Valiant Vanquish Stove Fan for Log Burners and Multifuel Stoves

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Valiant Vanquish Stove Fan for Log Burners and Multifuel Stoves

Valiant Vanquish Stove Fan for Log Burners and Multifuel Stoves

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Most stove fans function automatically. When a certain temperature is reached, they turn on or off without any need for direct help from you.

My wife can't hear it running, but I can. It depends on whether you can hear the high pitch of a fast running fan, but I don't find it obtrusive. The stove airflow is louder and both repetitive noises are cut out by my brain after a while.On top of this wood stove fan, you’ll find a convenient handle that allows you to manipulate its position while it is hot. This can be particularly handy while attempting to determine its optimal position. It also comes with a magnetic stove thermometer with a built-in handle. This season Valiant Fireside Accessories adds 2 new fans to its range of heat powered stove fans, meaning that the Hertfordshire company now offers 2, 3 and 4 blade options. The stove fan is the tallest fan in our range, this, combined will the slender aerodynamically designed blades gives it the optimum air movement, pushing out more warm air into your room. This wood-burning option is also heat powered and comes with a two-blade propellor fan. The fan blades are aerodynamic for maximum airflow and well-balanced for added stability and longer motor life. The optimum position is on the flue collar, or if not practical, as close to the collar as possible for a stable reliable place for monitoring the stove and flue gas temperature .

At the end of the day, while the two designs share some technical differences, they both draw their power from a common source – the heat of the stove itself. This is a big win for stove owners, because it means that no power is needed to run the fan. No electricity, no batteries…nothing. The heat from the stove is all that is required.With a low starting temperature of 50°C and a maximum operating temperature of 340°C, the Vanquish will have your room heated up in no time at all. The optimum operating temperature range for the fan is 80 - 250°C, but it features an in-built protection system to stop the fan overheating should your stove exceed these temperatures. This stove fan’s 150 to 180 CFM ratingmakes it good for smaller spaces. The actual speed is self-regulating based on the temperature and is effective between 55 and 350°C. Once this log burner fan exceeds 350°C, a bi-metallic safety device on the base works as an inbuilt protection system for the fan’s motor and module. An alternate type of stove fan is just like a typical electric fan that draws cool air. However, instead of acting as cooling fans, they help circulate the warm air off the surface of your stove. We chose not to include any of this particular type of stove fan on our list and focused only on the more traditional heat powered design. What to Look For in a Stove Fan We love that a magnetic stove thermometercomes included with the stove fan to help you monitor its performance and the recommended operating temperature. And with the overall quality of the stove fan, we are all but sold on this option. When the air heats up, the Sterling engine expands, thrusting a piston upward; when the air drops in temperature, the engine contracts, drawing the same piston downward. This rapid succession provides power that transforms the heat energy to mechanical energy used to turn the fan blade.

Given the fact that no assembly is required, and setup amounts to simply placing the little fan on top of the stove, there’s nothing really in the way of maintenance to be done. Nonetheless, Valiant stands behind their products, offering a two-year materials and workmanship guarantee on every fan they sell. They help make a space feel warmer in less time by evenly distributing the heat throughout the room and not just around the stove itself. Another thing people constantly rave about, especially where Valiant fans are concerned is how quiet the operation is. If not for the fact that you’ll feel drafts of warm air moving about the room, you wouldn’t even know the fan was on unless you were literally sitting right next to it. They’re that quiet! Evenly and effortlessly distribute warm air around your wood-burning stoves with the LUMAMU 4-Blade heat powered stove fan. With a classic design and the features required to make it highly functional, it makes a great choice for small, medium, and large-sized spaces.Most stove fans contain a thermoelectric module that functions as the fan’s generator. Thermoelectricityis produced when semiconductors inside the fan’s motor are at different temperaturesleading to a small generation of electricity. The surface temperature of your stove heats up, prompting it to draw cooler air and propel the fan. Bob Sizeland comments, “As a trusted manufacturer,Valiant constantly look for innovations that offer improved efficiency and sustainability to our customers. The Vanquish 250 is a perfect example of this; providing a solution for customers who have a larger space to heat.” With a solid metal build and dimensions of 10.1 x 14 x 17 cm, this wood burning stove fan promises durability. It also features a bi-metallic strip on the base to help prevent overheating, contributing to the fan’s overall durability. The AcornSolution 4-blade heat powered fan is constructed out of heat-sensitive metal to withstand the elevated temperatures of wood-burning stoves. It features a unique blade design that facilitates a high 270 CFM rating. The blades operate quietly and provide you with advanced circulation and heat dispersion, so it’s no surprise this fan can accommodate larger spaces.

The robust design and strong magnet of the Stove Thermometer means that it’s suitable for use on any hot steel or iron surface, including stoves, BBQ, ranges, patio heaters, flue pipes or chimineas. Operationally, stove fans serve a fairly straightforward purpose. By moving the warm air away from the stove itself, and circulating it throughout the room, the temperature is evened out, nicely overcoming the wood stove’s biggest shortcoming. Burning logs at the correct temperature results in reduced build-up inside the flue, less smoke and ensures you get the maximum output from the fuel you’re putting in, so a thermometer can be a useful tool in getting to know your stove. The Tomersun 3-blade stove fan has a 55°C starting temperature and a maximum of 300°C. It also contains a bi-metallic safety device to prevent overheating, which can damage the fan’s motor and its ability to push warm air in the long run. Simply set the fan in the appropriate position, and let it work its magic all by itself.

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Fuel quality is the single most important aspect of making a successful fire. To burn effectively the moisture content of firewood needs to be less than 20%, whether it’s being used in an open fire or a stove. Freshly felled timber can have a moisture content of between 30% and 60%, which when burnt can cause dangerous creosote build-up in chimneys.

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