Studex After Piercing Lotion (50Ml)

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Studex After Piercing Lotion (50Ml)

Studex After Piercing Lotion (50Ml)

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Think that by having a shower means that your piercing has been “cleaned”. Rinsing while washing isn’t enough to look after your new piercing. You should be using your chosen solution and cleaning properly! NATURALLY MEDICATED PIERCING AFTERCARE SPRAY - Base Labs piercing aftercare saline spray for new and old piercings and bump treatment solution is powered by our Isotonic Saline Solution aka sea salt - which effectively reduces healing time associated with skin piercings. Use as a piercing cleanser for piercings on the Ear, Nose, Belly Button, Bumps, Keloids, Earrings, Tattoo aftercare, piercing bump shrinking and more.

Given that we know that the piercing process itself is hygienic and the jewellery is sterilised, we need to highlight the importance of what you need to do at home to look after your sparkly new piercing so we have broken it down for you! Do’s If irritation to your skin or any infection occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician immediately. Change your earrings after the healing period for any hoops or heavy drop earrings. You should continue to wear hypoallergenic, high quality, post style / straight earrings for the first few months. Make sure that you remember to rotate your jewellery, little half turns with clean hands every time you clean the area. This movement reduces the risk of embedding. Make sure you clean your new piercing after swimming and exercising, as well as making sure that when showering you rinse around the jewellery to make sure there is no build-up of soap or shampoo.

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After showering or shampooing, the ears should be thoroughly rinsed and then cleansed with After Piercing Lotion and Ear Care Gel should be reapplied. With aftercare being a key step in the piercing process, Studex will be announcing some exciting news about a NEW revolutionary aftercare product that will promote accelerated skin recovery and provide added protection for new piercings! We will be sharing details with you over the coming weeks so watch this space…

As part of our professional piercing service, your piercer will take you through a consultation form which explains the process and importantly the key steps for aftercare advice. They will also discuss the option in aftercare solutions for you; with the traditional After Piercing Lotion as well as the recently launched Studex Advanced Aftercare for accelerated skin recovery! Only the best for Studex customers! STUDEX Advanced is a new & improved 2 in 1 aftercare & cleanser that is Dermatologist & Pediatrician tested for the Immediate aftercare & ongoing hygiene of your piercing. Formulated by specialists it Is hypoallergenic with a skin neutral pH. It contains purified water & a proprietary manufactured hypochlorous technology to hygienically cleanse and care for the skin. Always wash your hands before touching or cleaning your new piercing! It is super important to not introduce dirt and bacteria!Never touch the earrings without first washing your hands. Avoid unnecessary touching whenever possible. S TUDEX After Piercing Lotion and STUDEX Ear Care Gel are formulated with the single purpose of maintain healthy pierced ears. Nose piercing – make sure you select a suitable hypoallergenic nose stud. The piercing jewellery is designed for the piercing process only. Should excessive redness, pain or swelling occur seek medical attention immediately. Do not remove studs until you have sought medical attention!

Remember to rotate your jewellery with little half turns, about 180◦ left and 180◦ right with clean hands when you are cleaning. Don’t spin them fully round as this could cause long hair to become wrapped around the post.STUDEX After Piercing Lotion or Gel should be used at least twice a day during the first 6 weeks healing process. Touch or play with your new piercing unnecessarily. Give it time to settle and heal, just cleaning and moving as advised. Training (piercing) earrings should not be removed for 4 to 6 weeks. Clasps should not be too tight against the lobe. After Piercing Lotion or Gel should then be used daily thereafter to help reduce the incidence of infection. In addition to its use as an aftercare, Studex Advanced should also be used as an ongoing hygiene cleanser for your skin, earrings, and piercings for daily hygiene, after exercise, and when changing your jewelry.

STUDEX Advanced Aftercare & Cleanser Is dermatologist & pediatrician tested for cleansing & caring for the skin with regular application for 3 weeks as an immediate aftercare & ongoing skin cleanser. Even after the ears have healed and the customer is wearing other earrings, After Piercing Lotion or Gel should be used regularly to keep ears healthy and earrings clean. STUDEX Ear Care Gel is the same basic formulation in a convenient gel form. Utilizing benzalkonium chloride, both After Piercing Lotion and Ear Care Gel are effective against staph and strep germs. STUDEX After Piercing Lotion is specially formulated and Ph balanced to keep the skin soft and healthy.

Remove the jewellery before the timeframe advised on your consultation form. Trying to change them too soon could lead to the hole closing and problems caused when trying to introduce different jewellery. Be patient or if you can’t wait to swap your jewellery, ask your piercer about Studex Advanced. You should not wear hoops or hook style earrings straight after the 6 / 12 weeks as this can affect how the piercing continues to heal.

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