Promises We Meant to Keep: A Lancaster Novel (Lancaster Prep)

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Promises We Meant to Keep: A Lancaster Novel (Lancaster Prep)

Promises We Meant to Keep: A Lancaster Novel (Lancaster Prep)

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The contradictions of Sylvie’s personality are what makes her the most intriguing to me, I think. Combined with the dichotomy of the ever-patient yet fierce Spencer, the duo’s romance is an emotionally charged, coming of age story full of tender moments and explosive couplings. You are the only person in this entire world who makes me feel safe, Spence. Only you.” He leans in, nuzzling my cheek, his mouth at my ear. “I would destroy this entire world if it meant keeping you safe.” Knowing the “why” to justify people’s actions, is a luxury some take for granted. Sometimes, there isn’t one. And that’s terrifying. While other times, you just don’t need the “why”. The ending felt a little rushed, but was ultimately satisfying. And while the story wasn't fully what I had hoped for, it still hit the spot. He didn't belive her when she told him about her mother and said that she is like crazy ? Boy what is wrong with u 👀

I really hope Carolina gets a book in the future and I look forward to reading other books by this author, even though Promises We Meant to Keep wasn’t for me personally! Their relationship is also so well developed! Considering that it’s a second chance romance makes it even better! They had chemistry and love for one another from the get go and how their relationship developed in the past was also so endearing and not weird or overboard! It was just so cute and it made sense!! It just made me enjoy the book even more.It was heartbreaking to read about Sylvie’s past. And that she went through it alone, no one really taking her seriously. Though Spencer didn’t fully know everything, he was always there for her, until he wasn’t. She believes she’s the reason. That she ruined everything between them. He blames her, too. But her actions were draped in so much trauma & abuse. So young, and so broken. Bold, brazen, depraved, and delicious! Their chemistry is complicated and consuming. A beautiful mess - equal parts twisted and magical' 5***** Reader Review The only thing that I didn’t really like about this book is them doing so much “adult” stuff at the age of 13/14. It rubbed me the wrong way. It just seemed kinda unnecessary and could’ve been replaced with other things that they could’ve done to bond and get closer. So don't get me wrong I liked this book. I didn't dnf it because it wasn't good just towards the end it got predictable and kinda draged on quite a bit. This book has been written as a standalone but I do recommend reading All Things I Wanted to Say before commencing.

Her mother is very much a psychotic demon. I hated her in all the other books and despise her even more in this one! The things she did to her family and especially her children is unforgivable and so disgusting. So glad that she got what she deserved at the end and won’t be a bother anymore. Karma wins once again! This is Sylvie and Spencer’s story, we see the product of heartbreak and trauma, and how this effects both characters. There is a lot of wrongs that need to be made right and trust that needs rebuilding. I feel like Monica did a great job of having us feel for Sylvie and redeeming her. She is not a perfect person, she is flawed she is broken… but she is her and doing the best she can. Just like all of us are at the end of the day. My senses are buzzing, fully awake and attuned to this woman, and I understand completely why I came here. Why I sought her out. I’m still in love with her. Like a complete dumbas s.”

I loved Spencer and Sylvie so much, as indivduals and even more so together. I also loved how big of a role Whit and Summer played in this book. Intense and fabulously consuming. I loved every heart-pounding, gut-wrenching, over-the-top sexy moment' 5***** Reader Review Just so yk, the story fully evolves about Sylvie and her relationship with her mother, more than the romance itself. The story behind it, is quite original, i just didn’t like the conclusion, it was too rushed. I loved A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime, so I was very excited to read the next book in the Lancaster series! Promises We Meant to Keep is a second chance/brother’s best friend romance that follows Sylvie and Spencer from Thing I Wanted to Say, But Never Did. They fell deeply in love while at Lancaster Prep - where Sylvie's parents ran the school. Their relationship was a whirlwind of passion. But Sylvie committed the ultimate betrayal.

I also recommend A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime and the Arranged Marriage trilogy reading after - Which follows more of these crazy wealthy Lancasters! For years she’s solely been her mother’s focus. Sylvia Lancaster is not just your run-of-the-mill autocratic socialite. No, overbearing would have even been preferable to the horrors Sylvie endured at the hands of her very own mother. You are jealous,” I murmur as I sit at the table, reaching for the cup of coffee waiting for me. I bring it to my lips and take a sip, pleased to find it’s exactly as I like it. “You’re the one I was on my knees for yesterday. Don’t forget that.” Addictive, angsty and unforgettable . . . their chemistry was explosive' 5***** READER REVIEW Read more Look Inside Details I absolutely LOVE this book. I love Syl & Spence. They were EVERYTHING! True Soulmates, from the moment they met. Their love ran deep! And their chemistry - HOT🔥🔥🔥!!!When she’s sold to a Medicare-eligible magnate with the highest bid, Sylvie gives the most intimate piece of herself to the only man she’s ever loved, before accepting her fate. I swore this school year would be better, but it’s still all the same. All the time. She won’t leave me alone. I don’t feel normal. Ever. I don’t even know what that means or what it’s like. But being with you, and hanging out with Summer…you both help me forget who I really am.” Her smile is small. Sad. “A broken little doll with nothing to live for.” It isn't a secret I am a huge fan of Monica Murphy. And after reading All Things I Wanted to Say, I was very excited to finally get Sylvie's redemption story. AND to find out more about Spencer. Sylvie is the little sister of Whit and while I didn’t really care for her in his book, she really won me over in her own! She’s an amazing character and I feel so bad for her because of what she had to go through from a young age. Not being able to have her own identity and always being compared to her mother AND her mother supporting that idea, must’ve been so painful and hard for her!

Promises We Meant to Keep is Spencer & Sylvie's story, whom we met in Things I Wanted To Say. Spencer is Whit Lancaster's (Sylvie's older brother) best friend. Sylvie is friends with Summer (Whit's fiancée), whom she met at Lancaster Prep. Spencer & Sylvie have been sneaking around for years until Sylvie betrays him and ends their relationship for good. A couple of years later, they meet again at Whit & Summer's wedding and are forced to face each other again. This book was quite unlike any other romance I’ve ever read, from the characters, to the way the whole story was structured, it was truly one of a kind. But then I did the unthinkable, and betrayed him in the worst possible way. I thought I lost him for good…” Having loved one another all their lives, Sylvie and Spencer Donato have had a tumultuous relationship. As a Lancaster, Sylvie would never be permitted to marry a Donato yet he’s the only person to see the real person behind the facade. This is the third book in the Lancaster prep series, I would say you should read things we wanted to say but never did first just then you can understand Sylvie and a character and person more this book just explains her and her relationships better. It's basically set 2-3yrs after things we wanted to say but never did and what happened to sylvie afterwards. The main story is about Sylvies relationship with Spencer being dual pov and how they reconcile also ✨️spoilers✨️ how they get married at the end. There is a sub plot about Sylvies relationship with her mother but that also gets kinda stale and dull.Im glad she found Spencer Donato who has always been there for her. The thing is that for years she used him and never took him serious. As the story starts, they reconnect again and they get to have a second chance. This is my first time reading this author and this book definitely didn’t disappoint. I read this entire book in one sitting. I definitely added her books to my tbr list. This book had me at brother’s best friend. I will definitely be adding Spencer to my book boyfriend list. Did you want to be found?” Spence asks, his voice as soft as mine. I slowly shake my head. “Only by you.” From start to finish you are hanging onto every single word. For the last 24 hours this book was my entire life. I ate, slept and breathed this story and this couple' 5***** Reader Review

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