Encased Nylon Holster & Rebel Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Belt Clip Case and Pouch Holder (Built-in Credit Card Slot)

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Encased Nylon Holster & Rebel Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Belt Clip Case and Pouch Holder (Built-in Credit Card Slot)

Encased Nylon Holster & Rebel Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Belt Clip Case and Pouch Holder (Built-in Credit Card Slot)

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Don't you worry, we've only just started" the mysterious man whispered while Zoe heared him rummaging through his bag again, wondering, fearing, but also strangely exited for what would happen next... I'd love to stay and enjoy some more time with you, but sadly I need to leave. There are some other targets with which I have an appointment today. But don't you worry..." He continued as his steps led him out of the room, turning around one last time to enjoy the sight of Zoe's encased and still vibrating body which he'd leave to climax several more times until she was found in the morning. Andrew suddenly pressed his right hand on Zoe's mouth and squeezed her nose shut just as she had finished exhaling, shaking her out of her trance and shooting even more adrenaline through her already pulsating veins, while her captor's left hand pushed the vibrator onto Zoe's crotch, amplifying her arousal even more just before she was sent over the edge. Just to let you know, I've been watching you for some time now and I've found out that you seem to enjoy... breath deprivation a lot." Andrew breathed the last part into Zoe's ear slowly, making her tense up for a second. As per common demand, here is the second and therefore final part of this story. Albeit I do plan to develop my character Andrew further, with tales similar to this one.

Zoe felt the man's face move alarmingly close to her ear and she heared him whisper "You really seem to enjoy your predicament. Don't try to hide it, indulge in it." He had studied her immensly over the past few days. Zoe, a gorgeous 19 year old silver haired beauty with an athletic body shape and a considerable bust size, had been Andrew's target for a while now, and through some research her daily schedule was known to him, making it easy to plan out what he had wanted to do for a long time. All in all, he had been eagerly awaiting this day, his chance to let Zoe experience what she had craved for for so long, at least according to her computer's search history. Andrew demanded Zoe to sit down on her bed. With his gun still pointed at her, he told her to strip down to her underwear, Zoe complied, seeing no other choice, and revealed under her outfit a grey bra and matching panties, both perfectly fitting her athletic figure. Her legs were clad in a form-fitting pair of tan pantyhose. Andrew had to contain himself to not be overwhelmed by the sight. As Andrew fondled and kneaded Zoe's bust and occasionally pulled at the crotch rope, her exitement steadily increased until she just couldn't contain herself anymore and moaned loudly. Andrew immediatly stopped caressing her and whispered "What did I tell you about making a sound?" Zoe's face contorted with panic as she realized what her captor was going to do next.Just like before, I kindly ask you to tell me your opinion on this final part and leave some contructive criticism, it really helps me write enjoyable tales! This will be the first story I'll upload to the forum, so I'd love to hear all of your opinions and some constructive critisism! Enjoy!

As Zoe's arousal abated and made room for contentment, her captor whispered "You're welcome." right into her ear. And then the moment came. Zoe's writhing body tensed up completely. The denied supply of air sent her into an ecstatic duality of immense arousal and almost loosing her consciousness, all the while she orgasmed intensively for almost half a minute as all the pent-up sexual tension inside the young girl's body got released, filling her with joy and relaxation. Would you like me to... assist you?" Andrew added cunningly, his captive's response being an ecstatic moan and a nod of her head. I don't know why, but I'm feeling very generous today..." Andrew spoke more to himself than his captive as Zoe heared the humming increase in volume "so I'll let you enjoy this too, view it as a reward for your cooperation."

As Zoe resumed to grind against the crotch rope and the vibrator exitedly, Andrew's left hand fondled her breasts, while the fingers of his right hand dance around Zoe's nose and mouth, teasing her ever so slightly. Andrew could sense that the horny girl in his lap almost couldn't contain herself anymore, judging from her intense moans and writhing, squirming figure, so his left hand slowly wandered down to Zoe's crotch and towards the vibrator, while his right hand started to form an airtight seal over her mouth. You seem to have finally accepted your fate," Zoe's captor whispered with contentment, though he doubted that he was even a part of her mindscape anymore as Zoe was almost completely deprived of her senses and her only focus laid on her steadily increasing pleasure.

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