Oasis Film Roll A4 Icing Sheet Edible Cake Topper/Cake Border

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Oasis Film Roll A4 Icing Sheet Edible Cake Topper/Cake Border

Oasis Film Roll A4 Icing Sheet Edible Cake Topper/Cake Border

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The name and number are both two layers of acrylic, pale pink on the bottom and gorgeous gold mirror on the top in a script font. I’m not going to lie, it was also a good excuse to make another one, and to buy some more flowers 😂 I also added an acrylic cut-out of her name to the cake topper. As always, I roped in my friend Stacey from Design at 409 to help me with the name and number, and she made a stunning job of them. For these designs, I’ve placed more pieces along the right-hand side, and a little less on the left, with them meeting in the middle. But you could choose to have them going up one side of the hoop only, across the top, or you could do a full wreath. I haven’t been making a ton of cakes in the past year or two, but when my aunty turned 70 in July, I knew she needed to have a fancy cake.

For this design, I have used white/cream ruscus, white eryngium, two white nigella Orientalis (octagon) flowers and hot pink bunny tails. The hoop I used here is 7″. Assembling the Floral Hoop Cake Topper Make sure you’re getting a selection of both flowers and leaves. The leaves bulk out the hoop without having to attach more individual pieces, which saves time and also makes for a more interesting design. Because I couldn’t find any tutorials on how to make these floral hoop cake toppers, I thought maybe I should put one together for the next person. So here we are!

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Learn how to make this pretty floral hoop cake topper. Using preserved flowers and leaves, this is the perfect floral cake topper for birthday cakes and wedding cakes alike!

If your hoop is bigger, or you have a lot more flowers, you may need more than three skewers. If you have flowers at the top of the hoop as well as the bottom, you could also add some skewers at the top, which will help hold it up more securely. We’re using bamboo skewers to hold up the hoop. Because I didn’t take pictures of the first cake, and the fact I haven’t had time to make another cake, I’ve made the little diagram below to show you where to insert the skewers. If you’re just going to be making one or two floral cake toppers, then I’d recommend buying small curated bunches, as you’ll be able to see that the colours work together, and you won’t have a ton of flowers left over. If you’re going to be making more hoops, or you have a very specific colour palette in mind, then wholesale flowers and leaves may be the way to go. For the first hoop I made, I also added in some feathers. These are just dyed feathers from a craft shop, which are often used in millinery for decorating hats and fascinators. They add a bit more interest and movement to the design, but you can skip them if you prefer. Glue or Thread? I still found it better and more secure to use the thread, but the glue is definitely an option to try if you prefer.Keep in mind that if you want your hoop to “float”, we will be securing it where the flowers are, so make sure that your arrangement will be in an area that will be resting against the cake. You’ll need to choose a hoop that is the right size for your cake. For my first flower hoop cake, the cake was a 7″ round cake (carved into a hexagon), and it was about 9″ tall. I used a 7″ hoop for that cake. The hoop I made for this tutorial was also 7″. Preserved Flowers and Leaves

This means you can apply the glue, hold the stem in place with one hand and shine the light with the other. You don’t have to wait for the glue to dry and hope that the stems don’t move in the meantime. The first thing I recommend you do is to pop the hoop down on your work surface and have a play around with the flowers and leaves to get a feel for how you want your hoop to look. I haven’t tried this on a round cake, but I’m 99.9% sure that it wouldn’t work. The hoop needs a surface to rest against so it doesn’t tip down to either side. It worked well on my hexagon cake, but I think a square cake would be even better. There are various different brands that make glues like this but the basic premise is the same – you apply the glue as normal, but doesn’t dry until you shine the accompanying blue light onto it. Then it dries rapidly, usually within 5 seconds. Until I made one of these cakes I had no idea about this whole world of preserved flowers and leaves. Unlike regular dried flowers that are just, er, dried, preserved flowers are treated with a special chemical solution that keeps them supple, while stopping them from decomposing. They’re often bleached and/or dyed to give us a whole spectrum of colours to choose from.These are generally easy to find in craft stores or online. I bought these hoops from our local craft store, Spotlight. They had gold ones and silver ones, but the silver ones they had were a kind of dull metal, so I went with the gold. I like shiny things ✨ These toppers are perfect for birthday cakes, and would make an amazing floral wedding cake topper, too! Flower Hoop Cake Topper Tutorial I’m not going to lie – this is a fiddly job. But I thought the end result was well worth it. If you don’t want to have to fluff around with this, having the hoop sitting on the cake board and resting against the cake looks great too.

I carved each layer of the cake into a hexagon, much like I did for my chocolate box cake and covered it with lilac coloured ganache in a rough finish. Note: this is where I inserted the skewers for the initial hoop design, and this placement would also work for the hoop I demonstrated in this post, but you may need to adjust the skewer placement if your flower arrangement is in a different area of the hoop. The skewers need to be hidden by the flowers. Also, if you want to attach the topper as I did to make it look like it’s “floating”, the firmer the icing on the cake, the better. When I asked her what she wanted, she just told me she wanted a chocolate cake, and that I could make it look however I wanted. It’s an ongoing joke in our family though that if you ask for “just a chocolate cake”, that’s not what you get 😂Start by holding your hoop up against the cake where you would like it to sit. Keep in mind that the more of the hoop that is touching the cake, the more stable it will be. I had a hunt for floral cake topper tutorials and couldn’t find any, so I made it up as I went along. I roped in my mother to help, and we had fun putting this cake topper together for my Aunty. It also made a great bonus birthday present for her to take home! 💜 Preserved flowers are definitely having a “moment” right now, so they’re reasonably easy to get a hold of, especially online.

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