members, but as a soloist, she’s never really had to consider that before. Felsi and Petra laugh whereas Suletta believes they all need to stop him, but neither his brother Lauda or the Dominicus agents sent to watch Miorine will do a thing. With Guel threatening to physically harm Miorine, Suletta takes matters into her own hands and gives Guel a slap on the ass and a scolding. She retreats behind Petra when Guel rhetorically asks if she knows who he is. Being new to the school, Suletta's can only answer that he is a pushy suitor, based on what she's observed, this amuses Felsi and Petra. As it turns out, Guel is the heir to one of the three branches of the Benerit Group, head of the Dueling Committee and the reigning Holder—The school's number one pilot, as chosen through duels. With right and wrong being decided through duels, the only way he would give in to apologizing to Miorine is if Suletta's duels him, which he jokingly offers. To his surprise, Suletta accepts. Guel's demand should Suletta lose is for her to leave the school. In spite of the stakes, Suletta does not withdraw her acceptance. Suletta and Miorine meet for the first time when Suletta is on her way to arrive at the Institute to attend school. She happens to notice someone floating in space. Suletta instinctively decides to rescue her only to find out that she inadvertently ruined Miorine's escape attempt to which Miorine demands Suletta take responsibility which Suletta agrees to in a confused manner.She hears the sound of leaves crunching and glances down to see Suletta Mercury approaching her. Her hair is down and she's in a t-shirt and shorts now. AU in which Suletta is an Eldritch creature and Miorine is a college level librarian dragged into a mess that could alter the scales of humanity for the worst. Language: English Words: 1,766 Chapters: 1/? Comments: 8 Kudos: 52 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 491 Oh, do you need to take a call?” Suletta asks. She puts her hands on her knees, ready to take her leave. Miorine outright tells Suletta that she doesn't plan on forcing Suletta to marry her, and she plans on escaping to Earth. The next time Shaddiq ushers Miorine into his office, he already has his laptop open on a PowerPoint.

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