Midsomer Murders - Last Year's Model [DVD]

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Midsomer Murders - Last Year's Model [DVD]

Midsomer Murders - Last Year's Model [DVD]

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It has been a year since DCI Barnaby arrested Ann Woodrow for the murder of her old schoolfriend Frances Trevelyan. It is believed that Ann killed her because she was in love with her husband, the corn merchant John Trevelyan. The case is finally coming up for trial but although Barnaby originally thought that he had a watertight case against Ann he is now beginning to have doubts. For instance, he bumps into clinical psychologist Pru Plunket who knows the accused and she tells him that Ann was thinking of moving to London just prior to the murder due to being unable to cope with her infatuation with Trevelyan. This suggests to Barnaby that Ann is a rational person and not somebody who would go the lengths of bumping off her fancy man's wife in such brutal fashion. Barnaby and DS Jones re investigate the case to find the true killer before it is too late. Is Ann's husband, the pop impresario Lance Woodrow the supportive husband he seems to be or is that simply to hide something? In addition, Mark Thomas, the local newspaper reporter seems to be very friendly with antiques dealer Jamie Cramner, one of the witnesses at the trial. Both seem on edge when DS Jones is sitting in on the trial to observe and look for anybody who seems to be acting suspiciously. An antique table and vases prove to be a vital clue in Barnaby apprehending the killer... A 90-year-old feud between the male and female inhabitants of Broughton comes to a head with a Skimmington Ride event. When elderly Ms. Danvers is poisoned shortly before the event takes place, Barnaby and Jones must investigate whether her murder was related to the feud or another unknown cause. When the Rev. Anthony Gant is shot and killed whilst taking part in the traditional ride, and another murder follows, it seems likely that there are deeper secrets to uncover.

In 1970, Roger Heldman apparently died in an accident during an archaeological dig at the Midsomer Barrow. Two important Celtic pieces, a spear head and a chalice, were discovered but subsequently disappeared. In the present day, Roger's son Gareth is killed with the spear, after having had altercations with several of the villagers. Later, at the climax of the summer solstice celebration, Gareth's half-brother, David Heartley-Reade, is killed while performing a pagan ceremony to save his failing marriage. Barnaby and Scott investigate rituals, plagiarism, lies, and a tangle of relationships. The peace of Ferne Basset is shattered when the body of quiet animal lover Agnes Gray ( Denyse Alexander) is found floating in the nearby river. Soon afterwards her cousin, Esslyn Carmichael ( Nicholas Le Prevost), inadvertently cuts his own throat on stage during the final act of an amateur production of Amadeus. It turns out that the safety tape on the prop knife used by Esslyn on stage had been removed, making it lethal. As most of the other cast members of the Causton Amateur Dramatics Society loathed him, there are multiple motives and suspects for his murder. DCI Tom Barnaby needs to establish whether there is a connection behind the two deaths to solve the case. Angela Pleasence and Bernard Hepton also appear.John Nettles and Jason Hughes are both superb, individually and together, and the supporting cast are without complaint. In the village of Monks Barton, two couples seemingly disappear from their cottages. When Barnaby and Jones arrive, they learn about the legendary and mysterious haunted woods. Shortly afterwards, a body is found in a shallow grave, giving Barnaby and Jones an accurate description of one of the "missing" persons. The detectives have to delve much deeper into the woods and beyond, to find the answer.

Upon his death, Karl Wainwright, owner of the Easterly Grange Hotel, leaves an estate with a number of beneficiaries, including hotel manager Gregory Chambers, his wife Suzanna ( Samantha Bond), and hotel chef Tristan Goodfellow. One by one, they meet grisly deaths. Gregory is found dismembered in woodland where he had been foraging for mushrooms, Suzanna is killed with a shotgun and Tristan eats a meal of mushrooms that includes the deadly Destroying angel. Kenneth Gooders ( Jonathan Coy), the solicitor handling the estate, is also killed when his large drinks cabinet topples over and crushes him. A cryptic new script for Gregory's former Punch and Judy show may provide Barnaby and Troy with some answers. Martin Wroath is found dead in his home in Midsomer Worthy. He had been shot with a shotgun using an elaborately rigged wire leading from his foot to the trigger. First appearances suggest suicide, but the autopsy reveals that he had been drugged. The police conclude he was murdered. The investigations lead to Dr. Jane Moore ( Isla Blair), an old friend of Tom's and a psychologist at a local mental health clinic who knew the victim. More deaths follow when one of Jane's colleagues is found hanging in the clinic grounds and the local marching band leader is strangled. Meanwhile a series of mysterious rope thefts occur around the village, and an attempt is made on Tom's life. Every time an objection could have been called or the defense could have dismantled the prosecution's baseless supposition, the dude remains quiet.Peter and Caroline Cave are house-hunting in Midsomer Newton and view a tumbledown cottage in secluded woodland. The following morning they are both found dead in their car near the house. DCI Barnaby and Acting DC Ben Jones enter a world where crooked estate agents, property developers, and eccentric villagers all seem to be withholding information. It is not long before another villager is murdered. The detectives find out that a years-old armed robbery holds the key to the case. The Milton Estate is the principal landowner for much of Milton Cross, with many people and businesses dependent on Edward Milton for their jobs and income. One of those businesses is the Woodley & Woodley tailor shop. When Sonia Woodley is found murdered in the churchyard two years after the death of her abusive husband Gerald, a set of tailor's shears are identified as the murder weapon. Barnaby and Jones discover that Sonia had passed a letter to the vicar a few days before, but the handwriting is not hers. When the vicar is also murdered shortly afterwards, the police need to uncover who wrote the letter to solve the mystery. Barnaby and Winter are stranded on a remote island manor due to a storm after Victor Karras, owner of Karras Games, dies falling down the stairs and hit with a falling statue. Victor’s wife, Eleanor, is pregnant and plans to give the child to her sister Alicia. Later, Hugo Welles is also murdered and Barnaby and Winter discover the key to the case. Any good defense lawyer would destroy her in a courtroom. Except the one in this episode remains quiet the whole time, even refusing to cross examine one of the most important witnesses in the trial. After a successful day at the races for the racehorse, Bantling Boy, it is not long before one of the horse's owners is found murdered in the horses' stables. The victim, Bruce Hartley, had been in dispute with the other owners of Bantling Boy, having had a heated argument with them over an offer to buy the horse. Things get worse for the other owners when a series of further killings follow, before a darker motive is revealed and the detectives bring the culprit to justice.

Then again, maybe it is because she's a terrible lawyer, because all she does is constantly make up stories and guess at things throughout. When popular GP Dr. Alan Delaney borrows fellow Dr. James Kirkwood's new car for an evening call-out, he is mysteriously killed in a hit-and-run accident. Barnaby and Jones start investigating in Midsomer Market and discover that James may have been the intended victim. The case leads them to North Wales — the former home of Delyth Mostyn, James's fiancée, to delve further. The possible suspects for the attempted murder on Kirkwood include Delyth's children, who oppose the engagement, Delyth's husband, and other acquaintances of Doctor Kirkwood. They need to find the truth before another attempt on James' life during a walk at Mount Snowdon. The 'Creeper' is a daring cat burglar responsible for a series of daring thefts across Midsomer. After the Creeper strikes twice in one night, a writer, David Roper, is found smothered to death in his bed on the Chettham family estate. The police soon learn that Mr. Roper had been planning to write a book that could have exposed many Chettham family secrets of years past. The mystery deepens when a second victim who knew the family is shot in woodland. The detectives have to search the family's history to solve the crimes and finally uncover the Creeper's identity. It is the end of the tourist season for the Little Worthy model village, owned by the elderly Compton sisters. Model maker Bob Moss is carrying out his daily early morning rounds of the village when he discovers the body of Richard Tanner, stabbed and tied down in a scene reminiscent of Gulliver's Travels. As Barnaby and Jones start questioning the villagers, more deaths follow before they finally identify the family connections that lead them to a very disturbed killer.An old pagan festival is revived in Midsomer Parva, with the burning effigy of a straw woman as its centrepiece. To the horror of the onlookers, the local curate, Alex Deakin, is found trapped within the effigy and burns to death. As the police investigate, a series of further deaths from apparent spontaneous human combustion follow. Barnaby and Scott soon suspect that someone is using the illusion of witchcraft to hide their true motives. Note: the blood-red drips behind the letters of the title have returned, after having been changed to multi-color for two series. No. John Ransom gets thrown out of the village pub in Midsomer Mere for fighting with his brother-in-law, and a short while later he is found dead on the green. It is discovered that John had been used as a guinea pig for scientific experiments by his brother Max, who suspected he had the ability of 'Second Sight'. Barnaby and Scott soon discover that another family possesses the same talent. They have to delve deeper to unravel many secrets in the village to find the truth.

Several skeletons are discovered in a tunnel during a canal restoration project near Midsomer Worthy. DCI Barnaby begins his investigations and discovers that one skeleton has modern dental work. Meanwhile, DS Troy has been promoted to Inspector. He begins his last case in Midsomer, investigating the murder of a teenager, Simon Mayfield (played by Henry Cavill), who had been shot with a gun that he and his friends had been using the previous night. The two detectives discover their cases are linked, and uncover a web of lies, affairs, and domestic arguments alongside a mysterious recluse with a hidden past.

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Midsomer Pastures is on the map due to its famous connection with producing the Midsomer Blue cheese. When Debbie Moffett is lured to the caves and is subsequently bludgeoned by a wheel of cheese, it leads the detectives to investigate both the secret, controversial plans to modernize the dairy and the private lives of the parents of children at the local preparatory school in the same village. During the family dinner, Poppy Ordish, daughter of Beatrix Ordish and Oliver Ordish, refuses to eat beef. When more people are killed, long-held secrets about the dairy, school, and villagers are revealed and play a key role in catching the killer. In the end, John, Sarah, Sykes the dog, Ben, and Kate celebrate the Barnabys' 15th anniversary. When the archaeologists working on the dig in Midsomer Cicely unearth Cicely herself, this causes celebration. But shortly afterwards, the leader of the dig is murdered and found in one of the excavated trenches. DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson soon uncover many misdeeds in the village, and almost everyone has a skeleton in the closet that they would rather keep hidden. The truth will resurface but not before more murders take place. Pretty much the only thing about "Last Year's Model" that could have been done better to me was that more could have been done with the character of Cully, underused and wasted, and the chemistry between her and Barnaby, which showed potential but it was potential not fully lived up to and underwritten.

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