ColiCor Cosplay Costume Set, Homelander Costume Cosplay Full Outfit Uniform Suit with Shoes, Cosplay Costume Uniform Full Set for Adult Kids - XL

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ColiCor Cosplay Costume Set, Homelander Costume Cosplay Full Outfit Uniform Suit with Shoes, Cosplay Costume Uniform Full Set for Adult Kids - XL

ColiCor Cosplay Costume Set, Homelander Costume Cosplay Full Outfit Uniform Suit with Shoes, Cosplay Costume Uniform Full Set for Adult Kids - XL

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Superhuman Smell: Homelander's sense of smell has been heightened far beyond normal human capabilities, allowing him to smell things no other being could. He can use this power to detect an explosive, or to sense adrenaline produced by fear. Now that you have your Homelander costume ready, it's time to get into character and act like the powerful and twisted superhero at the Halloween party. Here are some tips to help you channel your inner Homelander: Play Mind Games: Homelander is a master manipulator and enjoys playing mind games with those around him. Use your charisma and intelligence to influence others and get what you want. With the face of a movie star and the power of a god, Homelander was the greatest superhero alive and the leader of The Seven. Not only could he fly, but he also had super strength and super hearing, and he could see through almost anything with his x-ray vision and then destroy it with his laser eyes.

Homelander was experimented on with Compound V, before birth, as a subject of Vought-American's experiments with Compound V, like much of the other Supes managed by Vought. As a result, he has developed abilities such as super strength, heat and x-ray vision, sonic scream and flight. At a young age, in Vought's experiments, he was tied to a nuclear bomb, in case his aggression got out of control. To the public, in a cover-up of the truth, his origin was claimed as "crash-landed on Earth", like of DC Comics' Superman. Homelander became the leader of the Seven and one of the most powerful superheroes of Vought-American. Measure around the smallest part of your waistline, it's also called natural waistline, at the point where your trousers would normally ride. Keep one finger between the tape and your body. Heat Vision: Homelander is capable of projecting highly concentrated beams of energy from his eyes. These blasts of energy are so powerful that they appear to be able to cut through anything. However, Homelander is most notable for using his optical beams on people, melting flesh and bone with ease and causing people to burst into gore. Gogeta and Vegito’s outfit install them via XV2INS. In regard to the broly outfit, you have two options. You can either install it with the XV2INS, but the set is not going to work properly (No idea why), you can use the pants with the detault naked bust or other clothes that may be compatible. Otherwise, I personally recommend you to use the replacer version and just drag and drop the files into the data/chara/HUM folder.

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Be Ruthless: Homelander is known for his violent and unpredictable behavior. Don't be afraid to be ruthless and take charge of the situation. His name literally means "A person from one's homeland". It is suggested that the homeland he's born from would be America (due to his outfit).

Decelerated Aging/Longevity: Homelander ages more slowly than a normal human, due to Compound V. He is capable of living for hundreds or even thousands of years without displaying any obvious signs of age-related physical or psychological degeneration, keeping his physical shape throughout life until ( however) death, therefore this Longevity does not make him immortal. Superhuman Durability: Homelander possesses extraordinary durability and is the most durable of the Seven. He is not only completely bulletproof, but also unfazed by explosions. Vought had to keep hydrogen bombs strapped to him for 18 years, because they had no idea what else could possibly kill him. When Queen Maeve tried to hurt him with a sword, the weapon ended up breaking upon impact and barely caused a cut on his face. The only thing capable of destroying him in the end was his own clone. Use Your Voice: Homelander is a powerful speaker and has the ability to influence the public with his words. Speak with conviction and authority, and use your voice to command attention. Homelander is a tall and muscular man with blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. He wears a suit reminiscent to Superman and Captain America's, echoing a blend between both drawn from the comics. Homelander wears red gloves and boots, as well as a cape that stands for America, symbolizing patriotism.It's suggested to have someone else to measure for you.If you have any other special requirement, pls white it in 'Special Instruction' field when you fill in size. Absence of fulcrum (Tentative): During the "I Tell You No Lie, G.I." storyline, the events of 9/11 seem to suggest that he is unable to use his full strength in flight, requiring a solid surface to take full advantage of his power. At first glance Homelander appeared to be a kind and caring individual, a hero who will do anything to protect the citizens of America and the American Dream. However, behind the facade he was deeply narcissistic, disturbed, and psychotic, showing no empathy. For a superhero, Homelander was incredibly brutal and aggressive, showing no concern for the safety of his own teammates or the people he should be protecting.

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