The Unseelie Prince (Maze of Shadows Book 1)

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The Unseelie Prince (Maze of Shadows Book 1)

The Unseelie Prince (Maze of Shadows Book 1)

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While the book was easy to read we were not at a loss for the visuals that were created in the world building and with the descriptions of characters. The book was not overly wordy; however, it was easy to get swept into this world. Please note: This is a dark fantasy horror series with a love story. This series contains scenes of graphic violence. It is a slow-burn romance between the monstrous villain and the main character over the course of four books. My fae do not pull punches, and my Unseelie are not kind.

He's the Villain of this story but I ... like him. I feel bad for what he's endured and still enduring, but that doesn't mean what he did and the decisions he continues to take are ok.Valroy is the cruel, deranged, bloody Unseelie Prince who's looking for a woman to become his queen so he can take his throne. So he decides to steal a human and Abigail is the perfect victim. I was a little bit disappointed that I felt like I didn't know anything about who Noah/Naoise is and his personnality and pretty much anything about him. I guess with what's happening and all the manipulation it makes sense, and I hope I come to like him more later in the series. The Regent is a very interesting character and, yes, villain, too. Very Very Bad but well-done.

I rarely buy ebooks unless they are cheaply priced or on sale. I also very rarely buy physical copies of books. I’m a bit of a minimalist so I have to absolutely adore a book to buy a physical copy that will be proudly displayed in my home. Trigger Warnings: threats of rape, sexual assault, emotional abuse, dub-con, blood, violence & gore, mentions of suicide, infertility Kathryn Ann Kingsley gives us a beautiful and heartbreaking story about the fae and a woman who may be the key to saving Seelie and Humans by stopping the Unseelie Prince from starting a war he believes is his destiny. The Unseelie Prince Reading ExperienceKathryn went to Boston University where got her Theatre Design degree. She has said that she has always had a passion for unconventional, creative, and unique experiences. Among her many talents include special effects, artistic direction, electronics, props, and scenic painting. It was a really interesting dark novella. I knew a little bit what to expect going in and I'm glad for it because otherwise I guess I'd have been put off a little. So, yeah: it's definitely not a romance, it's dark and full of manipulation. Also, lots of sex scenes, which I'm not complaining about but since it's so important to the story, I feel like readers need to know about it. I did not expect the fae in this book to be anymore different than the other fae I encountered in other books: gorgeous, hot, but evil and cruel. What I didn't expect, however, was to meet such a diverse cast of creatures — some were the stuff of nightmares, while others were monstrously beautiful. I loved the gore, I loved the childish nature of the Unseelie prince- Gosh that was SO on brand I loved how he wasn't humanized for us I hate when authors do that- he was cruel, uncaring, egotistical, a slave to his own whims and desires and a total creature born of darkness!

Kathryn Ann Kingsley does a fantastic job with telling a story that is interesting and avoids predictability. She gives us quite a few twists that throw us for a loop while bringing to life amazing and flawed characters. The Unseelie Prince Book Review LOVED his seemingly simple character being so not-so-simple after all! I fell victim to judging him at first too, I must admit! I must say that I found the depiction of romance in this book to be truly captivating. The way in which it was presented was nothing short of beautiful, and it left me feeling completely mesmerized. The storyline of two enemies gradually falling in love was executed with an almost perfect balance of emotional intensity and tension, and I found myself completely spellbound by it. Overall, I would say that this book is an absolute must-read for anyone who appreciates a good love story, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys this genre of literature. The throne is Valroy’s for the taking…but first, he needs a queen. As the son of the Morrigan and heir to the vacant Unseelie throne, Valroy itches to shed the mantle of prince and take his place as King. To his great regret one ancient tradition stands in his way, demanding he first take a bride. With all the members of the Unseelie court proving to be insufferable, what is a prince to do?Or…” A twist to his lips told her precisely which was the option he preferred the most. “You tell me your deepest wish.” A story, that, unfortunately, is painfully slow and one-dimentional. At some point I considered skimming, but -still hanging on to that beautiful cover that speaks of rougher and sexier times- I just didn't want to give up so easily.

She now makes her home in Boston, where she lives with her husband, their dog, and two felines. When she is not writing her novels she can usually be found drawing. So I kind of understand the loophole Valroy is taking with marrying a human woman over a fae, but why can't he just take the empty throne if he's already so insanely powerful to the point where no one can challenge him? Unclear. I want her to know what we are. Who we are. More importanly who I am. I will not apolize for my nature. Especially not to my future queen. She shall know al lof what I am capable of before the end”. For Abigail her new reality is terrifying this strange world is full of monsters and creatures that wish to do her harm and everybody here seems to have a hidden agenda she has no idea who to trust and if she gives in to her desires the way she craves she will literally be condemning so many others to war and death. But if she can somehow solve the maze which is proving impossible Abigail can return home but with Valroy constantly changing the rules this is proving to be an insurmountable task. It was always about Valroy being cruel and a giant abt-winged jerk (which, okay, could be considered hot, if you squint, except for the wings part that is probably what got me in this situation in the first place), about Abigail trying to escape from her secy kidnapper (fair), Abigail refusing to marry him over and over and over and over (again, fair af), but there wasn't much else in between and the little that was, was forgettable and not as hot as that freaking cover suggested.Like all of the author's books, the love that the male love interest is not a good person. Valroy isn't even a person, he's an Unseelie Prince and doesn't pretend to view morality like a human. Kathryn does this really well in all her male protagonists, somehow make their inhumanity help justify their horrific actions. Regardless that she is broke and about to be homeless, she still helps out a hungry stranger who happens upon her home to stew. Too bad he’s not all he seems to be. Abigail has found herself the object of Valroy, the Unseelie Prince’s affections. Also a little put off by a lot of typos/wrong words but I won't hold it against the author since what I received was an ARC and there was another round of edits before publication anyway so I don't think that still is an issue. Qué tiene este libro? No es su gran argumento, ni su escenario. Para nada, lo bueno de estos personajes es su naturaleza. Me explico, nos encontramos en el mundo de las hadas o los Folk, sobretodo las Unseelie (hadas oscuras). Not much more to say, I think; I enjoyed my read and got through it in about four hours. I think I might buy a copy, since it's only 99 cents currently.

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