Fireman Sam 06849 Pontypandy Fire Station Playset, Multi-Colour, One Size

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Fireman Sam 06849 Pontypandy Fire Station Playset, Multi-Colour, One Size

Fireman Sam 06849 Pontypandy Fire Station Playset, Multi-Colour, One Size

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Chief Fire Officer Boyce: [ on the phone] Cheerio, Mr. Sledgehammer! Don Sledgehammer: So, Flex, I want you in my next movie; "Firefighter Sam's Flaming Inferno"! Flex Dexter: Awesome! And I'll be playing Firefighter Sam? Don Sledgehammer: Don't be crazy, Flex. Whatever every action movie needs is a real action hero! I see you as uh... you know... more of a co-star on this one. Flex Dexter: Huh? A co-star? Don Sledgehammer: Yes. You'll be... uh... [ points to Elvis Cridlington on the TV screen] that guy there! Flex Dexter: Oh... th-- the guy with the flappy-floppy shovel-y thing? Don Sledgehammer: Yes, that guy. I'll get my people to call your people! [ Don leaves his office with Flex inside.] Flex Dexter: Okay. I'll be the co-star for now. But an action movie set can be a dangerous place. Briefing room: The briefing room is where the firefighters are briefed of training or certain situations. Bronwyn Jones is a Pontypandy citizen who runs the Wholefish cafe. She is married to Charlie Jones, the daughter of Gareth Griffiths, the sister-in-law of Fireman Sam and is the mother of Sarah and James Jones. Although she was raised in the city, she feels much more at home in Pontypandy. Jerry Lee Cridlington is a new firefighter and Elvis' cousin. He made his debut in Castles in the Air as a replacement while Penny Morris was away for the day and whilst he was at the fire station he got Station Officer Steele confused as he thought Elvis was in two places at once. He resembles Elvis, though he has blond hair and according to Elvis, he is the better cook of the two. Jupiter has a 200hp l6 turbo diesel engine with a top speed of 75mph (120 km/h) and weighs 15 tonnes.

Mountain Rescue Ambulance (Off-road rescue 4x4) - Driven by Nurse Flood, Ellie Phillips, Elvis Cridlington& Fireman Sam

Mountain Rescue 4x4

In Series 5, the bay that housed Venus was always off-screen, with Venus appearing from the right side of the screen, however ever since Series 6 Venus now has a bay next to Jupiter. As a result, the single door was split up into two doors with a column in-between.

Smoke training room: The smoke training room is a small dark room connected to the training tower for the firefighters to do their BA training. The pride of the Pontypandy Fire Service, Jupiter is always on hand to attend all manner of disasters. Expertly driven by Sam and the crew, Jupiter is a welcome sight to anyone in trouble. Always clean and shiny, Jupiter's bright red paintwork and flashing blue lights are a clear sight that help is on the way. In Series 1 - 5, the door(s) had no logos on them, but ever since Series 6 both/all doors have the Pontypandy Fire Service logo on them. Police Constable Malcom Williams is a Police Officer in Pontypandy. He transferred from The Big City hoping for some peace and quiet, but all is not as it seems. Moose Roberts is a famous mountain climber who hails from Canada and works at the Mountain Activity Centre.Café was the Italian café ran by Bella Lasagne. Bella's café was based on the real-life 'Bracchis' run by Welsh Italians. It is still seen in the CGI series but as a coffee shop. Training Tower: The training tower is used for the firefighters to practice certain emergencies which they might come across. From Series 10 onward, the BA sets underneath the helmets are replaced with the firefighters' turnout gear as they now have station wear. Sarah and James Jones are the relatively well-behaved six-year-old twins of Charlie and Bronwyn, niece and nephew of Fireman Sam. They are often more sensible in an emergency than Norman. When they grow up they want to be firefighters like their uncle Sam. They started acting more like naughty twins in the 2008 series (i.e. insulting each other, having arguments, and sometimes being the cause of an emergency, but it is made clear they still care for each other). Sarah's catchphrase from 2012 is "I have/What a totally brilliant idea!" while James' is "Here I go." Disused Gold Mine is a disused mine at the end of the Pontypandy Mountain Railway there are many underground caves which are prone to flooding.

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