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So in the case of 6 x 70mm PCD, we’re saying there are 6 bolts placed on a diameter of 70mm. And just so you know, most of the time those are M5 (5mm) bolts! Match the steering wheels to the hub to the adapter If you’re not sure which QR hub might suit your Fanatec, Simucube, Logitech, Simagic or OSW MiGE wheelbase, read on or follow the links below: As i said from the get-go, I love this QR system. I can’t think of a simpler or more satisfying system on the market. It’s the one that looks most like it came out of a real race car. It never fails to impress my friends when i swap rims. They always want to see it again and again, and try it themselves. The Pro hub from Simagic is really a button plate and hub intended for Simagic Direct Drive wheels only, as it features a Simagic-specific hub. If, for example you’d like to mount your favourite rim on a Simagic wheelbase, something like this would work: Simagic GT Pro Hub and QR featuring carbon paddles, QR hub and plenty of assignable controls. If you’re fitting an aftermarket rim, or one which connects via USB, you wont be needing the power pins. You could simply disconnect these pins, or you can remove the entire power plate from the QR system, which is easily done with just 2 bolts.

As mentioned, when the rotaion isn’t perfect, you can hold the wheel and rotate the shaft until it pops into place. However, only do this if you’re confident that you’re close to having the wheel in the correct position. You don’t want to bend those pins so if you’re unsure, take the wheel rim off fully and listen to the following instructions clearly. You’ll only need to learn this once. The kyostar QR system will fit with a little bit of modification. There’s a handy guide on how to achieve this in the owners’ group on facebook, which i’ll also link in the description below. For those of you interested in this wheelbase, this group is a good resource to hear from the people who actually own these devices. To mount a 70mm PCD wheel to your Logitech wheelbase using the Logitech QR, try this adapter from 3d Works on Etsy. Mounting to a MiGE OSW Wheel The Simucube wheelbases come with an SQR hub supplied. The SQR hub kit will accommodate any 50.8mm or 70mm PCD wheel (the wheel side mount is tapped with M5 threads. Simucube 2 Pro with SQR hub (wheelbase side) attached Most sim racers own Fanatec equipment, usually the CSL DD, DD1 or DD2 direct drive wheels or the earlier CSL series belt drive wheels. Compatibility on the Fanatec wheel side is taken care of by the Podium Hub – you can see the “wheel side” facing you in the picture below: Fanatec Podium Hub offers a 50mm or 70mm PCD fitment to mount pretty much any wheel to a Fanatec wheelbase.


There are pin headers provided in the emulator for “limited” wheel functionality, so you could connect the setup button individually if you were technically inclined. Of course, going this route would mean that the wheel you’re mounting would always need to be connected to your PC via USB to have the full functionality of the wheel. Mounting to a Simucube Wheelbase If you’re dealing with a complete sim steering wheel then clearly the XBOX One hub won’t be for you, but if you don’t fancy the expense of the Fanatec Podium hub, try the Fanatec Emulator from SRM. Sim Racing Machine’s Fanatec Wheel Emulator

With some careful thought it’s easy to match one end to the other: match the wheel to the hub, match the hub to the adapter. The adapter fits the wheelbase and you can get going! Mounting Fanatec wheels on non-Fanatec wheelbases The GT Pro Hub by SIMAGIC features a “zero compromise” approach to build quality. The button plate and hub combination consist of a carbon front plate and CNC-machined aluminium housing, as most of them do! The entire structure is robust, durable, and flex-free, offering no compromises when it comes to you being faster.When taking off the rim, simply make sure that your wheel rim is centered, then put one hand over the top of the rim’s button plate, and one underneath. Pull the collar towards you, and pull lightly towards you and the rim will slip off with ease.You don’t need to switch anything off before you do this, you can hotswap rims mid race if you want. What you’re going to learn from reading this in-depth article on QR adapters will help you decide what adapter you’ll need to mount a QR hub to the wheelbase and what the measurements mean when we’re discussing mounting a wheel rim or complete sim steering wheel. What does “6 x 70mm” PCD mean anyway? The QR hub alleviates play via the special conical shaft on the wheelbase side of the hub. Compatible with any 70 mm PCD fitment wheel. GT PRO HUB – Simagic There are several ball bearings which get pushed into place when the collar is released. When the collar is pulled towards the rim, the collar moves the out of the way and the ball bearings move outwards. This clears the way for the wheel base shaft and once the shaft pushes the inner metal collar, the ball bearings are pushed inwards towards the shaft by the outer collar which is spring loaded. This is the cause of the satisfying “clunk” that i just cannot get enough of. To take an early wheel such as a Formula Clubsport Fanatec wheel out of the Fanatec ecosystem, you’re going to need a USB conversion. As Fanatec wheels use the Fanatec QR hub to connect the wheel as a game controller, you will need to convert the wheel to a USB device with this board from Leo Bodnar. Fanatec USB conversion (pre-soldered) fits neatly into existing pins on the board

For detailed photos and dimensions of the MOMO hub go here. For detailed photos and dimensions of the Nardi Deep Corn 330mm steering wheel go here. Where to Buy Steering wheel bolt patterns are relatively standard, in that there are very few to choose from – and they’re influenced heavily by competition steering wheel manufacturers such as MOMO, Sparco and OMP who use the “6 x 70mm” PCD bolt pattern. The steering wheel feels much closer to me than I expected. 1.5″ in increased offset is actually quite a lot. It’s OK and I’m going to attempt to get used to it. The main issue I found is that now it requires quite a reach to actuate the signal and wiper stalks on the steering column. I’m aware some guys modify those and bend them a bit closer. For now, I’ll get used to them as they are.There are a few options. The Fanatec Podium hub is the OEM hub from Fanatec and will accept all third-party rims using a 6x70mm or 3x50mm bolt pattern. Cube Controls wheels all come with a Cube Controls universal hub which will also accommodate 6x70mm or 3×50.8mm bolt patterns. Cube Controls wheel mounted to Fanatec Podium Hub If you know your wheel fitment and you’re looking for the best hub to mount your wheel, jump to these links below: The SRM emulator makes the Fanatec wheelbase think that a Fanatec wheel rim is attached, thus enabling FFB. It’s compatible with the Podium DD1 and DD2, Fanatec CSW all versions 1, 2 and 2.5 and the older CSL / CSL Elite wheelbases. Next, there’s the issue of how the wheelbase end is actually mounted to the wheelbase. Simucube, Fanatec, Logitech – they’re all different.

The unit comes with preset PIT / LED-based RPM lights incorporating nine LEDs and 8 Customizable buttons, 2 thumb rotary encoders on the sides for easy accessibility, and 2 RGB encoders for TC and ABS. All of the lights are fully programmable via the latest Simagic software: SimPro Manager IKERS. The “PCD measurement” is the way a steering wheel fitment is described. There are usually 6 bolts mounting your steering wheel and most commonly they are arranged on a diameter of 50.8mm or 70mm PCD. PCD stands for Pitch Circle Diameter and it’s the common way to describe a stud pattern: PCD Stud patterns ( source) So, when you’re mounting a brand new rim or sim steering wheel unit, you will most likely come across a hub that is pre-drilled for 6 x 70mm bolt patterns. But you might also find that the hub is 6 x 70mm (wheel end) to 3 x 50.8mm (wheelbase end) and so on.The Ascher adapter will allow a 70mm or 50mm bolt pattern item to mount directly onto the Simucube shaft from which you can attach any QR hub or spacer directly to the wheelbase. Simucube 2 Pro with SQR mount removed to reveal unique 3-hole mount (non-standard, non-PCM) Mounting a Cube Controls wheel to a Logitech Wheelbase Now you’ve got a good idea of compatibility between wheels, adapters, hubs, and wheelbases, let’s take a look at some of the QR hubs out there, as recommended by sim racers. Fanatec Podium Hub The mounts tend to be very simple but extremely effective and can attach on the wheel side to either 50.8mm PCD or 70mm PCD rims.

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