The Four Desperate Cheerleaders: A desperate wetting story

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The Four Desperate Cheerleaders: A desperate wetting story

The Four Desperate Cheerleaders: A desperate wetting story

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While she's off to fetch her swimsuit he slips into the pool. She arrives, still wearing her blue dress, Damien, for a moment, thought Sol was going to wet himself. But then he followed Sol's eyes and there stood Sol's father, dressed in a suit, standing on the driveway with an expression of absolute disgust. mk breaks a mirror. this has unforeseen consequences (bad news: a baby swk pops into existence and now its up to the REAL swk to take care of it... if he can even keep it alive) (good news: hes a really cute baby) Traffic freed. All at once, Damien was driving smoothly down the highway. "We're out of traffic," Damien breathed in relief. "Okay, hang on. I'm taking you to the hospital."

I looked over to see her straddling her pink bike, her butt hovering over the seat by about half an inch and a stream of pee coming through her shorts, onto the seat, then splashing over the sides. She peed for about eight seconds, not moving, a look of far-off concentration on her face until she was done. I remember feeling "tingly" (I had started masturbating two years before this, but I didn't know what it was or what I was doing) and pressing my crotch into the extended part of my plastic seat, before taking a deep breath and saying "It's okay, I'm going, too." and began to pee myself. It was exhilirating, and it felt sooooo good, and to this day I'm not sure if I was just taking advantage of the situation or if I was trying to make her feel better or what.


Usually, we didn't actually make a big deal out of doing it in front of each other as such, but would play holding games, and constantly be telling each other about how badly we needed to go, then we'd sneakily pee in our shorts or bathers while the other one wasn't looking, then admit what we'd done. We'd talk about it the whole time, but not usually do it in front of one another. Long time ago I was in college, and had and still have nightime wetting issues. I always lived in fear about anybody outside of my family discovering my condition. I lived at home my freshman year as I knew there was no way I’d live in a dorm. My second year I decided I would take a major chance and step. I had developed a great group of friends and all of them lived in dorms or apartments and really leaned on me to do it. I wasn’t sure how I’d handle it but I needed to face it. I’ve lived in cloth diapers with plastic pants my whole life and thought if I was careful how I handled it I could make it work. I got paired with a guy that was ok but hard to connect with. I was probably in the first month at one of my friends dorm room we were smokin and drinking beer. I fell asleep on a guys bed and totally soaked my pants and bed. They woke me up and of course were having a good laugh, but said I didn’t need to worry about it. I didn’t know what the next day would bring but got together for lunch with my friends and they started calling me puddles, it a very disarming nd light hearted way. When others heard them refer to me as puddles they would ask and my friends would answer very matter of fact saying because he wets his bed! They treated it very maturely and as others found out they reacted pretty much the same. I found myself looking at him and wondering how good a kisser he was??? I wondered if he would make a pass or not? I wondered what he thought of me? And then dismissed those thoughts as I thought of my husband sitting at the bar…… and watching. I glanced over in his direction and saw him smiling at me. So then on whenever I had an exam I would wear them. I tried wearing them every day but usually after a day the skin where the leg elastic was would get quite raw and sore. So I just wore them when I had an exam. Language: English Words: 117,635 Chapters: 34/? Comments: 181 Kudos: 307 Bookmarks: 40 Hits: 23,568

Growing up, I obeyed the unwritten rule in my household that this wasn’t something to discuss. I just wish the approach had been different. If my kid was wetting the bed, I wouldn’t try and ignore it. At night, I transformed into a mouse that changed the sheets silently at 3am or stayed awake during sleepovers with friends so that I wouldn’t fall asleep and have an accident. Damien, please." Sol couldn't argue with him about this. He didn't have the energy or concentration to debate. His whole body was shaking in agony, his bladder feeling swollen and rounded with pee. After a moment of agonizing silence, Damien finally said, "Fine. Home. But if the Advil I give you doesn't work, I'm taking you the hospital." But you sound like you're dying," Damien proclaimed. "I don't want you to go home if it's something serious." He assured me that he wasn't trying to get something against me or to break up… he just wanted to "watch". Then he suggested that maybe the next time we go out… I could just "make out" with another guy while he watched? We continued to talk about it with him stressing that he would stay out of sight and would only watch! And that I didn't have to do anything but make out with him, but that right after the guy would leave… we would make love! He kept stressing that watching made him super excited and that I should do it for him. Get out." Sol's father's voice was cold. "And take your faggot boyfriend with you." The words were cruelly said - the meaning of the words even crueler. Sol tried to apologize, but all he could hear was a loud ringing in his head, a loud chorus of voices saying, You're so stupid. You're so stupid. You're so stupid. His whole body was vibrating, trembling from head to toe, and he was heaving as he cried.Horror Writing | Screenplay Writing | How To Write | Write Books | Read Write | Writing Tips | Writing Tools | Writing Community Last night I had the pee pee dream where I dreamed I was in the bathroom on the toilet, only to wake up to a wet bed again this morning. Dami-ien-" Sol was still shaking, but he felt a long leak stream into his pants. "I'm so - I'm so sorry - but I need to..." he curled deeply, whimpering as he forced his bladder to hold everything in. Having not got into college and being fired by his shitty job at the mall he was close to ending it all.

who discover they actually enjoy swimming in their clothes. From then onwards they miss no opportunity to get wet,


Sol swallowed, closing his eyes. His bladder sent urgent waves up his body, his poor abdomen containing what felt like an ocean. "I'm sorry," he said in a tired voice, eyes still closed, fingernails digging into the palms of his hands. "I stomach hurts, okay?" His voice broke a little - mostly because he was so scared about wetting himself. He knew Damien would dump him if that happened. Nobody wanted a baby for a boyfriend. What's your most embarrassing pee story? I'll start with mine. It's not technically mine, but it was still embarrassing for me.

I also find that kind of interesting. Then there's the related point of denying your need. I have a number of memories where I'd be dancing around fairly obviously and holding myself a lot where I'd be asked by a parent or other adult if I needed to go where I'd say no. I mean, nothing could be more clear yet I'd keep denying it. I seem to remember friends doing this too. Of course, in my case I think this was mostly because I didn't want to stop whatever I was doing rather than because of shyness but the point remains. We also used to ride our bikes evverywhere around the small town, and I vividly remember us having a few "accidents" a few times at the baseball diamond across town from my grandma's. We'd ride allll the way there (it was about twenty minutes on bike) and play in the dirt or look for baseballs, then sit in the dugouts and play pretend for hours at a time. There were no bathrooms anywhere over there, though, so we'd always end up holding it too long then having to ride home. Sure?" Damien pressed. "You've ate more than that and your stomach never hurt before. Are you sure it's not a virus? What if it's food poisoni-" I went to sleep and woke up and had to pee desperately. I called for help. A woman nurse came and told me to go in my diaper an she would change me; it was easier to change a diaper than to try to help me to the restroom. She changed me.Everything he had worked for went down the train. All of the precaution he had taken the last few years to never wet himself again had gone to waste - and now he was standing in his own piss, his father in front of him, his life about to spiral downwards once more. All he knew was that he stupid, and gross, and disgusting, and that he didn't have a father anymore. Those words still never truly left his brain. It wasn't just his father - as a fourteen-year old, wetting himself was exactly what his classmates needed to make him an official target. Sol was bullied endlessly for wetting himself, both physically and verbally. It was something that would never get away from him, even as he distanced himself from the event. WetDoc: These stories feature female new presenters who cover a variety of events at swimming pools and aqua parks.

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