Lauren Asher Dreamland Billionaires Series Collection 3 Books Set (The Fine Print, Terms and Conditions, Final Offer)

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Lauren Asher Dreamland Billionaires Series Collection 3 Books Set (The Fine Print, Terms and Conditions, Final Offer)

Lauren Asher Dreamland Billionaires Series Collection 3 Books Set (The Fine Print, Terms and Conditions, Final Offer)

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This is VERY similar to the hating game and the love hypothesis, if you loved those, you are going to enjoy this. The boys lost their mom and hate their dad, if they don't meet those requirements, their dad will get the majority of the shares and they don't want that.

and it annoys me so much bcos this had potential for me to be really good! you best believe i am reading Declan and Cal’s books... Cal, sir👀 if you’re looking for a heroine for your book look no further baby😘

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The enjoyment factor was pretty high. All thanks to Rowan and his grumpy facade. I just find pleasure in seeing men like him, who are so stoic and guarded, crumble. And crumble he did. 🫠 Knowing the genre well, Asher has a lot of fun with it, giving the audience exactly what they were hoping for with it. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of unique surprises of its own, too, as she gives it her own spin with her own voice. The two central characters themselves feel very distinct as well, with the audience rooting for them both the whole way. But what happens when our fake relationship bleeds into our real one? Falling in love was never an option. At least not for me. but when he apologises, Rowan basically declares how obsessed and infatuated he is with Zahra, how he can’t think of anyone else but her. how she’s makes him a better person. blah blah blahhhh... then when they have sex right after, Rowan tells her this can’t be anything more than causual between them?

bcos the parts that weren’t a snoozefest? they hit hard for me, ngl. there were some seriously cute moments between Rowan and Zahra— especially some of the special things Rowan did for her. with the book signing, the dinners, the drawings, etc.The writing style reminds me a little bit too much of my economic textbook. Please stop, I don't want to be taken there leave me alone- 🥲 i will tell you why this book exhausted me so much— the contradictions. the first one being, this is supposed to be a slowburn. and it is... in a way. but the insta-lust definitely undermines the slowburn aspect – like they kiss for the first time around the 20% mark? the romance, plot, and SMUT were equally parts 10/10! i love that this is the type of book in which SHE falls first but HE falls harder. i loved how their character traits cancelled each other out. how they thaw and breakdown each other’s walls. lauren is so smart for doing that shit. Some parts of this felt cheesy and cliche, the writing was okay, at times it felt like I had to suspend my disbelief. But maybe it only felt like that because I’m not rich? 🥲 Julian was absolutely wonderful to read because his personality and his absolute undying loyalty, care, and admiration toward Dahlia and his family were extremely admirable. 🩷

I don’t need my characters, heroes in particular, to always be emotionally equipped to handle their feelings. I enjoy them feeling stunted for a while and it’s nice to see and go on that journey of growth with them.


i hope i make sense bcos at this point, i feel like im rambling since trying to articulate my thoughts is a struggle😭 The Dreamland Billionaires series covered the stories of the three billionaire brothers but who knows if Asher will decide to add more to this series.

These two are quite literally everything to me. As I was reading I could really feel the deep love between these characters, they are soulmates and I will never get over them. I’m so proud of their growth after everything they have both been through. The Fine Print is the first book in Lauren Asher's new Dreamland Billionaires Series, and it was magical. This book is a billionaire, workplace romance with the grumpy x sunshine trope and it was INCREDIBLE. I loved that even though Julian is a billionaire, he has insecure depths and is shy/reserved. He's not great at communicating and, unfortunately, Dahlia's also not the best at communicating either. Dahlia's in a challenging place dealing with the end of an engagement, upheaval in her career, and health information. I thought the representation was strong and appreciated that Dahlia sought therapy. I also liked that Julian had memories of his father helping him regulate his emotions and how he went about that. These are characters who have a lot of talent and resources, but also struggling on a deeper level. Then there are the sneaky ways that Julian has supported Dahlia's dreams and continues to be supportive. Dahlia's presence also pushes Julian to make important life changes that he'd fought previously, but that benefit him. Despite the start of their relationship being all friction and button pushing, a truly sweet and uplifting romance develops. I did feel the transitions at times weren't as smooth as they could be, but I was so happy they were moving towards where I needed them to go, I didn't dwell. As a definite bonus, it's a steamy romance too with some sneaking around to hide what's going on at first.She was strong and resilient woman who went through shit bc a man couldn't behave like an adult he was supposed to be and then on the top of that this mf elopes with some other girl all while she's dealing with all the issues he gave him. I legit hated this mf so much because she deserved soo much and he couldn't even give her basic respect. it just needed so much refinement. for real, someone needs to get Lauren Asher and editor. and if she already has one they need to be fired. Once more Lauren Asher delivers her readers a witty and original arranged-marriage/office romance with some unique characters that have a ton of chemistry with each other. This sunshine/grumpy couple is going to steal your heart away from you and you will fall for every single character.

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