Rearguard for Rabbits 25ml

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Rearguard for Rabbits 25ml

Rearguard for Rabbits 25ml

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Rabbits should be first treated in early summer to help eradicate blowfly (Lucilia sericata) and before any flies are spotted. You should always consult your vet before following any suggestions for medication or treatment you have read about. The wrong treatment could make your rabbit worse or mean your vet is unable to give the correct treatment because of drug interactions. Even non prescription drugs can do harm if given inappropriately. If your rabbit is producing unusually wet faeces, take it to the vet for diagnosis and treatment, and be prepared to change the diet accordingly. Please note that it is not always the bottom that can become soiled, for example, Flystrike is surprisingly common just above the tail and in other areas of the rabbit’s body.

Rearguard comes supplied ready-to-use in a bottle with built-in applicator sponge. Gently depress the sponge to break the valve before applying. I can't really change her diet as she is already underweight, and I don't want her to lose more weight but it's becoming a regular issue now. Rearguard was mentioned to me this morning so I said I would consider it. I've always stayed away from things like this so don't know any awful lot about how safe it is Mesh is a good idea, I will have to see if I can put some up somehow in their bedroom, I'm not really allowed to fix anything to the walls but I will definitely look into it Thanks for the info :wave: I was sure I've heard of bad reactions that's why I was asking, I'm sure it's effective at deterring flies though I'm quite fussy when it comes to putting things on my pets or giving things to my pets, I don't feel comfortable risking bad reaction to anything, especially in an older animal Rabbits should be treated at 8-10 week intervals under conditions of repeated blowfly challenge. Bathing or washing the rabbit after application may result in a reduction of efficacy.Encourage your rabbit to lose weight: attend weight clinics if your practice holds them, get advice on how to get your rabbit to lose weight. Firstly do NOT wash the affected area as this makes it harder for the maggots/eggs to be located and removed. We are very grateful to members who take time to answer other members questions, but please do be clear in your replies that you are sharing personal experience and not giving instructions on what must be done.

Rearguard for Rabbits is used for the prevention of blowfly strike in rabbits. The active ingredient is cyromazine. The clear solution is applied to the skin and comes ready to use in a 25ml bottle with applicator. Pharmacological Properties Pharmacotherapeutic group: Antiparasitic products, insecticides and repellents. A weekend delivery service and a Priority Dispatch service for urgent items is also available to the mainland uk. As a regulated veterinary medicine, RearGuard can only be prescribed and supplied by a suitably qualified person (SQP) or a licenced veterinarian. Rabbits should be first treated in early summer before any flies are seen. Rearguard will not kill adult maggots but works by preventing any eggs laid by flies developing.Apply Rearguard or a similar product as recommended by the manufacturer. This product can be used if your rabbit is at risk of flystrike, as recommended by your vet. Rearguard 6% w/v Cutaneous Solution effectively prevents blowfly strike (Lucilia sericata) in domestic rabbits by preventing eggs laid by flies developing into adult maggots. We have an SQP on The Hay Experts team so we are allowed to prescribed and supply this medicine via the internet or phone to you.

So, flystrike is how it sounds, flies are the problem. During the summer or warm periods flies rear their ugly heads and start finding their next victim. Flystrike happens when the fly lays its eggs on or around the rabbit. The fly eggs then hatch into maggots. Once hatched on the rabbit they then dig their way through the hair to find the flesh, they can then begin eating the flesh within 24 hours of hatching. Frightening! Are all rabbits at risk? Depending on how bad the situation is, treatment can be given. Vets will try to remove as many of the maggots as they can. Remove any surrounding hair and treat the wounds. Antibiotics will usually be needed along with powerful pain relief. Bad cases are when the maggots have eaten deeper than just the surface of flesh. This is very painful for the rabbit and sometimes the kindest thing is euthanasia. Prevention is better than cure. If your rabbit is obese, it needs to lose weight so that there is less strain on joints, it is able to squat properly when toileting and it is able to clean itself properly.

Prevention is always better than cure. Some rabbits can recover from fly strike whilst others may not. It is fatal depending on how bad it is. So how can we prevent this? Paterson, S, Varga M (2017) Skin Diseases of Rabbits- In: Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents- Clinical Medicine and Surgery 4 th Edition WB Saunders, Philadelphia. Flystrike can affect any rabbit, whether clean and healthy or not - and eggs can be laid in a few seconds and then hatch only a few hours later. And don't forget that house rabbits are just as at risk as outdoor rabbits! Rearguard, from Novartis, is for the prevention of flystrike (maggot infestation from the blowfly Lucilia sericata) in domestic rabbits for 10 weeks after dosing. Rearguard is a clear solution containing 6% cyromazine.

Understanding the pathogenesis of flystrike relies on the concept that clean, dry skin will not be affected. If the skin is not clean and dry either there is a disease process that is affecting grooming (eg head tilt secondary to inner ear disease or E.cuniculi infection, osteoarthritis, or spondylosis) or there is a disease process that is directly affecting the skin (urine scalding, cutaneous abscess, bite wounds). Once the fly is attracted to the area of skin, it lays eggs on the surface. Depending on the weather conditions, eggs can hatch as rapidly as within 12 hours, to form 1 st stage maggots. At this stage, the maggots are tiny and not harmful, however within 3 days these moult to 2 nd and then 3 rd stage maggots, which are larger and will cause direct damage to the skin. Maggots will not develop if the environmental temperature is below 9 degrees centigrade, or is the humidity in the local area of the skin is below 90%. Dosage and administration Rearguard comes supplied ready-to-use in a bottle with built-in applicator sponge. Gently depress the sponge to break the valve before applying. Archie, my mini lop, is nearly 9 years old and has pretty much always had a bit of a messy bottom. Millie, who is nearly 10, generally keeps hers clean. I'm really in two minds about this, particularly with Millie but also Archie gets quite affronted when humans do things to his body or restrain him. Even in a burrito, he's a handful. Gorgeously sweet and friendly in all other situations but prone to frenzies of clothes-biting if he feels he isn't getting his point across about wanting you to let go of him.

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The active ingredient is cyromazine. Rearguard does not kill the adult maggots but prevents eggs laid by the flies growing and thriving. All our delivery services operate within the current COVID guidelines for your safety. If you have any particular COVID-related requirements, please just let us know. Dirty hutches, how often is the rabbit cleaned out? As rabbits are confined to hutches it’s so important, we give them daily fresh bedding, not only because it is nice for them but flies love dirty faeces and urine infested environments. Keep the rabbits’ environment clean so that flies are not attracted. Remove dirty litter and bedding. I don't need to apply anything, I was only asking about the rearguard specifically as it was mentioned by the nurse to me yesterday that's fine, I will give it a miss, and I'm certainly not looking for anything to use instead of it

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