Pasha de Cartier Parfum by Cartier Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml

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Pasha de Cartier Parfum by Cartier Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml

Pasha de Cartier Parfum by Cartier Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml

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Will need of few more wearings to have a more accurate idea (especially about the performance, that appears quite light at first wear - but we know that often appears to improves over time, even though a couple of other reviewers mention that it's poor), but first impression leans towards a disappointment. Time will tell, but I have low expectations at this point. Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille EDP is a delicious balsamic, vanilla, spicy, woody, and sweet fragrance.

BLIND-BUY: Yes, but only if you are familiar with its main notes. Also, consider its poor performance. All and all I think this is a lovely fragrance in the (oriental) fougere genre that is modern but still classic, dry, deep and ambery with a touch of sweetness and an air of sophistication. Definitely worth the price. Projection : 9/10 ... projected heavily for the first 4 hours before it started sitting closer to the skin. It was beyond the 12 hour mark before it became a true skin scent. Killian Single Malt EDP is a great, sweet, vanilla, fruity plum, boozy whiskey-like, and resinous fragranceThis is excellent. I've never put my nose to the original Pasha, but I've smelled fragrances that are compared to it frequently, such as YSL's Jazz for example. Pasha Parfum is most likely just a warmer, ambery version of the original, it has that same exact warm amber/booze note that two other fragrances in my collection have: Drakkar Intense and Aramis Special Blend, and both of those are basically Drakkar Noir+amber/booze and Aramis+amber/booze, and I think that's becoming something of a trend perhaps in light of the popularity of other sweet fragrances becoming more popular, like Stronger With You.

UPDATE: I have realised that Pasha is much closer smelling to another newly discovered classic, Ralph Lauren Safari, which I only bought now (2 March 2020). For me Pasha is better than Safari both in smell and longevity. It is a very sophisticated, rich, deep, luxurious and very gentlemanly fragrance. As such it is best suited to a sophisticated, well dressed, self assured and polite gentleman. On that note I must say that it may not appeal to people under the age of 25 since it isn’t your typical style of easy going fresh blue fragrance that is very popular these days. If you enjoy fougere fragrances this one strikes the perfect balance of old school barbershop fragrances that has beed thoughtfully modernised to not smell dated and too austere. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme Le Parfum is a good, soft, sweet, spicy, anis, pepper, and lavender fragrance.

Pasha opens with an extremely true to life lavender note and in a light-hearted enough way. But as the mint comes in, so does the serious and resolutely masculine nature of this fragrance. There is not even a hint of sweetness or good humour and I like it that way. There's a heaviness to Pasha that sets it apart from JC's later scents - all that wood, lavender and moss nods to the big fougeres of the '80s. But there's also a lightness that hints at the Cavallier signature that was to follow. Now is it for older men? definitely not for teenagers who use Axe anyways, but 25 and up and perfectly suits a man in his 30s, like myself. While it sounds formal, it still feels flamboyant and alluring, and although it can be worn for any occasion and any season too, I prefer to wear it in the evenings, that's where it shines, in the depths of the dark quiet night, it just shines and fills the atmosphere with you: the Pasha, himself.

Pasha opens on a lemony-minty-tarry green note with loads of lavender to go. Initially a little tart and pungent, just for a minute maybe. Then it immediately starts to get smooth and dry, as you get whiffs of the coriander and oakmoss. It gets into the woody-spicy zone for a bit..still very dry but airy and breezy in a way. The initial citrus blast now toned down to just a subtle veil around the lavender & coriander. It's really beautiful to sense these stages go by. Very refined and mature. No theatrics whatsoever. And as the hours go by you can suddenly get wafts of creamy-dusty sandalwood and you know you have arrived. Very masculine, very classy. In a way more reminiscent of older fragrances like Aramis or Azzaro PH, in certain aspects (not the notes). It flew right to the top of my most-used-perfumes list. If you like old-school fougeres you have to try this one. It's a class apart. Longevity : 10/10 ... it's 13 hours in and I can still catch wafts from time to time, though much fainter. I just got a sample of this today and it smells amazing! It's very similar to Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent, Safari by Ralph Lauren, and Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels. The reason why they're all so similar is the the notes of lavender, oakmoss, sandalwood, carnation, and patchouli. The combination is what creates that similar smell that we've grown to love as we have smelled it on our fathers, friends, and significant others. For me personally it's comforting, it reminds me of the classic fragrances that still aren't dated or "old man" smelling. I think that this fragrances along with all the others I mentioned are great, but I think that you can't go wrong choosing any of them. They all smell somewhat similar but they certainly are not copies of each other. Tsar is quite smokey, Jazz is heavy on the nutmeg and corriander, Safari has lemon in the openning, and Pasha seems the most barebones of all of them. For all four of them I'd recommend being 20 or older because this is not your typical aquatic but instead a woody spicy. Instead Pasha Parfum brings with it the exact same rural scent, here reinvigorated and more mature. Rounder and more complete. Perfect spicy. Magnificent.

Not necessarily a safe blind buy, in my opinion, it can come off as dull, too musky or not sweet enough for some. It bewitched me in a way I was enchanted. And seduced me so that I feel ultimately relaxed. Because it warmed and heating up extremely, as to release vaguely balsamic resin fumes. As beautiful as Pasha absolutely is (and I genuinely love it), I still cannot put it in the same class as Heritage, which is really at the level of the sublime given how beautifully blended the notes of that latter fragrance are. (It is one of the greatest fragrances of all time, in my opinion.) You can wear Heritage, despite its opulence, almost anywhere, but Pasha would be something you would only want to wear for special occasions or for a corporate job--and the message Pasha's sumptuous wood notes send is that anyone in your presence better be minding their p's and q's. Its fanciness is a bit self-conscious, given that the edges of its notes are not nearly as soft. This juice is best for cold weather especially evening and formal social gatherings. More appropriate for age group 30 and up but then again, a confident young man can easily pull this off with the right get up, on the right season and occasion. Overall a great addition to my collection and will be on my rotation this fall till early spring next year 👌 The base is warm and sensual, oakmoss anchoring the patchouli and sandalwood which comes over as a dark brooding incense.

I noticed zero difference in the 1992 and the late 90s formulations, so as long as you see "Paris" under Pasha on the bottle you're likely getting the old formula. Because I own this and Noir, I've opted to make this the Fall/Winter scent due to it's heavier wood and spice notes and Noir the Spring/Summer thanks to it's citrus opening, but truthfully either could easily be year-round scents. I now understand why some are calling this EDT a classic and a masterpiece. It's not so obvious from the beginning, so you might need to try a couple of times. A little goes a long way with this EDT. A bit sweet in the opening with the boozy and woody vibe but into the far dry down the booze and sweetness fade and it becomes a smooth and enticing sandalwood fragrance.The fragrance's creator was Jacques Cavallier and the composition has notes of mint, lavender, mandarin orange, anise and meridian cumin on top. In the heart, rosewood, coriander and floral-spicy accord, obtained through the Golden Alyssum. In the base, sandalwood, patchouli, labdanum, and oakmoss. According to the manufacturer, Pasha Eau de Toilette is a fougère-aromatic. The sweetened nuances hidden in Pasha are the result of the Golden Alyssum, which usually attracts various pollinating insects. Sandalwood and patchouli reinforce these nuances and the oakmoss becomes less aggressive. The final touch of refinement comes with labdanum, here much more ambery than leathery.

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