Never Touch a Grumpy Bunny!

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Never Touch a Grumpy Bunny!

Never Touch a Grumpy Bunny!

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For example, a bacteria some dogs can carry won’t be too harmful to dogs. But for rabbits, it can be life-threatening. Aggression in male rabbits is usually an inherited condition, a predisposition to this type of behaviour being passed on from parent to offspring. By aggression I mean severe open mouth biting in and out of the hutch, rearing up in an attempt to bite one’s hand often accompanied by lunging with the fore feet. Growling and grunting is often heard during these episodes. This pattern of behaviour should not be confused with frustrated sexual “courtship” whereby a male rabbit will circle an object, whether it is your hand, your feet, or whatever, often accompanied by gentle grunting noises, followed by “nipping” (not biting), mounting, and possible spraying of urine. This latter behaviour is usually rectified by castration, a very straightforward veterinary procedure now considered routine. See separate article on neutering. If your rabbit refuses to let you touch them, try to wait a little bit first. Sometimes rabbits just need 15 minutes to cool their heads before they’ll allow you to come and pet them. Leave your rabbit alone for a while The list below covers some of the more common reasons rabbits lash out, but it is important to note that there may be other factors playing a role in your bunny’s bad behavior. It is important to speak with a trusted, rabbit-savvy vet regarding concerning behaviors as soon as they appear.

It takes dedication to meet aggression with affection instead of fear or anger, but it is so worth the effort. Treating your grumpy bunny with patience, consistency, and understanding will help establish a strong, trusting bond and alleviate much of your rabbit’s insecurities. Though changes will not be instantaneous, there’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve created a comforting, nurturing environment in which your rabbit can flourish. Learn More Stress: Is your rabbit new to the household? Have you recently brought home a new baby or added another household pet? Have there been any home renovations or abrupt changes to your rabbit’s environment? Your bunny may have resorted to aggressive tactics as a stress response. Alert, upright posture – either with all four feet on the ground, or sitting up on their haunches (sometimes called a “boxer stance”) A: Everything is imported directly from Japan to Grumpy Bunny headquarters in the UK and our base in New Zealand. Rabbits will let you know they are disappointed in you by purposefully sitting with their butt facing you and giving you the cold shoulder. When rabbits give you the cold shoulderA stressed bunny can also show aggressive behavior. Due to the stress they feel, they can’t help but misbehave.

They can still think that they’re pregnant. This is a phenomenon called “ false pregnancy” a.k.a “ pseudopregancy“ There is always a reason a rabbit resorts to aggression. Though some individuals are naturally more confrontational than others, rabbits are not born mean. The overwhelming majority of grouchy bunnies have learned to express themselves aggressively as a way of meeting needs that have been overlooked or otherwise ignored. If you own a bunny, you’ll definitely grow close to your pet. So, you are responsible to name them properly. By looking around and using your creative inspiration, you can name your bunnies in the funniest way possible. When Justine started getting freelance writing assignments, Ron pitched in and a children's book writing team was born! Ron brought visual storytelling, theatre, and history; Justine enthusiasm, humor, and a straight-A attitude. Following the steps below will help create a safe, comfortable, low-stress environment, and is essential when establishing a mutually positive relationship with an ill-tempered rabbit.If you get creative, you can construct many punny bunny names based on their burrow, what they love to eat and the burrows they live in. Once it reaches that point, your rabbit might resort to using force. They’ll bite your hand as if to say, “I demand some food”. Make them follow you and if they do, give them a treat. Praise them too. Use a gentle tone of voice. Your rabbit will notice that they get rewarded for not biting you.

Justine Korman is the author of over 600 children's books, including mega-selling adaptations of Disney hits like THE LION KING, plus her original popular GRUMPY BUNNY series for Scholastic. By spaying and neutering, you can remove the risk of cancer. Rabbits can also get reproductive cancers.Further reading: 13 Things Rabbits Do When They Are Scared (Behavior) “Are rabbit bites dangerous?” There is no shortage of funny names to be found in the classic works of fiction. Be it Bugs from Bugs Bunny or cotton-tail from the Tale of Peter Rabbit, or based on what your rabbit eats, the choices are plenty. I had one rabbit, Tenshi, who would pointedly ignore me for four to five hours after I clipped her nails. If I tried to give her any kind of attention, Tenshi would immediately hop away from me, making sure I knew how upset she was. When a temporary grudge becomes a long term behavior pattern

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