Vitax Feed & Weed Lawncare,1litre

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Vitax Feed & Weed Lawncare,1litre

Vitax Feed & Weed Lawncare,1litre

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Weed and feed is searched around 56,000 times per month on Google UK alone. So it’s clearly a problem for many lawn owners and just like you, they probably want to find out how to combat their weed problem without killing the lawn once and for all. MOOWY gives an all-round nutrient boost for your grass, no matter what the season. It’s a slow-release fertiliser that keeps working for 60 days, strengthening plant roots and boosting the chlorophyll in your grass thanks to its high nitrogen content. MOOWY suggests mowing your lawn no shorter than 5cm before spreading the granules evenly and then lightly watering in, regardless of the time of year you’re using it. You should see greener grass within seven days, although bear in mind that there’s no weed or moss killer in this feed. Therefore, you may wish to consider what is more of a priority for your lawn. If you’re looking for it to be vibrant and weed-free for the summer, applying a combination of lawn feed and weed killer in preparation will work wonders.

So, a couple of weeks after that, perhaps a total of 6 weeks after using one of our slow release fertilisers in spring the grass will be hungry enough for a top up. For this you need a liquid feed as it gets taken into the plant via the leaves creating a more rapid but gentle greening without too much growth increase. You can repeat this several times throughout the summer with each liquid feed being about 4 weeks apart until the granular feed in autumn. Liquid fertilisers are no substitute for spring or autumn granular feeds.

Always Water before Feeding or Wait for Rain

This one ensures an ample coverage of 7500 sq ft. Spectracide brags about its innovative double-action formula, which effectively kills all major broadleaf weeds and feeds the lawn to be more luscious, greener, and beautiful.

It’s a product that helps preserve the natural appearance of the lawn, for those gardeners who like having daisies and clover poking through as well. Miracle-Gro EverGreen improves the health of the grass but doesn’t contain any weed killing properties. In autumn, your grass should be fed so it grows at a slow rate and so the roots can be strengthened against the cold. That’s when a specialised autumn feed is needed. You should also rake well during autumn to remove dead grass and weeds. This fast-acting product consists of a combination of nutrients and slow-release fertilisers: the nutrients get to work specifically on lawn health, helping it become greener and healthier, whilst the fertiliser continues to feed the lawn for up to eight weeks. There are numerous liquid weed and feed fertilizers available in the market, each with certain features and types. Therefore, some factors that you must take into consideration before choosing are here; Type of Weed This lawn feed is particularly effective when used in the autumn through until spring for ridding your lawn of worm casts too, as the slimy remnants can make mowing the grass rather muddy and slippery.This ready-to-spray formula covers up to 7,500 square feet easily. A wide range of broadleaf weeds falls under its area of expertise as it can kill and control most of them. You should not feed the lawn with any type of fertiliser in dry conditions and only feed when there is adequate soil moisture for the grass to be able to utilise your fertiliser. If you now apply a Lawnsmith granular or pelleted type of feed in the correct conditions this will bounce off the leaves and deep into the turf. These types of fertilisers rarely contain moss or weed killer making them much safer for lawn users. Some liquid weed and feed products are designed to do both. However, you may want to consider rotating the use of different types of fertilizers for a more sustainable lawn. For example, if corn gluten meal is your fertilizer of choice this year, then switch to liquid weed and feed next season so that weeds don’t become immune to it as they would with constant use. Can you use Turf Builder after weed and feed?

Potassium helps to build plant cells, which means more resistance against diseases and drought, and is best applied in spring or autumn. Personally, I recommend using it once per year, when the weather is cool, wet and you’re looking for growth. Other than that, it’s best to weed THEN feed with a fertiliser specific for the time of year needed. How to apply weed and feed using a spreader Certain versatile lawn feeds can be used for different functions depending on when they’re applied: for example, when applied between September and November the Miracle-Gro EverGreen Premium Plus Lawn Food restores the lawn after the harsh summer and prepares it for the stresses of winter. Similarly, applying it in March helps negate the damaging effects of a cold winter. Can Blend With Other Products Liquid lawn fertilizers can easily be mixed to get the right amount of the nutrients your lawn needs.

Can I mix Liquid Fertiliser with other Products?

Simply scatter around 35g of the granular feed per 1m² patch of lawn and water it thoroughly straight after application. If you’re keen to help the germination of the added grass seed present in the feed then keep the lawn well watered for the next fortnight. The organic matter won’t stain like other fertilisers if you happen to step across it, and won’t scorch your lawn either, even if it’s over-applied. For the best results, MOOWY claims this fertiliser should be used regularly every six to eight weeks, along with mowing your lawn every week. That said, the high nitrogen content makes us a little cautious when using this product on young or recently sown lawns. Some wood sealers contain VOCs, and this means they emit toxic fumes that may cause health complications to pets and humans. If a product is not VOC free, this means that you and anyone close to the surfaces that need preparation could suffer from chronic headaches and throat irritations.

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