Breaking Bad Heisenberg (Walter White) Collectible Figure

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Breaking Bad Heisenberg (Walter White) Collectible Figure

Breaking Bad Heisenberg (Walter White) Collectible Figure

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BAIME: Well, this is a fascinating meeting. Firstly, there were a few of them. But there's one in particular that we're talking about. When the war began and it became clear that the United States was going to get involved in World War II, two things happened. Obviously, we had a massive ramp up of the military. But we also had a massive ramp up of industry. We're coming out of the Great Depression. Franklin Delano Roosevelt creates this thing called the arsenal of democracy. His idea is to join the military, politics and private industry into this one massive military force. And that's the only way we're going to defeat Hitler, right? And so tremendous amounts of money are going into the military and into industry with government contracts. And Walter White decides, this is a really important opportunity. Nothing can do more to erase the color line in America than desegregation of the military. So he's trying to convince Roosevelt to do that. The other thing is he's trying to convince Roosevelt to have a fair practice, like, basically, fair employment. So if the government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on factories to turn out tanks and planes, those factories should be hiring not just white people. And so he begins this pressure campaign on the White House.

During White’s tenure as NAACP secretary, the association launched a series of legal suits designed to achieve equality between the races in education. This effort culminated in the Supreme Court’s 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision, which declared unconstitutional the doctrine of “separate but equal.” DAVIES: Right. He later asks Truman to speak at the NAACP convention in 1947. And we should say this is time when Truman is about to run for reelection and needs the support of Southern whites. Despite that, well, what does he say when Walter White says will you speak at our convention? BAIME: It was extraordinarily effective in basically integrating the assembly lines during World War II. It didn't always go well, but the results were extremely important, and a huge victory for Walter, who was at this time building his national political platform. A.J. Baime, welcome to FRESH AIR. Walter White grew up in Atlanta. He had blond hair and blue eyes. What do we know of his ancestors? Why you feel that I am not due any answer about my costumes?" Zora Neale Hurston: A Literary Biography, p. 202.

The Collectible

And they get to the office, and they sit around, and they gather together, and they say, what are we going to do about this? And John Shillady - Irish American - he's the CEO of the NAACP at this time. And what they decide to do is what they always did, which was they're going to write a letter to the attorney general in that state. They're going to write a letter to the governor. And they're going to make those letters available to the press and send it to the White House in hopes of pressuring somebody to do something. Because when these cases happened, these lynchings happened at this time, invariably, no one would ever be charged with any crimes.

According to Walter's story, his father hands him a gun, and he's 12 years old, and he's looking out the window. And his father says, Walter, don't shoot until the first man puts his foot on our lawn, and then keep on shooting as long as you can. And this is the sort of foundational moment of Walter's mythology, his whole life story. And he says himself, after that night, I knew I never wanted to be a white man. I knew which side I was on. Walter Francis White". The Journal of Negro History. 40 (3): 296–298. 1955-01-01. doi: 10.1086/JNHv40n3p296. JSTOR 2715961. S2CID 224831169. A Fly. A house fly. It will ruin our batch and we need to destroy every trace of it, so we can cook. My head is not the problem Jesse, the fly is! An angry Walter White in a hazmat suit hunts down a fly with a metal pole in his hands, raised above his head. He wears a loose orange hazmat suit and bears an aggressive, angry expression on his face. Over top of his bald head is a protective visor with detailed sculpting of the respirators, which are painted pink, yellow and white.The double-walled window box is illustrated to show the meth lab where Walt and Jesse labor for hours. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve. About Breaking Bad As the person who spends the most time with Walt and knows him most intimately, it's no surprise that Skyler White becomes suspicious of her husband relatively early in Breaking Bad, though it takes a while for her to find out Walter's secret in its entirety. Though Skyler notices a change in his behavior, she initially chalks it up to Walt's cancer diagnosis in Breaking Bad– an understandable and natural assumption. But when Skyler later discovers her husband has a second phone, she's led to the next reasonable conclusion: Walt's cheating.

They send a guy down, James Weldon Johnson, who's a charismatic fellow. He is so impressed with Walter White that he invites him to move to New York to take a full-time job with the NAACP. And after some soul-searching with his family, he moves to New York. Tell us a little about the NAACP in this period. This is, what, 1918? And on this day in 1906, they knew it was coming. There had been this situation boiling up in the city, all of this racial tension that came on with - along with the Jim Crow era. And on this day in September 1906, Walter sees the outbreak of the 1906 Atlanta race riot, which was reported in newspapers all over the country, all over Europe. And he says himself that he witnesses - he's 12 years old, and he witnesses a number of people who were killed. White married Gladys Powell in 1922. They had two children, Jane White, who became an actress on Broadway and television; and Walter Carl White, who lived in Germany for much of his adult life. The Whites' 27-year marriage ended in divorce in 1949. [15]

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