My Big Black Gay Master: The Entire Collection

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My Big Black Gay Master: The Entire Collection

My Big Black Gay Master: The Entire Collection

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Being subtly talked too only thrilled me more. As an inferior white man, I knew I deserved to be treated as such. That knowledge was overwhelmingly powerful. To be frank, it was also uncontrollably erotic too. Also, it felt completely natural. As if a missing piece of my racial identity had finally been set to rights.

Positive reinforcement has been proven a valuable training tool. MASTER will incorporate positive reinforcement in terms of rewards and praise for SLAVE performing well. Punishment is also a tool for training and teaching. MASTER will use punishment when SLAVE does not meet the requirements of His service. Punishments will be chosen by MASTER and will be handed out harshly. Such punishments may include physical fierce spanking with no warm up, time out, loss of “free time” or other privileges, extra chores, humiliation, aggressive use of soft limits, writing assignments, loss of privilege to cum, extended multiple orgasm, cold showers and anything else MASTER deems appropriate. A slave never uses first person pronouns like, “I”, “me”, etc. He refers to himself as either a “slave” or a “dog” as his master wishes. Sometimes master might give a name to a slave like “pussy-boi”, “faggot”, etc. In all such cases, slave uses the name master has given him. As an example: “Sir, slave boy would like to get trampled by Master’s feet. Slave begs for Master’s feet.” I, __________, registered slave number ***-***-***, here in after referred to as SLAVE, willingly and of my own free will agrees to give total control to MASTER of my body, mind, and of my person. Tom of Finland's work is almost omnipresent at this point. Whether installed in a gallery context, or brought to life via one of the many collaborations that the Tom of Finland Store puts together, his imagery of muscle-bound men with bulging crotches, bubble butts all dressed in leather or some other type of uniform (if dressed at all) is almost instantly recognizable. But a subset of some of the lesser viewed works is finding new life via a partnership with fashion brand No Sesso.

Will thought I was joking, but I genuinely want to slap him until I creamed

At this time, MASTER and SLAVE are to be exclusively with each other sexually. If it is later determined to change, MASTER will discuss with SLAVE. SLAVE will not ask MASTER about this, as SLAVE belongs to MASTER and only MASTER will decide if SLAVE or MASTER should be allowed/required to step outside of this Exclusivity clause. c. SLAVE will ask for permission before entering or exiting the room/bed/etc for any reason. If denied, SLAVE will obey. A: That’s simple, because no matter your desire or sexual orientation there’s something about a sexy BBC it’s simple we love us some sexy BBC no matter who they are on top of or below. Q: How many sexy BBC OnlyFans are there?

What most people don't understand is that rape in prison isn't like it is on the outside. It's not random or chaotic. It's planned and methodical. It's business. The gangs trade amongst themselves to determine who is going to be with whom. And other inmates didn't dare touch me without clearing it first with my owner.iii. MASTER has the right to punish SLAVE for any misconduct as he sees fit, this punishment is not limited by SLAVE limits or safe word. c. SLAVE will wait until after MASTER takes first bite of his food/drink before indulging in eating or drinking. I again indicated my understanding not only of what he said but the knowledge of its righteousness and truth. Yes, they are much more than sex slaves. I hunt and gather subs as sex and pain toys to be used on an ad hoc basis and enjoy the sessions with them, often using one or more of those I own at these times. But these three are my property and they are very valuable to me. Not just as property I have invested much in, but also as my most valuable possessions. Similar to the stories in Scripture, I have led them out of an Egypt where they toiled without satisfaction and were lost, alone, and have brought them to the Promised Land of servitude and bondage. I am their God and they are my people. Just as Scriptures tells of a God who holds his people close and dear to His heart as he forms them into the people He wants them to be, so also do I hold mine close and dear to my heart as I create three as I choose them to be. i. SLAVE is responsible for ensuring that MASTERS needs and wants are taken care of in a timely and obedient fashion.

I watched as he lazily reached down to casually scratch his bulge. Barely glancing at me he simply said, “I ain’t got all day. Use that mouth of yours for something in service to a man.” He turned to grin at me. “Come on,” he stated in a tone of voice that was compelling. He had no need to say more. He naturally assumed my obedience.Murgha Punishment: This is master’s favourite punishment for slave boys. It is painful to a mild extent and all slaves must learn the proper way to do it. There can be two positions for this punishment, standing murga (with your ass up) and sitting position (with your ass down). Whenever your master is nearby, always keep in the standing position. Master may rest his feet on your ass. Other times you could be in sitting position. When master feels the punishment is enough, he grabs the slave by his hair and pulls his head up. You should then start making sound like a murga while you slowly get up. Once the master is done, you should say, “Thank you, Sir.” He wanted me to get into the details of his upcoming torture, but I don't really think it mattered to him what it would entail. He seemed like a masochist who'd be honored to receive any kind of pain that I inflicted. And then he still offered to make me cum iii. MASTER is responsible for making sure SLAVE is taken care of and taking care of herself. This includes respecting the SLAVE use of safe word in any situation excluding punishment. This ownership shall begin on November 30, 2015 and shall continue until either MASTER or SLAVE submit a dissolution letter in writing. Revisions may be suggested by either party at either time, but only implemented when a printed revised copy of this contract is signed by both MASTER and SLAVE.

Rules are an important part of MASTER/SLAVE relationships. The rules outlined below are divided into different social situations, as the rules necessarily must be different. These rules are on top of any directions MASTER gives.iv. MASTER is responsible for issuing punishment and discipline to ensure that SLAVE is following the rules as defined by MASTER. a. SLAVE will wait for direction from MASTER, SLAVE will stand near closest wall, hands to her side and looking downward.

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