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Still Me

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Jojo Moyes on Creating "Me Before You" From Book to Film". womenandhollywood.com . Retrieved 10 August 2022.

Once upon a time there was a small-town girl who lived in a small world. She was perfectly happy, or at least she told herself she was. Like many girls, she loved to try different looks, to be someone she wasn't. But, like too many girls, life had chipped away at her until, instead of finding what truly suited her, she camouflaged herself, hid the bits that made her different. For a while she let the world bruise her until she decided it was safer not to be herself at all. From the New York Times bestselling author of The Giver of Stars and the forthcoming Someone Else’s Shoes, discover the love story that captured over 20 million hearts in Me Before You,After You, and Still Me. It is memorable and poignant tale that spans across numerous generations. The characters include Kate, Joy, and Sabine, these are all Irish individual, and the secrets coupled with family dynamics makes life a struggle for all the three women. She is forty years old and very unhappy with the quality of life she is living and her marriage as well. Suzanna decides to launch an emporium so that it will help her achieve her dreams. She is frustrated about the turn of events in her life such as death of her mother and other things that are not in sync in her life. Moreover, she has a damaged memory from her stepmother.I can’t believe we didn’t get any closure to this story!!! Yes, Mr. Gopnik found out about Agnes daughter and he spoke with Lou, but damn that’s not enough! For the way they treated her he should have begged on his knees for her forgiveness! And Lou?! Lou must be a saint because if they would have treated me like that I would have given him a piece of my mind!!! It’s good that she managed to make the deal for the library but seriously! How they treated her was horrible and there are so many things that were left open. For instance Agnes’s affair with the artist! What happened with that?! Did Mr. Gopnik ever find out about it?! And why the hell didn’t Agnes try to make amends?! All the while she told Lou that she’s her best friend and then she betrayed her in the worst way possible and didn’t even apologize for it?!! I mean Lou covered for her; she was jobless, disgraced and homeless because of the secret she kept for HER!!! And she didn’t even apologize when it all came out?! WTF?! That’s so not okay! What a spineless and unprincipled person!!! It wouldn’t have killed her to say sorry! If I would have been Lou I would have been so damn angry! GRRRR! Lou is a saint. I have no other explanation... Treena: ”All this being said, even I know what all that matters in the long run is that these two girls of mine are happy. And if you make her happy, Eddie, like Sam makes our Lou happy, then good on you. I’m very glad to know you.” As for Sam's home situation, she tries hard to pull her husband Phil out of the doldrums. However Phil doesn't respond to Sam's entreaties, and he can't seem to understand how badly he's damaging the marriage. Follow Lou Clark's next adventure in the spellbinding conclusion to the love story that captured 21 million hearts.

Who knew that a story revolving around a pair of Christian Louboutin red bottomed shoes would turn out to be SUCH a brilliant book that I didn’t want to put down! For the first time since I had arrived in America I had an almost physical sense of being in the wrong place, as if I were being tugged by invisible cords to somewhere a million miles away." Louisa went to England to spend Christmas with her family She planned to surprise Sam by meeting him a few days early, but when she went to his house, she saw him with Katie. Distraught, she returned to her family. She lied to Sam and told him that she missed her flight and would not be home for a few days. Sam arrived at her parents’ house on Christmas and Louisa broke up with him. Louisa’s sister Treena came out to her family and introduced them to her new girlfriend Eddie. Strength — real strength — is not doing what someone asks you, necessarily. Strength is turning up every day to a situation that is intolerable, unbearable even, just to support the people that you love.” Moyes always creates characters you care about and Still Me is full of them' Daily Express, Best Holiday ReadsJojo described her writing style as an organic one with different parts of the books coming together to form an entire story. According to the author, The One Plus One’ was done with less writing style when compared to her previous books. She uses conversations and people she encountered as a beginning to develop characters.

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