Diary of an Oxygen Thief (Oxygen Thief Diaries)

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Diary of an Oxygen Thief (Oxygen Thief Diaries)

Diary of an Oxygen Thief (Oxygen Thief Diaries)

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I wanted to know the reason behind anyone being that way. I wanted to know why people would set out to hurt other people, why people would hurt the people they love. The word is paranoid. Another word is self-centered. I don't like that one as much, though. Doesn't sound medical enough. Sir, I literally could give less of a shit about pervy Brother Neddy or your daddy issues. So please take your shitty excuses and shove them down someone else's throats. Thing is I didn't enjoy this but I didn't hate it either. There was something morbidly fascinating about this story, something in the way this person thinks, acts and talks. Plus I actually quite liked the writing.

Q-and-A with Anonymous, author of Diary of an Oxygen Thief—and East Village Resident." EV Grieve (blog), November 30, 2012. Charm, date and listen. Have sex as if he loves them. Make them feel wanted and share their deepest secrets, desires and history. Any misfortune to ever happen to him is instantly blamed on his vengeful exes. He flatters himself with delusional scenarios that everyone is out to get him.While the monograph was written in a “diary” style format, do you think the author takes advantage of self-reflection and critiques of his actions? Why would anyone set out to break the heart someone they loved? Why would anyone intentionally cause that kind of pain? Why did people kill each other?

And I lived for the moment. I was working freelance in advertising all through this period in London. As an art director. A contradiction in terms if ever there was one. It's what I still do today. Strangely, IAnonymous described needing to leave London as means to escape the creative partner he desperately hated. Do you think Anonymous was solely an Oxygen Thief in his romantic relationships? What’s most disturbing is that he realizes all of that, and he’s well aware that the shit he did will most likely catch up with him. In some instances, the author uses blunt, embarrassing vulgarity to describe how badly he hurt women, which is visible present in the dialog sections. Do you think this was an exaggeration of his actions as a means to get extreme emotional response from the reader? Questions submitted by Jennifer Johnson. Please feel free to use them, online or off, with attribution to Jennifer and LitLovers. Thanks.)

Narcissist. The anti-hero is extremely paranoid. To the point where he thinks everyone is out to get him. He imagines the world revolves around him. I’ve never thought much of a girl who swallows. Don’t get me wrong it feels fantastic and I’m aglow with gratitude at the time but only a slut would ever actually do something like that.All those intimate moments, every little sigh, those gentle touches, the lovemaking, the confidences, the orgasms, the attempted orgasms, all mere fuel. The deeper in they were, the more beautiful they looked when the moment came. My question is.....how in the seven hells did I actually read this as a 12 year old?? I don't think I even understood half the things this man was talking about and the other half.....well....it was filled with this:

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