Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - Orks: Squighog Boyz

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Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - Orks: Squighog Boyz

Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - Orks: Squighog Boyz

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Orks have a reasonable variety of units seeing play, and there’s a few different ways you can take them, but there are a few things you’re seeing in most lists. First up, Beast Snaggas or Nobz in Trukks. Beast Snaggas are your bread and butter Battleline unit, capable of hitting pretty hard in combat and soaking up at least some counterpunch thanks to T5 and a 6+ Feel No Pain. Trukks help them get where they need to be, and once they’ve been dropped off, can go be annoying and score Secondaries. You can also optionally add a Beastboss to this unit to add some extra heft. Because he gets Devastating Wounds on the charge, the Anti-Monster/Vehicle 4+ on his 6A Beastchoppa means that he’ll take a real chunk out of a large target, especially in a Waaaagh turn, but you do now pay heavily for the privilege. This is where all your Beast Snagga Characters come in – your opponent has to start trying to plan around a bunch of your units having a Devastating Wounds surprise laced among them. Squighog Boyz are also pretty scary for big targets even before you go for the Killchoppa on the Nob, and once that gets involved they’re terrifying. Meganobz are also, as ever, pretty good at ripping stuff apart (another source of Devastating Wounds), and regular Nobz with a Warboss can mess something up in a Waaaagh turn and/or by popping Unbridled Carnage for an absolute avalanche of power claw hits. Finally from the Index, if you want to add some additional anti-tank dakka, the Kustom Mega Cannon on Mek Gunz. The minimum squad size for Beast Snagga Boyz is 10, so you can even split these into two separate units.

Beast Snaggas! The new Beast Snagga range is largely pretty awesome on the tabletop. Maybe a little too awesome in places, but that’s a problem for da ‘umies to worry about. Cheap Transports are Great: Trukks cost 50pts 60pts. You’d be mad not to take some. Big Trakks are also priced to move. Orks are on the rise – it’s not pure upside for them, but overall the dataslate has moved them in a very healthy direction, and we’re starting to see them take some big trophies as a consequence.

Why Should You Play This Faction?

So how do the Orks fare in this brave new world of insanely powerful codexes and incredibly killy units? Do the Orks stand on the precipice of ascension to the glorious ranks of 70%+ win rate armies, ready to dominate GTs or are they the first stumble we’ve had in a while? Let’s take a look. As diverse and volatile a group of Orks as ever there was, the Beast Snaggas are united by their universal abundance of scar tissue, bionic limbs, and a shared desire to fight things bigger than themselves. The Beast Snagga keyword not only gives these units a 6+ invulnerable save, but also +1 to hit rolls made against Monsters and Vehicles, which seems like a pretty good starting point. Similar to the Death Guard’s change with Disgustingly Resilient, this is going to be useless sometimes but more reliable and more useful overall. This shuts out a large number of “smaller” heavy weapons, including Heavy Bolters, Assault Plasma Incinerators, Autocannons, Fleshmowers, Executor Bolt Rifles, Plague Belchers, Belleros Energy Cannons, and Volkite Culverins, as well as a lot of 2-damage melee weapons. It’s a big boost on the faction’s deff dreads and killa kans.

Big! There’s a ton of content here, with a huge collection of datasheets plus lots of customisation options on multiple angles. Ork players now have a dizzying array of choices when building their army. The new box is full of everything a prospective Warboss needs to start their conquest, featuring 26 brand-new plastic miniatures that are available first in this set. The box also contains a full, early copy of Codex: Orks with cover art exclusive to this set. Finally, you’ll find all the datacards, Orky transfers, and aforementioned squigs you need – can’t have a Waaagh! without squigs. Finally, for your slightly fancier class of plane you have the Wazbomb Blastajet. An important change on these is that they no longer have a KFF, instead being able to buy a Wazbomb Force Field that provides a 5++ aura for Aircraft only. If you find yourself taking several planes it might be worth considering, but it’s fairly pricy for a single one – especially as the planes can still benefit from a KFF on the ground, meaning that if you’re going vehicle heavy and relying on a Boostaed field for turn one protection, these can just tag in on that. Overall this is an interesting and potentially potent part of the book. Trukk Boyz actively switches on some nasty stuff, and the rest go some way towards mitigating one of the challenges you often get in list design, which is taking units that don’t fit the main theme of your chosen faction. Quite a few of these let you amp up shooting units in a melee build or melee units in a shooting or vehicle-focused list, and that’s a neat mechanic that we really like. Warlord TraitsHooo boy here we go. As of this book, Orks are going to have some of the nastiest characters in the entire game, and yes that takes into account the fact that Drukhari exist. On some level that is as it should be – the mightiest of the Orks should be able to krump anything that takes their fancy – but you can do some spectacular stuff here, especially on Squigosaurs. You may have noticed they’re being mentioned a lot and that’s because they’re outrageous just on base rate, and adding some of these traits can pump them up to contend with the real greats. The juicy part here is the effect for SQUIG units, giving them +1 to wound when they charge or heroically intervene. This only covers a few datasheets in the book, but they’re good units just on base rate and this makes them incredibly fearsome. This is where the big power for this Clan too, as the rest of what’s here is merely fine, making it ripe for potential souping – an Outrider of a bunch of the Squighog Boyz led by Mozrog feels like it’s begging to be tried. Freebooterz This is also a place you can dip into Forge World – Grot Tanks are surprisingly great, throwing out plenty of Rokkit shots and being hard to pin down thanks to their Scatter! Ability, while the Kill Tank gets to enjoy another edition of being fairly aggressively priced, and the bursta’ cannon here is decent into enemy armour. What Combos Should You Build Around? And ALL of this comes in a single box! As you can see, it’s everything you need to start a new Waaagh! or to easily add to your existing greenskin horde. Da Merch

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