Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Noire Planar Closed Back Portable Audiophile Headphones with 2m Dummer 3.5mm/1/4-inch Cable (Black)

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Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Noire Planar Closed Back Portable Audiophile Headphones with 2m Dummer 3.5mm/1/4-inch Cable (Black)

Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Noire Planar Closed Back Portable Audiophile Headphones with 2m Dummer 3.5mm/1/4-inch Cable (Black)

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My relative sweet spot with the AEON series for a good synergy has typically been around 1W into 32Ω and the Noire is no different in that regard.

I tested the Noire with 5 different amplifiers and DAC sources including the Chord TT2,the Rupert Neve RNHP, the Violectric V590, and the Bakoon’s current mode HPA-01. Topology is a nanoparticle coating applied to the diaphragm surface. The reasoning for this nanotechnology is that by using distinct geometric patterns in the nanocoating they can control the final sound signature with far more finesse than with traditional dynamic drivers. Unfortunately the Net is stuffed with all that mumbo-jumbo about control, punch, warmth, amp-paring to circumvent headphone’s flaws, gigantic headroom, ... claimed night-and-day-differences whatsoever – these are pure myths and imagination and do not stand the above reality test. If it's not quite clear at this point, let me just say it plainly, “I really like the sound coming from the Aeon 2 Noire.” It's different enough from the original that it sets itself apart with a fairly unique variation on the original turning. In fact, compared directly to the original, I admit that I easily prefer the Noire over the OG. To my ears, the Noire is able to resolve subtle detail more effortlessly and just has that engagement factor that makes listening to music truly enjoyable. At a technical level, we have uniquely designed planar magnetic drivers that are lighter than most of the competition offers, by having more efficient transducers, and the TrueFlow technology, which basically allows for better airflow through the motor, increasing the overall detail retrieval of Aeon 2 Noire. The idea is similar to HIFIMAN’s Stealth Technology, but Dan Clark Audio has a special V-Planar Driver that’s patented which adds textures to the driver surface for better low frequency performance and improved overall stability (lower distortion).Of course, personal audio also provides a potentially less expensive and more compact route for those seeking excellent performance from their music replay equipment. It also assists with our all-around immersion in high fidelity, thus improving mental health. Typically, the current mode output of this amp is quite neutral and clean but with the Noire pairing using the DX300 source, it was a lot smoother and yet still very detailed and articulate. in the real world at this price you aren't going to find anything as close to enjoyable, comfortable, and convenient as the finished product you get with the Noire. With the above adjustments, the Noire delivers what I consider to be a comparatively lighter and cooler midrange timbre with a more ethereal high contrast quality compared to the AEON 2 Closed. The headphone is much more alive than the Drop. It's more like the Sundara, but closed of course, and more nicely filled in at the bass range than Sundara (2020 pads) with Oratory's hand-tuned EQ.

The original AEON 2 red is a legacy color from DCA’s previous headphones the Ether 1/FLOW, Alpha, and Prime, a ‘louder’ color yes but one which I am quite fond of on a personal level. Over time I realised I’d be better served with something closed and settled on the Noire for two reasons. Compliance to the Harman target is almost as good as the recently reviewed Stealth (on the go EQ options for iOS users are limited to the Qudelix 5k and it’s PEQ and that would mean yet another battery to charge) and their low weight and folding design makes them more useful than anything comparable. Granted, that’s a fairly big jump in total ownership costs for the AEON 2 Noire but the performance of the VIVO is actually a significant upgrade. With the VIVO, the Noire is far snappier, with better dynamic range, and more resolving than the DUMMER. We listened to more songs than those named in this playlist, but those are excellent for identifying a sonic signature. I recommend trying most of the songs from this playlist, especially if you’re searching for new music! The playlists are different for Spotify, Tidal and Youtube, and based on the songs I enjoy and are available on each!

Dan Clark Audio

Primarily, the pads seem to target the upper mids and treble presence which in turn alters the midrange timbre from clean and cool to somewhat warm and smooth sounding. You can instantly tell the change when you swap them around after a few minutes of listening to each one. The white pads I find to be the most dramatic in terms of how they change the sound. White Pads In terms of specifications, the HE-R10D is rated at 32Ω and 103dB which is a little more efficient or easier to drive on paper compared to the Noire’s 13Ω and 94dB SPL rating. The HE-R10D can also go wireless with Hifiman’s balanced amp Bluemini module.

In terms of comfort and balance well at half the weight with the elongated cups, the AEON 2 Noire has an advantage. Both have a great balance to be fair but the Noire has better long-term comfort. Performance The construction quality of Aeon 2Noire is superb, this is a headphone with no creaking, and no parts that you’d expect to ever break. In fact, even my pair of Aeon RT looks like it did the first day, with signs of wear, Dan Clark Audio doing good work on the reliability of their headphones.


The FLOW elements and drivers are now much more integrated and simplified as a result of a single construction rather than the older pieced together design.

If you have a dime to spare, please donate, and help us! It would make the day brighter for me and my wife- I just had more fun listening to the Noire and top to bottom and gave just about every piece of music I tried a very pleasing spin on what I was used to previously. The AEON 2 brings you a little closer so the sound is more front and center. The timbre is a little on the warmer and smoother side with more mid-bass and upper-bass warmth and a slight edge off the upper-mids aggression though not as relaxed as the AEON 2 closed.

Compared to the Drop DCA Aeon Closed X, which are pleasing, the Noires are a dramatically better experience. In 2019 MrSpeakers became Dan Clark Audio, and today is an industry leader in both open and closed planar headphones. This comes into play if you want to listen at above ear-healthy level, and is clearly audible by the obvious distortions. In the late 1990’s, Dan started work as a loudspeaker design consultant for several high-end audio companies, developing products including the critically acclaimed Platinum Audio series 2 loudspeakers.

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