Final Offer: the Sunday Times bestselling second chance romance - Meet the new Dreamland billionaire... (Dreamland Billionaires Book 3)

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Final Offer: the Sunday Times bestselling second chance romance - Meet the new Dreamland billionaire... (Dreamland Billionaires Book 3)

Final Offer: the Sunday Times bestselling second chance romance - Meet the new Dreamland billionaire... (Dreamland Billionaires Book 3)

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My answer dies in my throat as the cupcake slides down his cheek, leaving a buttercream trail across his stubble before falling against the floor. EVERY SINGLE character in this book (and series tbh) has BOTH mommy and daddy issues (and i love them for it) I break into a fit of laughter. My lungs burn from how hard I laugh, and my eyes water in an automatic response. someone should’ve snatched lauren asher’s laptop away from her the moment she hit the 300-400 pg mark bc 600 pgs is just INSANE

i've always had a hard time relating to male characters in romance books because most of them are not written for us to relate to them. i have a personal pet peeve with second chance romances where the hero doesn’t really offer much when trying to change his attitude and behaviour while atoning for his mistakes. Cal was a very active hero and ultimately is why this was such a successful book to read. To the Dreamland Billionaires series, you will always hold a special place in my heart. To see the Kane brothers grow and find their amazing heroines was truly an honor. This was the first series that I saw a middle eastern character like myself be portrayed so amazingly. I see a lot of myself in Zahra and I will never forget the feeling of starting this series with such great characters. This is such a bittersweet goodbye (and I absolutely cried finishing Final Offer) but nonetheless it ended perfectly and I have no complaints. she was such a lovely breath of fresh air in the book. i loved seeing Lana as a mother and watching Cal fit seamlessly into their lives. their lil family scenes really had me The family scenes where the characters come together are so fun! Cal and Iris friendship, Zara’s bubbly personality and Declan is well, working on it.Cosmopolitan has an exclusive first look at the final book in the trilogy, Final Offer, which will be released on January 31, 2023. But before you find out what Cal and Alana are up to, here’s the official book description from Bloom Books: “From TikTok sensation Lauren Asher comes the final book in the Dreamland Billionaires series.

It always feels hard and bittersweet to say goodbye to a series I've been in love with for so long, but, at least, it was in the best way possible. Cal and Alana’s story has my heart and it is by far my favorite in the Dreamland Billionaires series. my expectations for this book was in hell and basically nonexistent because i’ve read 3-4 books by her and they’ve been average/decent at best and boring at worst. so my opinion of this book will def be in the minority lol. BUT i do think this is her best one yet I did not expect to completely love this book so much! I did set the bar a little higher bc Cal has always been my favorite brother, but this book surpassed all of my expectations!Swears jar!” Cal sifts through his wallet and hands her a fifty-dollar bill. Cami’s brow rises. “What? I ran out of hundreds yesterday.” Coming to the characters, this is the part where it frustrated me the most. I wanna cry just thinking about it. Wtf went wrong Ms Lauren?! Why do you write your characters especially FMCs in such an annoying manner?! i was so attached to him. i was rooting for him to succeed. i wanted him to suffer a lil for his past treatment of Lana, but i found the depth of his character gave me a lot of clarity regarding his actions. and ultimately, his addictions aren’t used as an excuse to justify acting out. Cal is held accountable for his actions (low-key thought people were a bit too harsh on him at times) but his willingness to change, to be held accountable, to put the work into change his behaviour??? it made the second chance aspect of this so much more fulfilling to read. Their banter, tension and angst was *chef’s kiss*. The second chance, childhood friends to lovers, and small town really did it for me. I didn’t expect this book to be so emotional and for me to be crying multiple times throughout the book but the ending made all the heartbreak worth it. What happened to Cal? Cal was the brother I looked forward to reading about most. He was so fun and witty in the other books but such a dud in this one. I love reading about damaged heroes, especially when they put on a confident front, but the charm wasn't there at all. As I mentioned earlier, the best part was his recovery journey. However, even that bothered me towards the end. He says he decides to go to rehab for himself, but how it was written makes it seem that it's entirely for Alana and Cami. Also, he's supposed to be a genius, but we don't see any part of that in the story.

What a beautiful book to wrap up the Dreamland Billionaires series. I have been looking forward to Cal’s book and it did not disappoint. I literally binged it in one day and I have no regrets. NOTE NOTE: SHOULD YOU READ THIS SERIES? NO, read just this book. (I have given this thought before writing, believe it or not) Lana was an FMC after my own heart! She was strong, she was smart, she was sassy! I loved her! I appreciated the perspective of loving someone with an addiction and how incredibly hard that can be especially after being burned so many times before by people she loved. again, the best chemistry of the series. they’d just be staring at each other and i was giggling twirling my hair with hearts in my eyes, fr. especially with Lana, she held her own against Cal and really challenged him. she was his perfect match in every aspect, honestly. Cal tsks me like a child. “Your mom taught us better than to waste any food.” He lifts my hand up to his mouth. His eyes hold mine hostage, casting a spell on me while his lips close around my icing-covered finger. Every single cell in my body explodes when his tongue brushes against my skin.

I attempt to pull myself free of his grasp and fail. His fingers clasping my wrist tighten before he releases me, and my hand drops by my side like a pendulum. Cal is strong and he knows his addiction has to be handled and managed and eventually he does go to rehab. Now this is the point I want to clarify why I didn't award this as a five star book. As for the couple, it is so easy to love them. They are both hurt from their past and can’t let it go, but at the same, they can't stay away from each other. Even while they’re trying to shut down their feelings for each other and to put some distance between them, fearing for the worst, it’s impossible not to hope for them to get together—not when their chemistry and interactions always feel so light and natural. Their fears—mostly hers—and hesitations are totally comprehensible and fair—which led to some painful scenes, but also made it delightful to see the way they both worked hard and put effort in making things right this time. I want to be the man you and Cami deserve. Whether you believe me or not, that’s the reason why I’m going to rehab. I’ve been through the process enough times to know it’s thirty days of absolute hell, no matter which way someone cuts it. But every day I spend suffering in the prison of my mind is worth a thousand happy ones with you.” a serious note: i extremely appreciated the way addiction was written in this book. it wasn’t fabricated, romanticized, or glorified. addiction affects more than just the host. it’s the people around them too, especially family members, and friends. as someone that’s part of the family member/ friends circle, i can say what was written was very accurate.

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