Soundmagic E10 Earphones - Silver/Black

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Soundmagic E10 Earphones - Silver/Black

Soundmagic E10 Earphones - Silver/Black

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The sound quality is very good. The highs are clear, crisp and have a nice sparkle to them that isn't overwhelmingly harsh. Likewise, the bass is also very nice, loud and punchy without drowning out the mids or highs. Speaking about the mids, they have good clarity but feel a bit recessed compared to the bass or treble. It would be nice if the mids were just a bit more forward. Soundstage is also surprisingly spacious, and creates an airiness to the sound and vocals. i didnt´t want to spend much, max 100 euros, because i do my serious listening mainly in my home and to be honest, didn´t think that

It adds pep to dance and beat-based music, but isn’t 100 per cent integrated – it’s a noticeable boost that does upset the otherwise solid sound balance of the SoundMagic E10S. We imagine this is something that may have developed or increased a little in the various iterations of E10 that have been released since its beginnings. The cable itself is split into two even lengths which join about a quarter of the way down, with the full length of cable being a standard 1.2m. The cable isn’t braided, nor does it have a slippery finish. It does have a tendency to get entangled quite easily, and emerged from the box fairly kinked already. But few earphones really manage to avoid this completely. Really, though, the overall appearance is an unassuming one, and it might be all too easy to dismiss the E10 as another chi-fi earphone. But that’s simply not the case. Specifications True wireless buds are in abundance these days, and you don't need to spend a fortune to get some. One of our favourite sets, the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus, are available for an attractive price considering you get up to 45 hours of battery life, not to mention great-quality sound.

About SoundMAGIC Headphones

Because i am wearing helmet when biking and longboarding i cant use my trusted Sennheiser PX100 on those kind of activity i went in ear. As a beginner I immediately put them on and started listening.. and I was blown away! The sound was so detailed and wide, it was like I was listening to completely new music. (believe me, I wasn't) What I’m most impressed by is the deftness of the stereo imaging, which, when combined with a fairly large soundstage, give the SoundMagic E10C an involving and “big” sound. Until recently, the wireless performance of most budget Bluetooth wireless earphones is best described as patchy. You’d get pretty regular blips from movement, from interference of other devices, or just for reasons unexplained. In my experience at least, the SoundMagic E10BT’s wireless performance is on a par with pairs several times the price. I’ve heard no major wireless blips from these earphones. As you can see from the specs, the E10 sports a fairly standard frequency range, but with a little more action in the lows and highs. The relatively high impedance (for an earphone, at least) could benefit from some amplification, but still seems to cope with low-power devices like phones and computers. Sound pressure level is a pretty common 100 decibels, and you’d be hard-pressed to not find adequate volume in most listening situations. Low End

These buds isolate but not too well. They don’t cut out all the external noise though and you could hear a little of the outside. As long as it’s not my neighbor’s dog out there barking away at the newly painted wall(possibly because it didn’t like it), I don’t mind! There’s a carry case and charge cable, the standard stuff, and eleven pairs of silicone tips. The standard is three pairs. These are exceptional for the money, and the new affordable choice for those looking to upgrade those bundled buds."

At roughly the same price the Final E3000 offers a sleek design and some cool machining build quality. The E3000 has an overall flatter tuning, shy vocals that are not too pronounced and noticeably less sub-bass than the E11C which has a dynamic driver of larger diameter. Typical of SoundMagic, the price hike over the 3.5mm version isn’t egregious and the sound quality is consistent. We wouldn’t advise buying the E11D if you think “digital” earphones such as this will be empirically superior. Unless your phone has terrible headphone circuitry, they won’t be markedly better. Plus, the addition of USB-C brings its own problems. Verdict The review below is for the E10M but the E10 is exactly identical, bar the extra mic. So lets begin.

After having tested this with half a dozen different handsets and a handful of USB-C cables, I found that this was an issue with all of them. You simply wouldn’t notice it normally because you’d be plugging in to charge, not listen to music. The SoundMagic E10S look a good deal like the E10 earphones, but if you owned that set years ago you may notice a few little tweaks to the design. The SoundMagic E10S use single dynamic drivers, and opt for a fairly populist sound signature. They have a slightly expanded/enlarged bass response that’s on the wrong side of balanced. The SoundMagic E11 and E11C are both budget earphones with non-removable silver-plated copper cables, and an elegant design to boot. The E11C, much like the E10C before it, has an in-line mic and a three-button remote, while the E11 doesn’t. Despite their bargain price, the SoundMAGIC E10C's are superbly built. Whereas most rivals would have plastic casings, the E10C's feature stylish metal ones. These are not only tough and durable but the metallic finish is stylish, too. A robust travel case is also included, keeping your headphones safe when not in use.This fiddliness is the one practical issue of the SoundMagic E10BT. Get used to it, though, and it makes for a very secure microphonic-free fit. E11C has a fuller sounding low-end while the E3000’s greater top-end presence will match better with high-end music players with a focus on detail. If you need a mic for calls and plan to get a sturdy earphone for the morning bus ride, the E11C would definitely be a good choice. Our Verdict The in-ear design combined with the right eartips seals music in and leaves unwanted noise out. Lower volume requirements allow you to protect your hearing from damage loud music can cause.

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